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This is a nationwide list of culturally-related artists, art communities, galleries, exhibitions, and the like that either make, exhibit, support or organize communities around Burning Man or Burning Man-esque art. Did you bring your creativity to Burning Man? We want to see it! (Note: Photographers should post their pictures in the "Photographers' Galleries" section.)

Please add your organization's link at the bottom of this page. Oh, and if you're hoping to post porn here, don't bother. It won't see the light of day.

Posted Links

  • psychedelic music to transform!! - creating a space in which a transformation of ourselves is possible through psychedelic music, creating soundscapes ranging from ambient through psychedelic trance.
  • Circle Painting - A vibrant and playful collaborative/ performance based painting process that involves artists and non-artists alike to create mural-size paintings based on the circle theme.
  • weblogart - a new media blog - internet and art - new media , performance and video blog
  • Ashoka Ritual - Global Artist Networking - A documentation about the GOA culture and the GOA open air festival Liquid Time IX. The two music styles Goa and Techno are compared with each other.
    GOA is originally the name for a group of beaches in the southwest of India. They are places filled with beauty. Eventually, the Federal State of GOA was established there, a few hours south of Bombay. Together with San Francisco and Ibiza, GOA represents the cradle of the modern trance movement. GOA, the music, is a mixture of celestial sounds and elements of Indian music. It is not simply techno. It is melodic, inspirational. But like all musical trends, GOA has undergone change. Numerous sub-trends have developed, and GOA sometimes tends to be confused with "experimental techno".
    this paradise was a gate of sorts for foreign backpackers, often Israelis and Germans, to the treasures of India and the Indian culture. Techno reached the shores of GOA in the second half of the 80s and was originally the music of rebels and dropouts at that time, with parties that sometimes had the feeling of Woodstock about them - not because the numbers were so huge, but because of their variety, openness and creativity. People from all parts of the globe transcended the thresholds of nationality, ethnicity and culture to celebrate music and love together in a very special way.
    Watch out for the gratis high-quality movie (mpg) in your language using A/Emule or Edonkey -- optimised sound -- on:
    inside: Goa, India, DJ, Live-Act, MC, Singing, Traditional Instruments, Bands, Drums, Didgeridoos, Dancing, India Lovers, Fire Performances, Decoration, Painting, Graffiti, Skating, Mystery, Meditation, Esoterism, Theater, Tattoos, Piercings, Erotisicm, global artist networking, ashoka ritual, ashoka-ritual, artist, artists, community, goa, psy, art, Liquid Time, Mietar, Giant Optix, K-Isuma, UV-ATMA, Magic Star, liquid-time, .mpg, .mpgs, div-x, spirit, summer, party, feeling, entertainment, Goaparty, Psytrance, Lasershow, lightshow, freedom, soul, unity, Techno, House, Acid, Dance, Sound, Klang, documentation, information, progressive, voov, festival, open air, floor, dancing, hippie, hippy, hippies, USA, goa scene, Open-Air-Festival, Hamburg, Berlin, Freak, nature, Bombay, Ibiza, Trance, movement, music, Techno, melody, Buddha, CD, DVD, culture, Woodstock, revolution, innovation, genre, Heavy Metal, Rock, Indy, Ethno, Percussion, Sound, platform, dancing, chilling, bunt, Party, spirit, psychedelic, Synthesizer, Trance, Bass, voice, experiment, Acid, Vocal, House, Sample, Film, Trainspotting, Beat, Hendrix, The Doors, Deep Purple, Flower-Power, harmony, Psychedelic Rock, 60s, Israel, GOA Gil, 90s, scene, sylvester, Party, track, fullmoon, beach, inspiration, Germany, Asia, USA, ashoka-ritual, global, artist, network, GOA, Open Air Festival, India, Trance, Techno, dancefloor, dancing, darty, Hippie, ashoka-ritual, global, artist, networking,
  • Playpoi poi and fire videos - Nick Woolsey has been a big influence on the fire spinning scene all down the west coast, through his online videos and touring workshops. He was a regular at Burning Man until he got barred from the States for teaching poi workshops without a non-immigrant work visa. Give him some love!
  • Surrealistic artist for his exceptional surrealistic artwork - Visually breathtaking and itellectually challenging. It forces the examination of values and meaning of life. He delivers subtle yet gripping philosophical statements which force the elevation of human consciousness. His content is cutting edge progressive, yet his style is as naturalistic as the old masters.
  • Beyond Race - For those who remember us from Lalapalooza and Burning man 95-96. We are coming back!
  • Amoration Studio - A nonprofit project of the International Humanities Center providing multimedia production for aid and activism partners worldwide; currently in production on our first interactive series based on the playa ethos.
  • Sugar Shack Intentional Arts Community - The Sugar Shack offers space to share in LA for performance, artists in process, workspaces and livespaces. We are a burner-friendly collective in the heart of LA with 15+ artists under our roof.
  • Lightweight personal recreational FLAMETHROWERS - "Bonefire Bob" has been creating propane powered art to make music with, to play with and to wear for over 5 years. The "Bonefire" flamethrower was featured in the great circle as part of the Fire Conclave in '02 and '03. Bobs' art brings fire up close and personal.
  • House of Payne - My name is Sue Frame and I am a member of the House of Payne. iWe are an artist collaborative based in Chicago. I am working on an a project for mail art. I would like to find camps from Chicago that would want to help me. For more info please check out "Call for Mail Art" on th website.
  • - Community (local and international) based recording label and production company dedicated to creating unique music and events that "launch". Home to Savage Republic, F-SPACE, Scot Jenerik and more. Free audio/video downloads of influential artists such as THROBBING GRISTLE, EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN, SONIC YOUTH, MIKE WATT, BLACK FLAG and more.
  • Sinergia :.: Spanish Trance e-Magazine - Sinergia is a Psytrance collective and e-Magazine based in Madrid. Our mission is spread trance culture everywhere we go promoting parties and other events, and through the net with our web site. In our web we publish everyweek news of Spanish and world trance scene in English and Spanish.
  • Dr. Hugo Heyrman || Museums of the Mind || - A virtual museum project: exploring the art & mind connection. Research, theory and experiments on the telematic future of art. In our minds we have private virtual museums, silent places for our memories, imagination and dreams. Sources on drawings, paintings, photography, film, video, multimedia,, synesthesia and the senses.
  • Timeless Sculptures - Heirlooms made to order and apprenticeships. Developing Freedom Park at major intersection in Carson City, NV. This will house monumental wooden and cast sculptures, all to memorialize and cellibrate the cause of freedom.
  • JoshuARTree in Joshua Tree. Fine ART Prints by KarMar. - JoshuARTree is a unique collection of fine ART Prints including "Burning Joshua" by artist KarMar who lives and works in mystic Joshua Tree, California, near the Joshua Tree National Park.
  • Metal Art & Fire Dance - Gothic and Fantasy creations in metal; Galleries of chanmaille fashions, jewelry, sculpture, and how-to resources on the art and creation of chain mail. Now also the home of Raven's Fire; a gallery of fire dance with pics and video.
  • Trance Highway - All about trance music
  • Ocean of fire project - Open call to fire breathers to help in a 2005 guiness world record attempt.
  • The Lazarus Corporation - The Lazarus Corporation is a loose collective of artists producing work in a variety of media with no clear boundaries between them, and has been described by reviewers as both 'Psychosexual experimental art extremity' and 'a much needed purgative for the banality of contemporary culture'.
  • psychedelic paintings from france - Welcome on board ! shows Antoine Merger art works : Fluo and mat paintings, graphics and party decorations. Fluo paintings: Big size pictures, they need black light to shine and are initially made for party deco. They are painted with brushes on fireproofed cotton fabric, equipped with eyelets for installations. I use to work with normal and u.v light, mixing mat and fluo paints to vary shades and luminosity.
  • KOSTOOM Art Masks and Art Costume - Maker of fantastic masks and costume works, BM 2003 and 2004. Contact through APOKILIPTIKA web site: http://www.geocities/rx_norman. Burn On.
  • shapethrowers - Various art projects; currently a sequential gallery of the construction of our 30" hydraulic robot. Many other projects are represented; updated year-round. Educational, informative and entertaining!
  • Cinemasports - Make Movies Iron Chef Style - Start by announcing a list of ingredients. Teams disperse to make movies with those ingredients. Screen the results at night. On the playa and elsewhere.
  • March of Light Halloween Parade - The Annual March of Light Halloween parade through the Castro needs YOU! Our main goal is to promote public expressions of creativity through encouraging and providing a venue for costuming and performance. Many of us are burners who want to bring some of that Playa spirit to our lives in the city. Please see our website for more details.
  • VJ Luna - Video artist / videographer weaving organic images and live art. Well -known for her Jellyfish, mermaids and moons.
  • How to DESTROY the UniVerse Festival - An ongoing festival series dedicated to EXTREME MUSIC/ART/PERFORMANCE and Thoughts. AUG 2004 - San Francisco on Hiroshima Day at the Shipyard AUG/SEP 2004 - at BUrningMan with ZOVIET FRANCE and F-SPACE NOV 2004 - West Coast "tour" with PTV3/Genesis P-Orridge, Blixa Bargeld, Jarboe
  • Greg Kalamar, Live Event Artist - Captures fire, nudity and the BM spirit on canvas - Online gallery of live paintings created on the playa, including Sol System, Lite Brite, The Church of Funk and others. Greg's live paintings capture the energy and essence of Burning Man. Watch for Kalamar to do it again this August in Black Rock City.
  • Tattoos In Silver - Custom handmade silver jewelry,look through our catalog of over 2,000 free tattoo designs and free kanji symbols and pick one out to be turned into a custom, personalized piece of Handmade Silver Jewelry, or use a tattoo you already have. We are the only place in the world that specializes in making Custom Handmade Silver Jewelry from your tattoo designs.
  • visionary artwork of michael brown - see for yourself: artowrk of the high spiritual dancing sort... vision of inner outer universal visions... all sorts of wildness and deep resounding peace...
  • Paintings and Sculpture by Walter Rhoads - This site is a retrospective of my art and life, and a showcase for ongoing and future work. Although only a portion of my art relates to Burning Man directly, the Burning Man festival has become a crucially important vehicle for me in my pursuit of joy and meaning.
  • Carousel Numinous - Carousel Numinous lived on the playa in Black Rock City at Esplanade and Certain (5:30) for two weeks in 2003.
  • Aruba Reggae Rockin the Roots unique guitar giving the reggae sound a special flavour RoyKey Creo co - MPEG MOF FILE MP3 cd file Roykey Creo Band Live in Concert Guitars Rockin da Roots Roykey Creaive Reggae Elementary Overdrive History shop Guitar Gear other World Projects Lion and Fish free sample taste contact Roykey Creo band Europe Tourdates Aruba Rootman information voicem messenger music for open mind
  • Art Of Kim Lovett - Online Gallery of contemporary mixed medium paintings and drawings of dark and mysterious nudes and faces
  • Cosmic Steel - Royce Carlson's whimsical steel sculptures made from found objects and recycled and new steel. He made the Center Camp portal in 2001.
  • Abstract Artist Christeas - Offers original abstract art.
  • Tony Clifton Circus - TONY CLIFTON CIRCUS official web site, enjoy!
  • Armoured Raven Creations - Metal and Chainmaille Design. Galleries of fashions, jewelry, sculpture, and how-to resources on the art and creation of chain mail.
  • Bop Camp - Coming to Burning Man 2004
  • - the artist invites you to examine his finest work.seeking interest in my artistic website is would appreciate links to the same.original and collectable art by maynard sacco is a good investment.
  • Soap Factory - Click on contact or submissions for our call for art - we are in Minneapolis, MN and seeking artists for our 2004 season.
  • Todd Kurtzman Movement Arts - Sculpture of long legged ladies and big handed men, exhibited at Center Camp 2003 and Woonami Village 2002. View a decade of highly innovative sculpture, photography and internationally acclaimed independent animated films.
  • Kristina Wong's Official Wonderful Homepage! - In 2003, Kristina officially became a burner. And she thinks she'll do it again. She's also a writer, performance artist, filmmaker, and educator.
  • Greg Kalamar, Live Event Artist - Greg captures your event on canvas, live as it happens.
  • L.A. Burning Man Community - Art, Artists, Events, and Shenanigans aplenty! When in L.A., come play with us.
  • Fractilians - Give it all away I say:) hyperdimentional artist/tribal tattoos
  • Repsyche Mosaic Art - Mosaics inspired by Raymond Isadore's La Maison Picassiette. Broken china, tile,ceramic "objets",glass,etc. Workshops all year in Sonoma, CA.
  • Calgary Artist Craig Robertson - Explorations of the Mind - Autobiagraphical explorations of the imagination of an contains : paintings, drawings, nudes, portraits, digital art, photography and art e-cards
  • The Laserman Experience - unique futuristic visual act - Imagine you can stop the light, get it with no source, just hold it and manipulate it like a solid... 4 years of research for this new award winning act. Download a video preview at this address : e-mail :
  • The Phamily Gathering - The Phamily Gathering is a collaboration between friends, an internet exhibition of people in Chicago and from around the world who have come together to share in the creation of friendship, art, and exploration.
  • The Electric Playa Surfer - My second attempt at a reliable, electric powered art car. Success! Pics of '01 and '02. Decompression '02
  • Ball Point Pen Art - Ball Point Pen Art is a new American Folk Art, Art Medium and Art Movement here on the Web. Jerry Stith is founder and artist.
  • Burning Independence in Black Rock City - Welcome to the Island of Misfit Burners. For artists, camp directors and others whose vision doesn't fit in with the Black Rock City mainstream and who don't care enough to conform.
  • luisa pilotti's decoupage - site dedicated to decoupage...craft of victorian age..creations by luisa pilotti..
  • Ardistry! - Copper, steel, clay, and bronze- all manner of cool things in these media- wall hanging sculpture, garden art, free standing bronze sculpture. James Ardis is based in michigan.
  • Top Figure Drawing & Painting Sites - Top figure drawing and figure painting websites from around the world. Add your figurative site to the list.
  • Home13 - Dark Art and Design Portfolio - Dark Art and Design of Georgi Ostashov. Let your mind go through dark, brutal, deathly, surreal images. Art Design and Photography
  • Sonnyboy - The music from Sonnyboy new CD, "URBAN MISFIT," is an ultra-funky melange of candid social commentary, astute introspection and flat out good times that's sure to get the body to moving’ and stimulate the mind. The music ranges from the soul of Me'shell Ndgeocello, the funk of Jamiroquai to the more hiphop/funk/R&B song writing style of The Roots. The founder, Shel Riser, who is the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, has produced, composed, arranged and written three full length CDs for the group. Sonnyboy has played club dates from the Midwest through the US east coast for over four years and has recently finished a promotional tour in Europe, performing among other places at the Rotterdam WorldPort Jazz Festival/ Melkweg in Amsterdam/ Jazz Cafe in London and many others. They promoting there latest CD 'UrbanMisfit' and are now in booking and scheduling there dates for the summer of 2003. We are proud to say that the response to their shows have been fantastic in the US as well as Europe. Thank you for your time. Artform Entertainment Shel.
  • Bamboo Workshop >>> - BambooWorkshop is the knowledge center for bamboo design and product development in The Netherlands. It forms the heart of a bamboo designers network aiming at innovative, environmentally friendly bamboo applications.
  • Stonehenge Rotterdam - Stonehenge Rotterdam
  • Bamboo Art and Architecture of Antoon VERSTEEGDE. - New URL for: *
  • e2gRooVe - da poSitiVe famiLy gaLLeRia of LoVe aNd gOOd tiMeS...aiN't we LuCKy we got'eM?
  • REVIBE PROGRESSIVE HOUSE ( MP3 4 FREE ! ) - ReVibe House Music - We Love To Dance! ReVibe are a couple guys writing and producing House and Dance music, and DJing in clubs and pubs. Two years ago we thought we were good but now we are just wicked and getting more professional all the time. We started this House Project in the Spring of 2002 because we couldnt keep it to ourselves. Our Dancefloor music has influences from Jazz right through to Progressive Electronic (and everything else in between). We are real musicians and play Keyboards and Guitar and use the latest production techniques to keep everything sounding fresh and new. Have a listen to our MP3s -- You're sure to love 'em, and if you wanna book ReVibe for a gig or two or need some more info, please use this email and we will get right back to you. WARNING: You WILL wanna dance!
  • wierd video installations by zodiACK - From the man that brought you Surfing Man, LLC2000 lighting, Rome Built in a Day, the Wheel of Time Video Clock and other installations. A full service media enterprise specializing in Technical Publication, Systems Engineering, Video Production and Presentation
  • Bruce - Free download and stream mp3 music by Randy Bruce. Rockabilly and Gospel music.
  • Sacred Arts - I am a painter and multimedia artist. Check out my site for some pictures of some of my work. I am interested in sacred geometry and art as dialogue with the divine. Drop me a line and say high!
  • Carpenter Ben - images of past playa art installations TOGETHER and BLISS
  • Pyromancer - He appears unexpectedly out of the dark. Performing a ritual of fire, transforming the flame into a friend. Did you catch him on the Playa?
  • PYROMANCER - A romance, balancing on the edge of the impossible. Pyromancer transforms the destructive force of fire into beauty. A symbiosis between man and element. He and his flame, they love eachother. A flame will never be the same... You won't forget them easily, if you can take the heat.
  • Spiral Galaxy Records website - Experimental music at it's indie goodest.
  • Virginian studio gearing up to build floating chunks of blackrock - This is where i was born and raised. I was building art cars and weird asthetics long before I'd heard of the man. I've been twice and want to organize a wild carnival stye cross country roadtrip for '03
  • Kreloff designs - An eclectic site having nothing at all to do with anything, especially Burning Man.
  • DJ Kuffdam - Trance DJ from Scotland - DJ Kuffdam playing Euro Trance/Hard Trance and Progressive sounds. Recent highlights have been playing to 1000 plus in Cyprus. Bookings available on the site
  • Stone and Wood - Check it out. Who would have known this all came from a farm in Vermont. "strangely intimate connecting to the literal earth. The result is reminiscent of China and Japan" Robert Ferris's work is featured in gardens of 10 states across the country and parts of Nova Scotia.
  • joroko - The Sculptures of artist Joroko. An emerging sculptor that combines the surreal with a post-industrial age. Joroko has taken an innovative approach to postmodern and contemporary art.
  • French Psy Trancers Group - French Psy Trancers Group
  • The Burning Man Opera - Visit the world-wide community of artists, musicians, performers, misfits, and hedonists who come together to bring Pepe Ozan's exceptional Opera rituals to Burning Man, and meet some of the Opera folks who have ongoing projects throughout the year. Inspiring, fun, and nekkid!! Please visit the site. Participate. Breath life into your community. Keep the 'spirit' (for lack of a better word) alive!!
  • Craig Robertson Online Gallery - Contemporary paintings, drawings, nudes, portraits, digital, photography and fine art e-cards from this visual artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Sacred Land Project (GEO-DOMES) - link to D'OHM SYNERGY STRUCTURES builder of geo-domes, hybrids, synergy structures.
  • Maze Art 2000 and 2001 - Personal site for Charles Trapolin who created artwork for the maze in 2000 and 2001. Many images of the maze and other artwork.
  • XTC Radio - Unique Excursions into Trance and Progressive House Music - Shoutcasting Live from Burning Man
  • Muse-Eck web channel - magazine exploring art, life, humanity, salvation, inspiration and the edge of the sane universe.
  • Trance-Techno -House Diva Superstar - Live Trance Artist. Beautiful GALAXY GIRL . Sexy, Dark and Deep . She's PHAT free ( : Don't miss this "fresh" Flash kick ass site. pLease, come and visit . Photo Gallery, live videos , Music Tracks and more!
  • The Underbelly - Your guide to sex, drugs and revolution. Search engine of provocative culture
  • Y2gypsies - burning man sent us off into the wild world. come gypsy with us!
  • Mind over MIDI - Electronic minimalistik musik w/ arctic feel... Settings: fjords, mountains,space, ice, snow, elektronik. MP3 page...
  • The Running Man - The burning mechanical man who ran across the playa.
  • Tsui Design & Research - Recycled WEIRD affordable houses. Down with evil housing developments!
  • Earthship Home Page - Livable self-sufficient dwellings made of recycled stuff!
  • BurningArt.Com - The Illumination Project and Village - The Illumination Project has joined realization with destruction to create a new union where planning, creation, transition and remembrance become art.
  • Kenn Smith - Bassist/Guitartist/Composer - Kenn Smith's music and impeccable technique are consistently described as a "soulful, organic experience" both live and on disc. With the release of his first solo bass CD, "Short Stories", the Chicago born bassist/guitarist/composer demonstrates his versatile and melodic skills with a cool mixture of contemporary jazz, fusion and old school funk.

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