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Theme Camps

Xmas Camp
"Xmas Camp" (1993)
by Peter Doty & Lisa Archer
photo by LadyBee

Tiki Camp
"Tiki Camp" (1995)
by Stuart Mangrum
photo by LadyBee

Egyptian Camp
"Egyptian Camp" (1995)
by Dana Albany
photo by LadyBee

Aunt Janie's Stitch & Bitch
"Aunt Janie's Stitch & Bitch" (1996)
by Aunt Janie of The Portland Cacaphony Society
photo by LadyBee

Domino Effect
"Domino Effect" (1997)
photo by Naruso Jaramillo

Fern Grotto
"Fern Grotto" (1997)
photo by LadyBee

Hualapai Nuclear Power Station
"Hualapai Nuclear Power Station" (1997)
by Dave Kendall
photo by Keith

Alien Chess Camp
"Alien Chess Camp" (1997)
by Terry Jacobsen
photo by Rick Egan

The Shrine of the Dessicated Rats
"The Shrine of the Dessicated Rats" (1997)
by LadyBee
photo by Glen Campbell

La Bouef Gras
"La Bouef Gras" (1998)
by Mystic Krewe of Satyrs
photo by Gabe Kirchheimer

Tesla Coil
"Tesla Coil" (1998)
by Greg Leyh
photo by David Klammer

Etch-a-Sketch Camp
"Etch-a-Sketch Camp" (1998)
by Steve Jacobs & Fiona Essa
photo by Rick Egan

"participant and alien" (1998)
photo by LadyBee

"Poolside" (1998)
photo by Gabe Kirchheimer

Camp Front
"Camp Front"
photo by Aaron Young

The Burning Man Post Office
"The Burning Man Post Office"
photo by Gabe Kirchheimer