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JRS V8:#25:04.23.04

Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 25
April 23, 2004

We're definitely getting closer... just look at how much stuff we have for you this week. Or maybe I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to prepare to travel to Europe next week, along with Marian Goodell and Larry Harvey, for some year-round community connection. First, we'll be guests at the Convergence Festival in Dublin, where Aprile Blake and Dearblha Glynn ("Dust Devils") and Mike Wilson ("Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock") will screen their Burning Man films. Then, it's off to the Burning Man Film Festival in London, where we'll meet up with old friends, filmmakers, and the Euroburner crew for two days of art, participation, music, and Burning Man movies. What a journey!

Speaking of "Beyond Black Rock", the folks at Gone Off Deep are not only hard at work editing the film for these test screenings in Europe, they've also continued to update the website - this week, they've got two more footage clips on the "Editing Room" page, plus a bonus reel of award-winning outtakes from their 2 years of shooting on the playa. You will crack a smile, at worst. Add to that another film journal entry and some downloadable movie posters, and you've got yourself a big ol' update indeed. Check it out:

Also, we need to offer a correction from the email addresses related to the theme announcement - while they were released earlier this week to much fanfare, the fact was we... well, we neglected to throw the switch on those aliases in time for the announcement, so if you wrote them, they bounced. Fear not, we've fixed that.

Thus, if you're looking to Mad Scientist it up under the man, please contact our Brain Trust at mad-scientist. If you are interested in participating in the design of images for our Off-Planet Theatre project, please reconnect to us at alien-world about any technical details regarding the submission of a digitalized image. Groups wishing to create interactive theater for the areas under the man should email off-planet. We swear, it'll work this time.

And so, Mr. or Ms. I'm-going-to-burn-the-man-in-133-days, here's your news this week!

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

- London Burning Man Film Festival
- Flambe Lounge in SF May 23!
- Town Meeting Recap
- Listen to Larry

- Cafe Volunteer Ops
- Center Camp Cafe Craft Day May 1
- Boston Shipping Options
- Restoration and Art at Frog Pond Springs
- Rat's Bikes Redux
- The Jack Rabbit's Mom Speaks
- Alien Love Nest Wants You on their Necks

- Rev Billy in the Castro April 24
- EL Wire Workshop in SF April 24
- AquaBurn in NYC April 29
- Clan Destino in Santa Barbara May 14


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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Burning Man and the Euroburners are proud to present the Burning Man Film Festival in London!

There will be a photographic exhibition, Burning Man specific art - performance & installation, fire spinning, DJ's, music and a talk by the Burning Man's Executive Director and founder Larry Harvey. All this plus two days of film and footage spanning thirteen years of Burning Man history - from a 1991 documentary by Larry Harvey, to a special test screening of the directors' cut of "Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock" by Gone Off Deep.

(For a complete list of films, visit

Marian Goodell, Larry Harvey, and Andie Grace will be present for this exciting event, as will many of the filmmakers in the program. Don't miss it!

Saturday and Sunday, May 8 and 9
The Ritzy Cinema
Brixton Oval
Coldharbour Lane

Box Office: 020 7733 2229
Email: ritzy

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Burning Man is having a two-part Flambe Lounge in San Francisco on Sunday, May 23rd, 4pm-2am

If you want to install art, run a theme camp, find volunteers for your playa project/theme camp, perform, or volunteer, e-mail flambelounge today! Bring on your scientific experiments, intergalactic art and stellar ideas!!!


BURNING MAN FLAMBE LOUNGE - Sunday, May 23rd (day + night)
An art mixer and special preview of the 2004 Burning Man "Vault of Heaven" theme! Part 1: 4pm-9pm Gene Friend SOMA Recreation Center and Park, 270 6th Street at Folsom - All ages welcome for a BYO BBQ, artist and Burning Man Project speakers, and outdoor art event. Part 2: 9pm-2am in 1015 Folsom - 21+ - art, performers, djs, theme camps... Fanciful Playawear encouraged! More info coming in the next JRS, but plot your coordinates NOW!


1) Burning Man and The Crucible will present FIRE ARTS FESTIVAL 2004 on July 7th-11th in Oakland. This will consist of a Desert Art Preview and Artist Talk Wed, July 7th; A BRAF/Crucible special fundraiser event Thurs, July 8th 6:30-11pm; And fire art and performances in a 200,000 square foot outdoor Fire Arena on July 9th and 10th, 8pm - Midnight. Fire art classes and lecture schedule to be announced.

2) Then, on July 31st celebrate "No Spectators Day" with a daytime mobile, interactive art "pARTiciPARADE!" in San Francisco! We are planning the route now!!

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Some notes from our Town Meeting on April 3 in San Francisco:

"Larry Harvey discussed two major changes for Burning Man 2004. The first is that Burning Man (BM) is formally recognizing the families in our community through zoning efforts at Black Rock City, requesting gatekeepers at adult camps and educating participants about kids and families at BM. The second major change is that BM will reduce the number of motorized vehicles on the playa through stricter DMV guidelines, banning past offenders and encouraging more human powered transportation. Larry also introduced the theme for this year, "The Vault of Heaven." Which you astute JRS readers saw in print form earlier this week!

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Larry Harvey discusses the past, present and future of Burning Man in a long audio interview at the following site:

The site, a collection of interviews, is paid-subscription, but you can get a free 30-day trial at

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1) Café Sound Team Seeking Technicians:

Do you know how to properly twiddle your knobs?
Can you pre/post playafy electronics equipment?
Great, the Café wants YOU!
We are seeking those extra special sound and electronics technicians for year round care and servicing of Center Camp’s Café Sound equipment. Be part of the team that makes the Café ‘sound’ so good by participating in year-round Burningman events in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as on the Playa. Please contact café-sound

2) Lighting Gods and Goddesses, the Center Camp Café Lighting Crew is expanding! Are you an experienced Theatrical Lighting Designer, Electrician or someone involved with a previous playa lighting project? Come help us in our pre-playa collaboration to design the Café lighting then join us on-playa to spark it up. Interested and want more info? Contact Marcia. And feel free to join us on to the Center Camp Décor and Lighting Craft Day noted below!

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Feeling creative? Excellent! Come get your craft on and help us make the Center Camp Cafe into the fabulous oasis of splendor that does so much more than quench thirsts each year - anyone who likes to have fun, be creative and won't run with scissors is invited to come on down for a reenactment of last year only with a NEW theme. Bring your own sewing machine for double the fun! We will provide food and beverages.

We always love donations such as extra glue sticks/glue guns, scissors, fabric, etc., but we have a few specific requests this time:

*Enamel paint in gallons (it's Playa-Proof!)
*Any amount of solid colored fabric.

What: Cafe Art, Décor and Lighting Craft Party
When: Saturday May 1st, Noon to 5:30pm
Where: Burning Man Headquarters
1900 3rd St @ 16th St (second floor)
San Francisco, CA 94107-2502

Parking info and directions to the offices:
We have 20 parking spaces on the north half of the neighboring lot (next to Sno Drift) Questions? Email cafe-decor-vols

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The Boston Truck Collective is at it again, once again organizing a shipping container from Boston to BRC.

Information and sign-up can be found at:

This is our fourth year running!

Please consider making a donation to the project even if you will not be needing space. The project needs some extra $upport this year. Contact wagner at wagnertruck with any questions.


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Ecological Restoration And Installation Art At Frog Pond Springs

Burning Man is launching an ecological restoration and installation art project at Frog Pond (AKA Frog Farm, Garrett Ranch, Bordello etc.), the springs near the playa where Black Rock City's water trucks fill up. An outline of the project and volunteer opportunities are now online at

Volunteers like you will focus Burning Man’s creative energy to enhance and beautify the wetlands and pools of this desert oasis. Ecologists, landscape designers and natural-materials artists will bring together cutting-edge ecological science and installation art to heal the scars of past use and enhance habitat for people.

If you like the idea of creating ecological art that transforms and inspires, join the Frog Pond Volunteer Team and make it a reality. With your help, Burning Man can focus its unparalleled creative and technical energy to leave a lasting, positive trace on the land. We are forming a project team that will plan and organize through the spring and summer, then mobilize large numbers of volunteers before and during Burning Man.

Team Members needed:
* Volunteer coordinators for the art and science projects
* Restorationists, natural scientists, naturalists and desert experts
* Natural materials installation artists, landscape designers, photographers
* Environmental engineers, surveyors
* Heavy equipment operators, landscapers, contractors etc.
* Educators, historians, storytellers and others to teach in the field and in BRC
* Energetic, nature-loving volunteers of all kinds

For more info check out the web page or email restoration

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Rat Rites:

For all of you Burners living 1,000 miles or more from Reno, Nv, USA, it's time to consider where you're gonna come up with a bike for the playa. Look no further... Rat's Bikes is about to open for reservations.
For all the newbies out there who (gasp!) haven't heard of Rat's Bikes, here's the scoop. Every year I collect bikes, mostly from returning Burners, and spend all year reconditioning them. They get pretty much whatever they need - new tires, tubes, chains cleaned, bearings lubed, shift cables replaced (altho, as flat as the playa is, shifting gears isn't a high priority with me).
I try to get bikes to the people who would have the hardest time having a bike on the playa otherwise... the Burners who come from at least 1,000 miles away. I try to give a higher priority to the ones coming in from other countries. One change this year... I'll be RENTING the bikes, rather than selling them. This will hopefully reduce the number abandoned on the playa, and at the same time allow me to keep work and repair records on the bikes which should produce a better conditioned bike.
The price is unchanged... $40.00 USD, and the bikes need to be prepaid. Also, since I won't be on the playa myself this year, the bikes can be picked up and returned to my house in Sparks (just East of Reno) at nearly anytime. No more need locking them up in my backyard for late attendees. This also means everyone will have the chance to ride and select their own bike, since I only reserve bikes 'in general', and not any specific bike.
In order to cut down on the flood of e-mail that always comes in when I open, I'm allowing prior customers who have gotten bikes from me for at least two years previously, to reserve their bike beginning the first of May. All others can contact me (nv_desert_rat) beginning the first of June. Those repeat customers won't need to post a deposit on the return of the bike, but I think a token $25.00 deposit by newbies might help remind them NOT to abandon the bikes on the playa. (Fully refundable, of course!)
Please remember, before reserving your bike(s), that they will need to be picked up here... I can't deliver to the playa this year. I will provide all the necessary driving (and payment) instructions when we reach an agreement. I only have a little over 100 bikes, so don't wait too long!


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From the main Jack Rabbit/Meow's momma, who came to Burning Man 2001 with the Jack Rabbit's step-papa:

"I don't normally send on to you a site like this, but two things amazed me about it: the photographer is excellent; and, the ice/snow sculptures are very creative; the former are in the end of the series, and the lights and designs remind me somewhat of Burning Man. The site is:

Jack Rabbit says WOW... we got this from a few burners this week, and it seemed to strike a chord, so we thought we'd share it with you!

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Alien Love Nest Celebrates it's 457th Burning Man this year! And to celebrate, we would love to have you design a pendant for us so we can give it away. The designer chosen will receive plenty of alien love and 100 pendants of their own to give away. For details, see, or write alienlovenest-owner with submission/questions.


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All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city.

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Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping will hold their interactive revival post-religious church service at the Castro Theater on Saturday, April 24th at 8 PM. This service will include Credit Card Exorcisms, Thoughtful Mortifications and Fabulous Secret Sainthood. The twenty-five voice Stop Big Boxes Gospel Choir will perform along with gospel diva Charlene Moore. Also included will be SF Cabaret favorite Kitty Ultra Sound and Two Tons of Fun. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will be honored and their 25th Anniversary celebrated. Admission $10, tickets available at outlets throughout the Bay Area and through CASTROTHEATRE.COM or (415) 621-6120, 429 Castro Street. Dress up in your own personal vision of Sunday go-to-meetin' best.

The Word of Reverend Billy:

The Neighborhood and Town Revival Tour of California will include many other inside revivals and outside actions, including in-store interventions, cash register confessions and dressing room dramas in Los Angeles, Fresno, Santa Cruz, Arcata, Sebastopol, Cotati, Berkeley and Bernal Heights. For details see:

Reverend Billy at Burning Man 2003:

The Church of Stop Shopping can set you free.

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LIGHT 'N WIRE PRODUCTIONS, an art/technology resource center is teaching a one-day workshop at The Crucible on design and fabrication of Lightwire (aka EL or L-wire). Release the inner scientist /artist within you and learn how to use lightwire to adorn and accessorize your life.

All classes are taught at The Crucible workshop center and include hands-on assembly + student owned workshop kit.

BASIC CLASS - Learn basics of soldering techniques for connecting and lighting up wire. New class April 24th / Saturday from Noon till 4:00 PM

Students explore world of animation. Must have basic soldering experiences. Learn about sequences and assembling multi-channel lighting effects.
New class June 5th / Saturday from Noon till 4:00 PM

FOR REGISTRATION: (510) 444 - 0919 /
Dr. Glowire (415) 566 - 01426 or Louis Lights (415) 664-0694

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The rabbits got a charming note from Bill Breithaupt, producer of "Aqua Burn":

My film got accepted in the New York International Film Festival and is playing at the Village East Cinemas in New York on April 29th at 6 p.m. I'm going to let my contacts in New York know, but I was wondering if you could spread the word in JRS? This is a huge event, and there is a huge opening night party on April 22nd. I have 20 extra tickets to the party that I want to give out to the first people who confirm that they will be going to the showing. Thanks a bunch. Hopefully I'll see you London and we can party it up a bit! :) Late!, BillyBoy

You can reach our BillyBoy at breithaupt

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Clan Destino Presents - The Wizard of ODD.
May 14th at El Paseo in Santa Barbara.

Go to for additional info.

Clan Destino

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