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[Updated 9/30/04]
Burning Man has found and developed a number of rolls film that were lost by participants at this year's event. We have created a gallery with several shots from each roll. If you recognize these photos as your own, please email lostfound(at)burningman(dot)com indicating which photos are yours and we'll arrange to get them to you.

If you have lost or found other items at Burning Man or any other Burning Man event you have several options to try to find the owner or your missing item. The first and most successful option is to create a post under the lost and found discussion on the E-Playa. You can post a description of a found or lost item and scan other posts to see if someone has your missing stuff.

Option #2 for found and lost items it to send an email with a description of the item to: lostfound(at)burningman(dot)com - if your stuff has been turned in or someone has written in having found your stuff, we'll do our best to re-unite you.

Option #3 is to call our hotline 415-TO-FLAME and leave us a detailed message including your full name, phone #, and a description of the item in question. Again if we have it or have heard from the person who does, we will do our best to re-unite you with your stuff.

For the past few years Burning Man has attempted to re-unite lost bikes with owners after the burn. Unfortunately, this has proven to be a huge tap on resources and in the end only a handful of bikes are ever successfully re-united with owners. Most bikes found after the event are junkers and are nothing more than MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) that needs to be cleaned up and hauled to the dump. Burning Man no longer has the resources to spend on attempting to re-unite bikes with owners. Unfortunately, if you are missing a bike, we are not able to help you.

Please don't give up! If you have lost or found a bike, take the time to make a post to the E-Playa - our community is a good one, we take care of each other, you may well find the owner of that missing bike or be surprised to see your bike posted looking for you.