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Leonardo Journal

Burning Man in Leonardo Journal

The Burning Man Art Department in collaboration with MIT Press' Leonardo Journal is happy to announce the forthcoming release of a special section of Leonardo Journal titled "The Fire Arts of Burning Man". The section contains an introduction by co-guest editor Louis M. Brill and a historic overview of Burning Man Fire Art by co-guest editor and Art Curator LadyBee and a series of Fire Art essays by participating Burning Man fire artists.

The special issue will also be profusely illustrated showing off many of the amazing Burning Man fire art creations that have appeared on the playa. While the Leonardo Journal Fire Arts issue will not be released until early August, impatient Burners do not have to fret about waiting until just before they're packing for the desert to see the issue.

An electronic version with the Brill introduction, LadyBee's Fire Art overview and the 18 essays is available for review now.

When released, copies of this Leonardo Journal will be available for sale in the Burning Man Marketplace.

The previous collaborative project "The Art of Burning Man" is found on the Leonardo website.

Questions or comments may be directed as follows: Louis M. Brill, Guest Editor or Ladybee