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Burning Man is much more than just a temporary community. It's a city in the desert, dedicated to radical self reliance, radical self-expression and art. Innovative sculpture, installations, performance, theme camps, art cars and costumes all flower from the playa and spread to our communities and back again. In this section you will learn what you need to know about creating art for the playa, find out all about this year's art installations, read essays about Burning Man and art from both staff and participants, and revisit some past off-playa art events and exhibitions.

Our mission is to promote and support interactive public art, even beyond our event. The Black Rock Arts Foundation has been established for that purpose, and focuses on community art at our regional events.

Your Art on the Playa

Read about the 2014 art theme.

The ART is up for 2014, Honoraria and Art of Black Rock City. Take a look at what fabulous art will be on the playa this year, and new in 2014, see how YOU can help bring the art to Black Rock City. some of the art.

Visit Burning Man's image gallery and see some of the art.

2013's Cargo Cult Art and Theme are archived here.

Art Beyond Black Rock City

The Black Rock Arts Foundation Blog
Read about the BRAF and their mission to support and promote community, interactive art and civic participation.

Anatomy of a Burning Man Grant Project
Read a first person account by participant David Biggs and his 2001 project, "The Hanged One".

Artists and Art Communities
Are you an artist or community with ties to Black Rock City? Want to have Burning Man link to your Art site? Submit a link at Art and Art Organizations.