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Burners who live in San Francisco need to be told these things: in the rest of the world (ok, the top half), it's autumn. Leaves are turning colors. People are digging out sweaters. Whereas, in San Fran it's 55 degrees all year; you live in your sweaters and fleece. (So sayeth NY rabbit Cabe; AG points out that SF was positively balmy last week.)

Even if you live in SF, you should be very clear on what time of year it is: DECOMPRESSION SEASON. San Francisco's big Heat the Street FaIRE is Sunday, October 12. We'll have a full schedule of the day's events next week: for now, just plan to be there. If you're not in the Bay Area, don't worry, your chance to decompress is probably coming up. This week we have news of post-burn parties in three different countries; four, if you count Austin as a sovereign nation.

Those who ARE in the Bay Area will not want to miss the Second Annual Burning Man Film Festival in Santa Cruz at the Rio Theatre. Catch new films and documentaries from crews from far and wide - Ireland, France, Canada, and more -- plus a sneak peek at a very special behind-the-scenes documentary in progress by the Gone Off Deep crew (AG raves: keep your eyes on this one!), and Bill Briethaupt's latest, "Burning Karma", which, we're told, he's putting the finishing touches on *right now*. Art, performance, a talk with Larry Harvey, and a great community gathering, to boot. Sheesh, my parents are even driving down for this one! The full skinny is below.

Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere - lucky ducks! Send pictures! Or, barring that - send sweaters!

All the post-burn events AND MUCH MORE:

OhSand Larry Harvey wants us to remind you California residents to GET OUT AND VOTE (and the Jackrabbits concur!)

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========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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Full Schedule of the Day's Amazing Events to Come Next Week!

Heat the Street Faire: Decompression '03
Sunday, Oct 12
Noon - Midnight
On Indiana Street and in Club Cocomo
(Between Mariposa and 21st Street in San Francisco)
$10 in Black Rock Attire/$20 in street wear/Kids under 12 - $free
All ages welcome outside on Indiana Street, 21+ yrs in Cocomo
Public transport or carpooling is best. Park on 3rd Street or at 3Com Park.

Want to volunteer, perform, or perhaps bring your theme camp or playa art? Contact flambelounge.

To share your playa imagery, bring VHS tapes, slides (in tray) and cd-roms to the Visuals Check Point inside Cocomo or email us in advance. If you'd like to bring fire art or sculpture, contact davex.

Pretty postcard:

(A reminder from Affinity: And don't forget to bring a light colored t-shirt so the DreamCatcher Camp can put the "MAN" on your t-shirt for you...!)

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I'd like to thank everyone who has submitted playa gifts to our material culture archives, either at the Artery or via the mail. These 2003 items live in our physical archives, located at our San Francisco office. We are currently working on our digital archive, a fraction of which you can now view at After we add another 300-odd pre-2003 artifacts that we've already scanned, we will open the archive to submissions, exactly like our Image Gallery, and you will be able to submit your own items with notes and contact information. All 2003 items must by submitted by YOU! You can also add past items if you don't see them in the archives after they are completed on our end.

I've seen some interesting objects that weren't sent in, namely: 2003 Gigsville cards, playa Tarot cards, bottle opener pendants, and Alien Love Nest fimo pendants.

If you produced these, or any other items you'd like to see in the archives, do send them on in to: Archives, PO Box 884688, San Francisco, CA 94188, or drop them off at Decompression, at the info booth. Please include our Material Culture form: We especially like it if you provide two of each item and enclose them with the form in a ziploc bag.

Curator, Burning Man

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In response to numerous requests, the Burning Man 2004 calendar is now available at:
retail outlets:
Distractions, 1552 Haight Street, San Francisco
hours 11:30am to 7:30pm, Sunday 11:30am to 6:30pm

Also available in Reno at:

Melting Pot, 888 South Virginia Street, Reno
hours 10am to 6pm, Sunday noon to 5pm

Price is $15. The calendar covers September 2003 through August 2004 (and an additional page with Sept-Dec 2004 just in case).

It is also available through our on-line marketplace:

We'll also have them available at DecompressionSsee you there!

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Burners everywhere have been asking about the resolution of the Voyeur Video lawsuit, undertaken last year to stop the sale of unauthorized footage shot at Burning Man from 1997- 2001.

Here's the news: Voyeur Video agreed to a settlement. In addition to surrendering the master tapes, Voyeur also surrendered all existing copies, agreed on a monetary settlement, and agreed to permanently cease selling them or any future tapes that feature our event. We have checked their website occasionally, and they are no longer selling any footage of Burning Man. They have also agreed to never return to Black Rock City.

Our gratitude to all who helped with this saga along the way, including our fantastic legal counsel and the many participants who offered assistance.

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To: Maid Marian, Crimson Rose and the citizens of Black Rock City, From The Mutaytor:

A letter was published in JRS with a complaint about us for which we requested the opportunity to respond.

Our group is known for different things, and one of our character tributes for better or for worse is our over-the-top attitude concerning promotion. In all fairness, we have admittedly gone overboard in this department in the past. It might even be expected from an eccentric group of drummers, performers and firelovers like us. We've done things in our career that would make P.T. Barnum blush, and we understand fully that for some people, we are simply too much.

We shed blood (really), sweat and more than a few tears creating the Heartbeat of The Man, a project to unite Black Rock City in celebration of the Fire Conclave and the Burning of The Man. We did so, not out of any desire for commercial recognition or success, but out of our love for Burning Man, the citizens of Black Rock City and, especially, the participants who make the Burn such a spiritual and communal event. We offer our heart-felt thanks to everyone who participated in the Heartbeat project. Your involvement helped turn what has largely been perceived as a spectator experience into one of the largest participatory events in Black Rock history.

After working so hard with Crimson on the Heartbeat Project, we returned to the unreal world hoping for a moment or two to bask in the afterglow of the positive experience we shared with Black Rock City and our newfound friends. Instead, we returned home and were saddened (and, to be honest, a bit hurt) to read the accusations contained in the JRS. We were not contacted by Stardust before the accusations were made public on JRS. We didn't even receive an opportunity to respond in the same issue of JRS. That being said, here are a few facts which we hope will help clarify the situation.

The Mutaytor is deeply concerned by, and 100% opposed to, the commercialization and commodification of this festival. We have no affiliation whatsoever with a record label, or corporate sponsorship of any kind to underwrite the tens of thousands of dollars we spend every year to bring and share our art on the playa. On top of the production expenses, we gave away thousands of dollars worth of CDs and DVDs as gifts on the playa this year. For many burners, our music reminds them of the playa. We have always done this out of love for the event and the participants.

The Mutaytor has been on the Playa for the last five years, and early on, we were unprepared to handle all the requests we received on the playa for contact information. Over the last several years, we have provided clipboards for people who want to stay in touch with us through e-mail and/or snail-mail at every show we give on the Playa. Please understand, we go to Burning Man to ESCAPE paperwork, not create more! But, we're a very active project off the playa, and we have found this to be the least Moopy and most effective way to keep in touch with Burners and new friends.

We had a separate sign up list for the Guinness Record count. Unfortunately, the forms we used were nearly identical to those we use for our regular contact list. In hindsight, we acknowledge that we made a logistical mistake in not differentiating them more effectively. Our mistake, and a stupid one at that. As anyone who was there will clearly recall, the wonderful pandemonium that was Burn Night saw literally thousands of people joining us for our show after the Burn. Afterwards, many of them came up to us to talk, get to know us, to express their joy, thanks and love. Many asked to sign up for our e-mail announcements and how to find us in the unreal world. Fair enough.

Due to the overwhelming response, we returned home with thousands of names and e-mail addresses scattered over several hundred sheets of paper. In the exceedingly dull and arduous task of logging all of these names, some of the sheets for our regular mailing list and some from the Guinness list were inadvertently shuffled together. We would never, NEVER intentionally send anyone unwanted spam, especially someone who had shared their Playa experience with us. It would be not only disrespectful, but illogical to send someone e-mail about our upcoming events who specifically asked not to receive any!

The language Stardust mentions about our bookings and CDs is included in the footnote at the very end of all our announce e-mails, and represents a maximum 5% of any mailing we do. When the JRS or a regional burner list suggest a burner-friendly company or event, they're not advocating or forcing you to buy their products. They are not "commercializing" Burning Man. Neither were we.

As soon as we heard about the JRS posting, we immediately got in contact with Crimson. Our group discussed this, and agreed that most of the people who signed up on our Heartbeat list probably intended to be added to our band mailing-list, and many even requested to be included in future e-mails. We agreed that it would be appropriate to send an e-mail to all the names we collected to confirm that they actually wanted to be on our announce list. If they responded yes, they would be added...and if they responded no, or didn't respond....they wouldn't be added. We promise to do precisely that, and will be happy to provide email transmissions or any other physical proof.

If your name inadvertently ended up in our regular mailing list and you didn't want to be included in future mailings, please let us know and will immediately remove you. Again, let us convey how sorry we are if this misunderstanding has caused anyone any inconvenience or in any way diminished anyone's Burningman experience.

Mutaytor is a fairly absurd enterprise on the best of days. Sometimes we have gone too far promoting ourselves on and off the playa. We openly admit this, and really are trying to learn from our mistakes. On behalf of all the people who work so hard to bring the Mutaytor to Black Rock City, we hope this will explain what happened. We feel that blind accusations, while well intended, may have been misunderstood without hearing our side of the story. We especially want to thank all of you who have written us with letters of support after reading the JRS accusations against us.

We hope everyone who reads JRS is aware of all that we try to do to support local artists and musicians in keeping the spirit of Burning Man alive throughout the year. For better or for worse, Mutaytor can be many people's first encounter with Burning Man, and we hope to always send the right messages with our art. Please email tay if you would like to discuss this with us directly.

Burn On,

The Mutaytor


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Fisheye photos: very cool. (You may have to piece this link back together)

Pictures from the Monkfish:

and finally, LOVELY images from James Hickey:

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Kevin Klemmick writes: I wanted to bring to attention an incident which happened on Sunday night sometime after the Temple burn. Vandals first slashed the tires of, then set fire to Rogue, one of the Death Guild art cars. As with any art up on the playa, these cars are products of huge amounts of work as well as a sizeable investment in cash. Rogue also happened to be a street legal daily driving car for its owner, and recently was also a temporary home. In one fell swoop, these vandals destroyed the product of countless hours of work, the artist's transportation and home. Not only that, but between the three 25 lb propane tanks, a 125 lb oxygen tanks, several MAPP gas canisters and 25 gallons of gasoline, it's amazing the destruction of this car didn't cause injury to those sleeping nearby or additional damage. If it wasn't for the quick response of the Black Rock Fire Department, this incident could have turned into a real tragedy.

While Burning Man is an outlet for radical self-expression, the destruction of someone else's art or property is well outside the acceptable bounds. While it seems obvious to most, I think it is important that people are made aware of this. Additionally, I feel it is important that those responsible are made to understand that their participation in Burning Man does not include this kind of activity. On that score, information on this incident is being sought by friends of the artist and can be sent to: rogue_inquiry

On a more positive note, the artist has decided to rebuild Rogue, pending available funds. He is currently working feverishly to obtain the approximately $6000 required to repair and rebuild this piece. If you enjoyed Rogue and would like to help out, donations are being accepted through PayPal. Use the e-mail address: rogue_inquiry Rogue was a performance art piece that brought some extreme responses both positive and negative. It lived a short but intense life, including a recent road trip across the US. Many people commented the day after that Rogue was beautiful even after its destruction - For those interested, before and after photos can be found at:

Thanks to all who helped out on this project!

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Bill writes: I saw a 4 wheel elevated bicycle at the 2003 Burn. It was sick. Does anyone know who made it or where I can get plans to make one?

Thanks for any help.

Bill Garrett

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Did you capture your surroundings at Burning Man this year using a Lomo camera or another camera? Did you shoot from the hip and capture your surroundings in unique and unconventional ways? Did you take your camera everywhere with you and get some great shots you'd love to show to others?

I am looking to put together a lomography wall of photographs to be shown at various bay area events as well as a virtual wall that will be put up on a website and may even be sent to the lomography world congress in Vienna, where people from all over the world will showcase their lomography.

If you are unsure of what a lomography wall is, please check out this site and click on some of the pages there:

These are but a small example of what I am hoping to accomplish. The more photographs we get, the more interesting this project will be. I am aiming for this entire project to be over 1,000 individual images (if not more) and hopefully will be able to make it cover an entire wall and then some.

If you are interested in showing your pictures in this unique way, please contact me at lomoatburningman for more information.

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All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find or post upcoming events in your city.

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Second Annual Burning Man Film Festival, Saturday, Oct. 4 in Santa Cruz

Burning Beach, the Santa Cruz regional, will host its second annual Burning Man Film Festival this Saturday, Oct. 4, from 2-8 p.m. at the historic Rio Theatre.

This year's festival includes entries from French, Irish, and Canadian filmmakers, the first public showing of the 20-minute 'work in progress' documentary by Gone Off Deep (, a talk by executive director Larry Harvey and a short film of Burning Man 2003 by Bill Breithaupt, who got a standing ovation last year for "Aqua Burn."

Heidi Rose will be running The Funkifier, a costume and accoutrements theme camp in miniature for those who desire to look Playa Fabulous. Also on hand will be Bob Hoffman with his Bonefires, Lucy Hosking with the Dragons of Eden, Shane Rogers of Burning Sky showing off some of the skydiving cameras used to capture footage of this year's event, and Kara Snider of Nocturnal Sunshine, displaying some of the tools used in fire performance. Members of Spock Mountain Research Labs will be distributing copies of two previously unreleased 2003 issues of the Spock Science Monitor and Kiki Pettit will display pieces from her Egeria installation.

Tickets are $15 at the door, $12 if you bring three cans of food, which will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank. Children under 12 are free. Playawear is always encouraged. For more info check out Proceeds from this event will go to support local artists and future Burning Beach events.

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This October, come to Dripping Springs, Texas - near Austin, the home of Burning Flipside - for a party amidst shady trees, green grass, running water, longhorn cattle, and Texas hospitality. For specific information join: soupstock. To connect with the Austin, Texas community, visit

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Thursday October 9th, there will be a benefit screening of "Dust Devils", an Irish made documentary about Irish and American experiences of Burning Man. Followed by party, featuring DJs: Laird - Boombox, Goldilox - Boombox, Jason - Elemether, Conor - Elemether, Majitope - Lush, Yeen - Lush. DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh St., SF Doors: 9pm - after hours. Admission: $10. Screening: 9pm sharp.

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October 19th is the Los Angeles Burning Man Street Faire! It will be on Santa Fe Street under the First Street Bridge in front of The Blue Bongo in downtown Los Angeles. Save the date, more to come.

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Saturday, October 11th will be the year's first (we think) Afterburn Party in Montreal. Hosted by the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) at 1195 boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montréal, the event starts at 9:30PM with a screening of "Black Rock Burning", a film by a local production team about Burning Man 2002. Also featured will be an academic symposium on Burning Man, performances, music, VJs, good times, hookups, long-time burners and the burn-curious. More information can be found on the SAT site ( or Volunteers are still needed to help out; contact Aleece Germano (info) or montreal for details.

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It won't be a big Decompression party like in San Francisco. But! We will play music, video, and pictures from Burning Man. It will be great if we can get together like we did at the playa and share our experience and memory from this year! All burners from Japan are welcome! Sunday Oct 12th, Party Time 15:00 - 20:00; Free Style Cafe Time 20:00 - 4:00 a.m. Orblight Café, 3-21-26 Ikejiri Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Access by Eidan Subway line or Tokyu Eiden-Toshi Line. Get off at Ikejiri Obashi station (Next station from Shibuya station). 5 min walk. Cost: 1000 Yen (Includes one drink). Questions, contact Magarisugi at info

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{Soundtrack to this JRS: Ben Harper, "Waiting on an Angel", Patty Griffin's "1000 Kisses" CD. Sigh.}

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