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The Art of Burning Man at the Sonoma Museum of Visual Art - Santa Rosa, California

May 5 - July 28, 2001 Curated by Gay Shelton; Co-Curator: Sarah Stolar

Babel by Michael Christian
photo by Steven Raspa
S-MOVA director Gay Shelton attended her first Burning Man in 2000, and wondered how she could bring the art of the playa to Sonoma. She decided to plan an outdoor exhibition on the extensive grounds of the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, where the Sonoma Museum resides. Gay selected nine artists whose work could be adapted to this environment, and planned a closing party involving fire performers, music, and interactive art. The show attempted to create an intersection for the Burning Man and museum communities, and proved to be successful and very well attended.

Gay explains," It's not intended to be Burning Man. We simply wanted to create a container for this interactive art activity and bring it into the world. A lot of people are never going to go to Burning Man, but they can take a real ride on these works."

Steven Raspa's "Real/Imagined"
photo by Steven Raspa

Featured artists:
Steven Raspa: Real/Imagined
Dale Huntsman - Big Giant Head
Dan Das Mann - The One Tree (variation)
Michael Tscheu - Poetry & Fire/ Letting Go
Byron Chell - Playa Bells
Michael Christian - Babel
Greg Scoby, Becky Stillwell, Steve Hall - Somavillion
Charles Gadekan - The Lovers
Cassisy Curtis and Chris Whitney - Telestereoscope Ignition Party

Somavillion by Greg Scoby and Steve Hall
photo by Steven Raspa

Ignition Party Artists and Performers:
Christopher Schardt - SPIN
Susan Glover - Fire Ring
Marque Cornblatt - Water Boy
Chris Sia - Prometheus's Revenge
Elizabeth Moriarty - The Art of Spirit