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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 13, Issue #22
June 12, 2009

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Hey friends - your pal Andie Grace again. (Actually, I've been here all along helping to edit behind the scenes as Will Chase has shouldered the yeoman's work on the JRS this year, but I've missed writing you, so here I am.) It's June and steam is picking up, so we're trying to make sure your JRS comes in slightly more manageable chunks for a busy-2009-adapted summertime attention schedule. You may see them smaller and more frequently as the months progress.

New to the JRS? Wondering how you ended up on the Burning Man eNewsletter? If you provided your email address when you bought your ticket, we send you the JRS because it's stuff every participant will need (or just might want to know) to plan and make the most of your trip to Black Rock City. Sure, we suppose reading is optional, but we got a nice email just this morning from a Burner named Sanskrit who's been a subscriber since 1998, and if a longtime participant with that many notches on his dusty belt can read and enjoy the news in the JRS for that long, maybe you'll find it useful, too. (Thanks for the nice note, Sanskrit.) You can unsub at the bottom if you're not interested...but we hope you will at least check the Table of Contents each week for important headlines that might affect your planning and your trip.

We love your feedback about the JRS: jackrabbitspeaks (at) burningman (dot) com.

Around June I always start thinking of all the random things that experienced Burners everywhere are trying to rememember to tell their friends they've invited for the first time. These days, one can watch Burners talking on SNS to watch this conversation take place. Just now in a search on Twitter I saw people swapping Sketchup plans for their shade structure; someone commenting on a "Burning Man" flavor at a local Ice Cream shop (patchouli flavor and unidentified crunchy bits, Bi-Rite Creamery SF - really? Patchouli? Bleh...); and this admonition from a lady Twitterer: "Dear men: do not wear giant leopard print sunglasses, unless you are at Burning Man. Seriously. I just won't allow it." You've been warned (but for the record, were I a man I'd do it anyway).

Also on the Burning Man topic in the cloud today: Quite a few people commenting about FIGMENT NYC ( where a lot of Burners are headed this weekend (including Larry Harvey to do a speech on Saturday at 1PM). The tagline on FIGMENT's site: "What are you bringing?" -- oh, how I love that.

And: lots of people pointing out that there are but 85 days until the burn (so even fewer until it's time to pack your stuff! Where's that list of items you wrote down last year that you wished you had brought? Where's your ) Please keep reading and sending us your thoughts as you gear up and let us know what you're up to...

And get after it, whatever you're bringing with you, because it's getting closer.




If you haven't checked it out lately (or at all?), the Burning Blog is absolutely blowing UP with great posts from an all-new stable of bloggers on a wide array of topics. It's kinda like a year-round Black Rock Gazette for the digital age, but it's about a fair bit more than just Burning Man itself. It's Friday morning, you've got a minute, right? A few samplings:

Moze shares: There's an exhibit about Burning Man with photos and the terminals of the Reno Airport? Whoa.

THIS weekend in New York City, check out FIGMENT on Governors' Island, as told by Affinity:

Have you heard of the Harrisons? Jess Hobbs tells us about these eco-artists:

Board members Marian Goodell and Larry Harvey visited Vancouver last year for a screening of "Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man" and did a Q and A with the stars of the film. Bex was there too:

Affinity also shares a post about Cardboardia, a BRAF project where temporary "towns" let visitors inhabit new identities -- and the other 2009 Grant Recipients at

Do you know what it means? Summer Burkes compares New Orleans in 2009 to the streets of Black Rock City:

Molly Ditmore wags a dainty finger to remind us that it's time to get serious about crafting those playa projects:

Those writers and more gonna keep them coming this summer, hot and heavy, ah yes we are. Please do add the Blog to your bookmarks and check it out often, and let us know what you'd like to hear more of on the Blog.



(If it happens you'll find yourself in the Bay Area next weekend, please come to this event! Of course we know that the vast majority of our 92K readers won't be, but we had to let you all know that you're cordially invited...just in case you're traveling through or already nearby. Wouldn't want to leave anyone out!)

Lindley Meadow
Golden Gate Park, SF.
Saturday, June 20, 2009
11am-5ish pm

Map Here: ---

Bring your virgins, your newbies, your dust-free friends...And introduce them to the Burners in their backyard. This as an event FOR and BY Burning Man volunteers and their NOOBIE friends...(yes, bring your kids too!)...

"Whether you are a Burning Man veteran, or are a virgin burner "NOOBIE" who wants to meet burners and learn more about the event, this picnic is for YOU!" *Get your questions answered and find out how to Volunteer at Burning Man! We'll have representatives from: DMV, Gate, BRAF, Census, Playa Info, Greeters, DPW, Rangers, Special Events, Airport and VRT getting in on the action.


This here is a Potluck BBQ... Bring something for the grill, or a dish to share, or drinks to share. It's self-reliant, Burner do-ocracy, gift economy-style! After all, we're out to ed-ju-ma-cate them virgins on how we do it in Black Rock City.
There will be many Burning Man departments in attendance; come out, talk them up, get some info and volunteer for that perfect Playa experience!

"You must bring everything with you to survive the pic-i-nic"
*At least 12 oz beverage per person, per hour.
*Enough grillable food for you and your group.
*Layered clothing that preferably sparkles.
*A good folding camp chair or picnic blanket.
*'Leave No Trace' garbage bags.
*Reusable cup.
*Common sense, an open mind, and a positive, playful attitude.
*Coleslaw/Frito Pie/Potato Salad/Baked Beans/Ambrosia.
*Goggles and face masks in case of dust storms or bear attack.
*Virgins! Noobies! More Virgins!

Somewhat like BRC, a certain level of stuff will be provided:
Such as charcoal, plates, utensils, and condiments. You know, the basics...yes, condiments!

*Just added to the Pic-i-nic: Costume & Clothing Swap with Dan of Mystery and the Special Events Team!
Special Events Team represents with our 3rd annual COSTUME & CLOTHING SWAP!
Burning Man's unique "No Spectators" event at the end of July is evolving: this year we're bringing it to the picnic and to YOU, so pARTicipate and BYO fun and funky stuff!
Yes, it's transformation time: bring re-purpose-able costumes or parts thereof, hats, scarves & accessories (no old sweatpants, please!). We'll have racks to hang fancies on, a couple of mirrors, and a big pile of goodies in the middle. The one rule is no barter, this is a burner-style-swap - it's all a GIFT!

We hope to see everyone bring a bag and leave with one!!!

***The Volunteer Resource Team is hard at work planning an amazing afternoon of music, games, food and fun for all! We still have a small amount of space for theme camps!
Email: partyradar (at) burningman (dot) com to register your off-playa picnic

What: BBQ-A-NOOBIE Volunteer Pique-Nique!
Where: Lindley Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
When: Saturday, June 20, 2009, 11am-5pm
How: Take the 5 Fulton to within a block of our event.
Parking may be limited; JFK Drive is open to automobile traffic at our site. Carpool, take transit or ride your bike!
Plan your trip here:



From Finland to Fernley, Your Donations Helping Black Rock Solar Gift Renewable Energy to a School In Need.

Want to see the Gift Economy in action? Check out Black Rock Solar's new, and newly expanded, project for the Pershing County School District in Lovelock.

Forced to lay off 6 of 40 teachers due to budget cuts, the school's dark days could soon be a wee bit brighter. Thanks to the global Burning Man community, Black Rock Solar is gifting the school district two solar arrays that will save them thousands in energy costs, and keep on giving for the next 25 years. The only catch? We need to raise an additional $15,000 to do it.

So far, your response has been *phenomenal*: we've raised more than $6,000 in a little over a week, with donations from literally around the world, from Finland to Fernley, NV. And thanks to a price break from our solar panel company, we've been able to add an additional 20,000 watts of solar to this project without increasing the total cost.

We've already covered 90% of the project costs. But, and this is a big but, we still need to raise a big chunk more to make it happen.

This solar array will save them a *lot* of money. How much? At least $16,800 a year, every year, for the next 25 years--that's $420,000 over the life of these solar arrays. In the words of the Superintendant Dan Fox "it's gonna save jobs--we can keep a teacher's assistant in the classroom if this happens."

This is the gift economy in practice, out in the real world, helping keep a teacher in a classroom. Please visit to learn more, and donate $5 or as much as you can afford. We'll put the names of every donor to this project on a plaque at the array. Thanks for your help! And if you're going to be in Reno on June 21st, come to our first ever fundraiser: Solarstice.

-Tom Price
Executive Director
Black Rock Solar

(Want to learn more about Black Rock Solar? Click here to see a recent story about them in Reno's Alternative Weekly:, or visit



"i did not know this.

big lumberyards wrap their bales of lumber in huge tarps for shipping, which the yards (like Builder's Supply on 72nd in Omaha, NE) throw away. the tarps are huge, black or tan on one side & white with company logo on the other side. i asked if i could have some & they said i could have all i wanted, & that workers there use them for tent flooring as well. these are not just plastic sheets, they're the regular fiber tarp like the blue stuff you buy at the hardware store. i'm a fairly new burner so i found this to be a great find. i like to tack down a lot of the stuff around the front of my tent to keep from tracking in so much dust. they'd also be good for windblock or additional shade.

just thought i'd pass it along.


Anyone else got great playa tips? We like to share them (and learn them ourselves, yes that too). Send 'em to, or post on the ePlaya Q&A/Tips and Tricks forum ( .


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Hey, this one just came in ... and we were quite exited to find a really nice gallery of Burning Man 2008 shots at the other end of the URL, rather than a Tanzanian lawyer offering us $1,000,000. Thanks, Bill and Susan!


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