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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 14, Issue #21: THE RESOURCES EDITION
July 2, 2010

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So yes, here once again publishing the annual Burning Man Resource Listing. These fellow JRS readers are offering you their bits and bobs and wares and such like (and often, special discounts for Burners) in the following categories:

Playa Preparation Events
Lights and Electronics
Miscellaneous BRC Gear
Playa Wear

We hear back every year from people who find the Resource issue rings a bit of a discordant note in their Jack Rabbit Year. We'd like to offer a reminder that Burning Man's principles don't state that our community is opposed to commerce. The thing we avoid is commodification of our culture, which is quite a different thing (although the line between the two can be very fine sometimes). The Resource issue goes way back through years of JRS history, and we try to acknowledge each year that commerce is a part of daily existence...including those days spent preparing for Black Rock City.

We have also seen a lot of creativity and drive out of small business owners who are Burners, and we've watched a cottage industry spring up at a steady pace over most of our event's lifetime - and those are the folks we share with you here, which we hope gives you ample opportunity to keep it in the family in the face of mass market consumerism. You don't *need* to buy a bunch of stuff to go to Burning Man, and what counts most is your creativity. But from Burner DIY goods on Etsy to discounts on EL wire you can use to create your crazy idea of a thing, we'd be remiss not to share these submitted links with you, so we do, at the link below.

This once-a-year edition can be discarded if you prefer to find your own resources and places to buy what you need for the playa without any help. We can respect that. It's just a link below. Visit, enjoy, ignore. See you very soon.

And please note that if you want to list something of your own you have already missed the announced June 25 deadline, and we apologize, but we cannot accept late submissions to this annual issue.


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You can find the complete list of Burning Man Resources that were submitted to us by the business owners here:


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