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JRS of June 22, 2005

It's the second annual Resource Issue!

There are lots of great resources out there that can help you prepare for Burning Man. Some of them are below. Rather than mention them piecemeal, we gather these postings and put them all together in a single issue so you can refer back to it rather than going crazy searching for individual posts.

In addition to some great playa gear-up goods, we've also provided links from our website about places to prepare along the way TO the event, and a very useful (and long!) list of independently-owned local art stores to prep for your projects. You may find it useful to print this email out and hold onto it as you start to prepare. We've also got information on buying/selling your Burning Man ticket..."Caveat Emptor, Caveat Vendor", folks — when it comes to third party tickets, knowledge is power (the power not to get rooked, ya know?)

Speaking of vendors, in case you were wondering, this is not a commercial endorsement email. These are not necessarily "Jack Rabbit recommended" vendors - we haven't interacted with them all. If you're curious about a vendor, ask your friends or post on the ePlaya or your local announce list to see if anyone's worked with them.

This will probably be the only Resources Issue for 2005, but we can all continue to share info amongst ourselves about other things and places we find, as we've watched folks do online for years. We'll be back next week with our regularly scheduled update on our upcoming trip to the playa - where the man will burn only 65 days from now.


Before we go — we can't wait until next week to share an exciting announcement about our own little Marketplace — the extended DVD of "Beyond Black Rock" is now available at! This long-awaited version double-sided DVD of the documentary includes the 106 minute main feature and another 2 hours of additional material, including extended interviews, outtakes and deleted scenes, all of which provide a large body of detail and information. Scholars, researchers and burners around the world will find "Beyond Black Rock" the most comprehensive coverage of Burning Man to date. (Yes, this is the one you can finally show your family, when they ask you why you keep going back to that infernal thing in the desert...)

You can get yours here.

Check back for next week's JRS announcements about upcoming "Beyond Black Rock" screenings in early August, in Portland and Seattle (hint: if "Mutaytor and a movie" sounds like your idea of the perfect date, you'll want to stay tuned!)

Have a great weekend!

*\<>/* T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S







2 0 0 5 T I C K E T S




============================================================ ======================== RUGGED GEAR======================== ============================================================

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


From Cole Hardware:

"Cole Hardware, San Francisco's favorite hardware stores has most (if not all) of your BM hardware and playa needs. And like Burning Man, Cole Hardware is community-based. Through our Community Assistance program, 10% of your purchases at Cole Hardware will go to the BlackRock Arts Foundation!.

You must MENTION BRAF when you check out. This offer goes for purchases year round, not just as you're getting ready for this year's event!

If you aren't too sure how a device or rig or even kitchen sink may work on the playa, come in and ask. We'll help you get the right tool or part for the job so it had less chance of breaking down in the desert. Plus, we have lots of really fun things besides hardware. If you don't live in the Bay Area, give us a call or contact us on-line and we'll ship directly to you so you don't have to hunt it down in Reno or Gerlach.

And don't forget about us once you're home and decompressing — we'll help you with your recycling. In fact, as you start to get ready for the event, you may want to check out our website for recycling resources, including material for art and educational projects.

For more info go to our website or call us at: 415-777-4400

Have a great burn!"

— Your friends at Cole Hardware

Burning Man and BRAF want to give BIG THANKS to Cole Hardware for including BRAF in their Community Assistance's one more great reason to shop outside of the "big box" and support local business!

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


"Get 25% to 40% off all PodBelt sets and components!

The PodBelt is a burner-designed, burner-built utility belt, made of black nitrile rubber (100% vegan) and chromed steel D-rings, with a variety of pouches and rings that attach with quick snap clips. The pouches are made of sturdy nylon and/or canvas, easy to decorate with fabric paints, studs, rhinestones, etc. The PodBelt was born for the playa 3 years ago as a way to carry all my survival needs without losing them, and without having to carry a purse or backpack. I basically never took it off when I left the playa, and I got so many questions and comments about it we decided to put them on our website. We've tried to make it as affordable as we can for you all—just $28 for the basic set. And for the first 50 who order we'll throw in little bonus packs (with extra clips to tether radios, goggles, etc) and guarantee delivery in time for the playa too. We can probably send out more than 50 before the end of August, we just won't guarantee it at the moment, but if we can't get your order out in time, we'll let you know in advance and give you the option to cancel. We recommend putting your orders in by July 15 at the latest.

To get your burner discount just go to this page and click on the black rock flame at the bottom of the page. On the next page enter the password: blackrockbelt. You'll get a page with the special burner prices, and you can submit your order with the PayPal shopping cart there.

See you on the playa!

—thanks for your support, isa & DEvan"

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


Jewelz writes in with tips on hydration packs:

"Free shipping if you spend over $25 here.

Free shipping over $75 through Thursday; Grits says to make sure and pay their store a visit when in Reno: Sierra Trading Post

These guys always have great prices and ship quickly: Campmor

And of course...:REI

I'm pretty sure you can return REI outlet purchases at an REI store if there's a problem.

I've ordered from all these companies and been happy with their prices and customer service.

BTW, I'm also the owner of a new hydration pack cleaning kit. HIGHLY recommended. Every household should have one!! I fill my pack with ice and juice and am set for hours... I only wish I'd bought a 3L size...


**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


Have you used the Travel Information pages at With the help of burners from all over, we've compiled info on major routes to the event, and what's available for you to prepare along the way. (Conserve fossil fuels, we say: why drive the whole way with all that heavy water, for example, when you can pick it up in the last major city you pass through on the way?) Comprehensive lists are provided, so you know how to find everything from Mom and Pop's roadside icehouse to the big warehouse stores - whatever your preference, it's probably here.

So, read up on burner-tested road routes from Canada, Los Angeles, parts of Nevada, New York City, and the Pacific Northwest...and of course, info for all of us who pass through the biggest little city in the world, Reno, NV: Burning Man Travel Information Page

TODAY, though, Elaine in Reno writes with some NEW resources in Reno that have yet to be updated to the Travel Information pages - thanks for the updates, Elaine!


Robb Drive Exit—Scolari's Grocery and Fuel. Opened Fall 2004.

At Mae Anne and West McCarran Blvd—Albertson's (stocks up on lots of water and such), Safeway, ShopKo, two 7-11 both with fuel, over 30 restaurants (mostly fast food, some casual dining) including Jack in the Box, Schlotzky's Deli, El Pollo Loco, Chili's, Starbucks, Carl's Junior, Taco Bell, KFC, McDonald's, Port of Subs, Chinese, Round Table Pizza, Flowing Tide Pub, etc. Plus there are several banks: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, US Bank, Credit Union. Car parts: Kragen. Sally's Beauty Supply.

Also at this intersection: Super Wal-Mart. Complete with grocery and tons of parking. Opened January 2004. Safeway Gasoline. Opened December 2004. Dollar Tree, next to Albertson's. Opened November 2004. Dollar Tree has packages of six glow bracelets and necklaces for $1.00.

From I-80 East, take Exit #10 West McCarran. Turn left off the exit. Go two lights to Mae Anne. Go shopping for last minute needs

Also from this exit: If you turn RIGHT onto West McCarran, take the first right and you'll end up facing Home Depot. Keep going to the right and you'll find a super K-Mart.

Continue on West McCarran to Fourth Street. Turn left and go about 2 miles or so, almost to Keystone. Crystal Ice will be on your left. Stop for dry ice, block and crushed.

Turn back onto Fourth Street. Go couple blocks to Keystone. Turn left and catch I-80 East to Fernley.

Thanks for reading and sharing my town with my community. Welcome home.

Love ya,
aka "Kissing Queen"

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


In a similar vein, the Las Vegas crew has begun listing business that traveling burners might need on their journey; bail bondsmen, mental health hospitals, tanning salons, voodoo doctors, plus the more obvious motels and hardware stores. If Vegas is your last stop, this is the list for you:

This list can be viewed by anyone, from the Vegas Burningman Yahoogroup.

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


For those of you still looking for bikes from our favorite desert rat, Da Rat's bikes for travellers are all gone for this year.

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**

or: How To Get A Shower and Shampoo With Less Than One Cup of Water!

Jerry Smith sends us this tidbit:

"I have found what may be a near-perfect solution (literally) to staying clean at Burning Man. I have been using these products on the playa, on camping trips and at home for over 5 years, and I am very pleased with them.

The brand name is "No Rinse." They are intended for those who are in convalescent hospitals or undergoing home health care, seniors, and the physically challenged; but they are also wonderful for camping or anytime you need, but can't get to, a shower. These products are so good NASA astronauts use them.

The beauty of these products is a tiny amount will give you a bath or shampoo without having to rinse. This means you don't need to use a big shower enclosure -- you can do it right in your tent, or just standing around talking to someone is you're not the shy sort. No more wadding through a sea of mud to get to the shower stall, or waiting for your water to get hot in the solar heater. You just wipe the body bath solution on and wipe it off -- like handy wipes only a whole lot better (no annoying tiny square of tissue to unfold, nothing to throw away, etc.).

The body bath is concentrated: you squirt a little in some water, mix, and wipe it on your body with a washcloth. In a few moments it evaporates away and you are suddenly feeling clean and refreshed. I find that just enough water to wet a small towel works fine -- less than a cup! The shampoo is ready to use, no water necessary: just apply to hair, massage to lather, then towel dry.

I get mine at Longs Drugs in Sparks on Oddy Blvd. next to Savers. Currently they have them in the warehouse but not on the shelves — but they will be happy to have them shipped over from the warehouse and have them in the store for you the next day.

You can call No Rinse Laboratories direct at 1 800-223-9348 or visit for their full line of products and more information. They make a number of medical and Leave No Trace outdoor products including body wash, conditioner, hand sanitizer, bath wipes and more that come in a variety of sizes from 2 oz. to one gallon.

This is an unsolicited testimonial."

—Jerry E. Smith

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**

============================================================ ========================= COSTUME ========================== ============================================================

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**



"Planning your costume for Burning Man 2005?

Santa Cruz burner, Sparkle Plenty, offers sexy, glamorous, and outrageous bustiers in all sizes, embellished with ribbons, beads, jewels, appliques, metallic charms, chains, sequins, fuzzy yarn, and other lovely stuff. All materials are securely fastened and will leave no trace on the playa. No two bustiers are exactly alike. Some of the styles we offer are: The Diva, Wings on High, Marrakesh Woman, Sassy Lone Stars, Paisley Sparkle, The Sweetheart, The Green Goddess, and Shake It, Baby!

Do you have something you want to match for your costume? How about a custom design? You can order on the website or by appointment in Santa Cruz, California. New styles are added regularly, so check back often.

2005 Burners Special: $10.00 rebate on orders placed before July 25; $5.00 rebate on orders placed from July 25 - August 20.

Sparkle Plenty (jude marks) 831-464-8622"

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


FAABRIKA dreams up your getup:

"If you can Hallucinate it, I can create it! or I can do the Hallucinatin for ya too...

It's gettin down to the wire folks! BM is almost upon us! Let me help you get spectacularly duded up for the the playa... custom costumes of any shape and size... Stay warm, stay cool, look faabulous, look funky or all of the above... whatever is quintessentially you!

Costumerrily Yours

home base in Los Angeles — but we can create long distance no problemmo"

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


***Fabric-Fabric-Fabric and Buttons***

"In West LA is a fabric wholesaler who gets great textiles and is willing to sell to the public small to medium quantities of unusual fabrics below original designer cost.

Ask for Ron, tell them Dank sent you and that you are going to Burningman. Usually there Mon-Fri but you know how it goes, so please call to just to see if they are in or set an appointment."

S. Rimmon & CO. Inc.
11054 West Pico Blvd. (just east of Sepulveda)
(310) 478-1105

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**

============================================================ ========================= LIGHTS =========================== ============================================================

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


Henri ( writes:

"Hi all — I am excited to be a part of the resources issue. Every year I make my trip from Hawaii to Black Rock City thanks to finding the best blinky and glow toys and making them available to fellow burners. Any leftover proceeds go to blinkies that I gift on the playa. This year I am busy preparing, getting my blinkiness in order and working on fitting my dome out to be a yoga class space on the playa this year.

The amount of blinkiness given away on the playa will hopefully grow even larger this year. To see the amazing things available for 2005 visit

***Prices on the page above are for delivery at the 2005 Burning Man event.***

I am still working on the page, and have some stuff to add, but everything here is available. Remember, you can trade things in for other stuff on the playa if you see something you would rather have. Prices get raised at the end of July to cover the added expense of getting things delivered at the last minute.

TOP OF THE LINE: I have noted a few items as Top of the Line whose design and manufacture is of exceptionally high quality and are things that you will use with confidence and pride for many years. All of the items have been tested for suitablility for the playa and are guaranteed to work."

— Henri Carnal
"The Blinky Guy"

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


"Over the years Extreme Glow has had the good fortune of offering some great products that good folks going to Burning Man found useful/neat enough to purchase. Well, we're still hard at work producing top quality light up novelties.

This year the individuals affiliated with this newsletter were gracious enough to find some room to allow us to say 'thanks'. So to you very cool customers that have purchased from us over the last 5 years, and to those that would like to give us a try for your Burning Man needs this year, we would like to extend a 10% off coupon (excludes shipping — good through September 15th, 2005) for all online and call in purchases.

Please go to or call us at 888.748.4755 with the code BMNEG.

You will automatically be given your 'thank you' in the form of your Burning Man discount.

We wish all of you a happy, fun, and safe Burning Man this year."


**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


"WorldAglow is proud to offer burners a 20% discount on EL-Wire, Solar, and other goodies on our website again this year! Check us out at and shop securely. When you are ready to check out, enter the coupon code Burner! It's that easy... WorldAglow is formerly Coolightwest, and we are still the same people in the same location in Idaho, and we are still working hard for burners! Thanks for your business."


**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**

============================================================ ====================== 2005 TICKETS ======================== ============================================================

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


It costs $212 per person to produce Burning Man. Tickets start at $145 (for low-income buyers) and are sold in tiers based on how early they are purchased; early (below $212) purchasers are subsidized by later (above $212) purchasers. Tickets are currently $250.

They are available online at, and in person at the outlets below. The deadline for mail order tickets has passed, so all tickets bought over the internet will be WILL CALL. Or, you can walk into one of these fine establishments today, and walk out with tickets in hand:

The Melting Pot 888 Virginia St Reno, NV
Hours: Mon - Sat 10:30 AM - 7:00 PM, Sun 12:00 - 5:00 PM

Cheap Thrills 1217 21st St Sacramento, CA
Hours: Mon-Thurs 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Fri/Sat 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Distractions 1552 Haight Street (Upper Haight) San Francisco, CA
Hours: Mon - Sat 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM, Sun 11:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Berkeley Hat Company 2510 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, CA
Hours: M-Th 10:30-6 PM, Fri/Sat 10:30 AM-6:30 PM, Sun 12-5:30 PM

Outlets are also selling $250 tickets. Outlet sales are CASH or MONEY ORDER/ CASHIER'S CHECK ONLY - no other forms of payment are accepted.

OK - now that that's taken care of — what if you like your tickets gently used?

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


There are some unscrupulous folks who try to profit off of personal ticket sales, fake or legit. This goes against the ethos of our community. Below are some tips to keep these transactions safe and ensure no hassles at the gate.

If you want to sell your ticket we ask that you please do not sell it for more than you paid for it. Tickets are priced in the tiered structure to ensure that everyone can attend the event. If you can't go, selling that $200 ticket for $200 when tickets cost $225 is helping someone attend who might not be able to otherwise. Please do not buy a ticket for higher than the face value printed on it. Tickets have the price printed on them, but as easy way to find out the cost of a ticket from just the number is to look at the first 3 numbers, ex: ticket number 17500666 is a $175 ticket.

It is important that we at BMHQ know who is going to Burning Man. So if you are buying or selling a ticket, please let us know so we can make sure to get you added to the mailing list so you receive your Survival Guide and other important information about Burning Man 2005 - AND the FIRST shot at lowest-tier tickets next year! Send us an email to: partiserv(at)burningman(dot)com and we will get you added to the mailing list.

If you are buying a ticket from a third party and want to check to make sure it is legit (which we strongly recommend!) - send us an email with the ticket number, the email address AND full name of the person selling it: partiserv(at)burningman(dot)com. If the ticket was given to the seller, they should always be able to provide the full name and email address of the original ticket buyer.

Two scams were pulled last year via Craigslist and Ebay: one was a seller who was actually able to provide a digital photo of the front and back of the ticket. We think the photos were taken from a legit person selling her ticket because the name or email address did not match the original ticket owner. When buyers would ask who originally purchased the ticket, they said "oh I can't remember, I bought it off E-bay". This person wanted payment in a blank money order or to a paypal account, and when the ticket buyer would send in the money, no ticket would be sent. When we caught on and tried to obtain more info from this person, they emailed back quickly: "Sorry, tickets have been sold". They did this to at least three people we were in contact with.

The other scam was someone posting multiple ticket numbers for sale that did not belong to them. Remember, there were only 2 tickets allowed per person at the first and second levels ($175 and $200), and only 4 max per person at the $225 level. So if someone has a block of 4 $200's, they should have names and email addresses used to purchase both orders and a good story of how they have these tickets. It is not likely that 2 people who even ordered together the same day will have consecutive number tickets.

These are all the more reasons why you should verify the numbers through us first. A seller should always be able to tell you where a ticket came from and give you the full name and email address used to purchase the ticket(s). If anything seems fishy with the person selling tickets, forward us the emails between you and the seller and we will try to help.

Buy safe and see you on the playa!

The Burning Man Ticketing team.

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**

============================================================ ========================== ART ============================= ============================================================

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**


Jim Hair (Mecca Shiva Camp and PhotoDoc Team) writes: I've worked (ack!) for almost 30 years (ack ack ack) in the art materials industry and have had the pleasure of meeting retail art store owners who actually love supplying creative people with the tools to make incredible things. I have a list of independent and family owned stores who should be supported before the behemoth of Michael's and Walmart does us all in. There are burners working (ack) at these stores as well. I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful and amazing things we bring to the playa.

San Francisco:
Mendels Art Supplies & Far Out Fabrics
1556 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 621-1287 / (415) 621-6587 fax

Palo Alto, CA:
Accent Arts
392 California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 424-1044 / (650) 330-1741 fax

Irvine, CA:
Sterling Art
18871 Teller Avenue
Irvine, CA 92612
(800) 953-2953 / (949) 553-0387 fax

Reseda, CA:
Continental Art Supplies
7041 Reseda Boulevard, Reseda, CA 91335
(818) 345-1044 / (818) 345-9588 fax

San Diego, CA:
G. Eskay Company
712 East 18th Street, National City, CA 91950
(619) 477-1393 / (619) 474-2426 fax

Santa Cruz, CA:
Andy & Cynthia
Lenz Arts
142 River Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 423-1935 / (831) 423-6840 fax

Santa Rosa, CA:
103 Maxwell Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 526-2416 / (707) 526-3327 fax

Denver, CO:
H.R.Meininger Co.
499 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
(800) 950- 2787 / (303) 871-8676 fax

Sarasota, FL:
Art & Frame of Sarasota
1055 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236
(800) 393-4278 / (941) 366-1352 fax

New York, NY:
New York Central Art Supply
62 Third Avenue, @ 11th street, New York, NY 10003
(800) 950-6111 / 212-475-2513 fax

Buffalo, NY:
Hyatt's Graphic Supply (five stores)
910 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
(800) 234-9288 / (716) 884-3943 fax

Saint Paul, MN:
Wet Paint: Artists' Materials & Framing
1684 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105
(651) 698-6431 / (651) 698-8041 fax

Cincinnati, OH:
Wilson Art
Lance's Art Supplies (three related stores)
345 Calhoun
Clifton Heights, OH 45219
(513) 861-0667

Eugene, OR:
University of Oregon Bookstore
895 E. 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 346-4331 / (541) 346-4348 fax

Portland, OR:
Art Media, Inc (three stores near Portland)
1020 SW Taylor #450, Portland, OR 97205
800.990.3364 / 503.223.6425 fax

Santa Fe, NM:
Artisan/Santa Fe Inc.
717 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501
(800) 331-6375 / (505) 982-3617 fax

Bellevue, WA:
Bellevue Art & Frame
1024 116th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
(800) 843-6348 / (425) 637-9885 fax

Spokane, WA:
Spokane Art Supply, Inc.
N. 1303 Monroe St., Spokane, WA 99201
(800) 556-5568 / (509) 327-6629 fax

Vancouver, BC:
Opus Framing and Art (5 stores in BC)
(604) 435-9991 mail order

Toronto, ON:
Woolfitt's Art
1153 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON M6J 1J4
(800) 490-3567 / (416) 536-4322 fax

Montreal, QC
Omer DeSerres (several Canadian locations)
St-Catherine West Store
2134 St-Catherine West St., MontrEal, QuEbec H2X 1L4
(514) 938 4777 / (514) 842-9086 fax

**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<>/***\<>/**\<>/**\<>/**\<> /**

{Soundtrack to the JRS: Macy Gray, Queen, The The, and Yello in the same half hour time period? strikes again!}

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