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Burning Man has presented three art exhibitions since 1998: two featuring art installations, photographs, and video, and one focusing on neon. From a curatorial point of view, showing Burning Man art can be difficult, as many of the installations created on the playa have been burned and are available to us only in photographs. However, there is an increasing trend not to burn one's art, and we have been able to show actual objects from the playa as well as other work our artists have created.

The 3-D Pyramid Viewer
by James Comstock, SF Art Commission Gallery
photo by Marla Aufmuth

Our first exhibit was The Art of Burning Man at the San Francisco Art Commission Gallery, July 29 to August 29 1998. The second was an updated version of The Art of Burning Man at Theater Bruka in Reno, July 9 to 31, 1999. Our third exhibit, at the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles, took place from December 11, 1999 through March 12, 2000.

In addition, two independent arts organizations have staged exhibitions of Burning Man art. They are the Sonoma Museum of Visual Art and the Horse Cow Gallery in Sacramento. If you are interested in exhibiting art from Burning Man, please contact ladybee (at) burningman (dot) com.