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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 15, Issue #05
December 22, 2010

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Happy holidays everybody! We bring you this last JRS of 2010 while looking back over an extraordinary year of growth and change for Burning Man. This year, as we broke records for Black Rock City's population, we had the unique opportunity to watch our community connect, share, and support each other throughout the year both through increased social networking services and in face-to-face interactions. This community is growing ever more connected. We've seen the benefits already, and we look forward to what opportunities it brings in the future.

This JRS features a gratifyingly large collection of examples of gifting in action: the Burning Man organization (through and with YOUR support) gifting grants to artists, and making charitable donations to needy organizations; Burners Without Borders gifting their time and talents in Peru, Haiti and the Gulf Coast; Black Rock Solar gifting to Nevada students; community members stepping up to help each other in times of need ... the list goes on. It's working together as a community that makes this possible. Meghan Rutigliano is working on a post about all this in the Burning Blog, so keep your eyes peeled!

What's especially great is that these are just the things that happened to have made it onto our radar this month ... there are assuredly dozens more out there we're not aware of from all around the world...well, it's just nice to see our community taking its principles from the playa out into the rest of our lives. It's a nice adjunct to the season of giving!

We hope your have a wonderful holiday season, and we'll see you in 2011.


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If you'd like to apply for a grant to create funded artwork for Burning Man 2011, complete an application before February 1. Start here:

We also invite you to take a look at John Mosbaugh's write up about it in the Burning Blog:



Further to the spirit of gifting, we present the annual list of charitable donations made by the Burning Man organization in 2010. We increased our charitable giving for the year (woot!) and turned special attention to our friends in Northern Nevada -- Andie Grace lays it out in the Burning Blog:



We have finally finished the long process of posting representative images from all the found cameras turned into to Playa Info.

There were over 200 lost cameras, phones, and other gadgets this year, a new record. We are pleased to say that the delay in getting this stuff up was often due to processing the matches we found along the way. (Apologies to those who wrote lostandfound (at) burningman (dot) com and didn't receive a personalized reply: we concentrated all available time on the positive matches between your emails and our found item database).

Of course many images look exactly the same, everybody shoots the art, the mutated vehicles, and the fabulous camps on the playa. So we've found that our best results come from posting a few images of non-Burn camera content, along with dozens of happy, grinning burners on the playa. We even grabbed some stills from the video cameras. Check it out: - write lostandfound (at) burningman (dot) com using the inventory number.

If you spot yourself, your friends, or your 'next-camp neighbors', write lostandfound (at) burningman (dot) com using the inventory number posted in the photo captions. Send as much detail about the missing camera: make, model, features like megapixel size, body color, and details about a camera case, if applicable.

If you lost OR found an item that didn't make it to Playa Info, check out the community-based effort on our ePlaya:

While most institutions give found items away to charity after only 30 days, much effort is spent to return items all the way up until our full ticket launch in mid-January.

Three cheers for the the Playa Info volunteers and other Burning Man staff who hold these and other valuables in safe custody, create an inventory database, and see to it that items are picked up at BMHQ in San Francisco, or shipped to their rightful owners! WOOT!!!



The Reno-Sparks-Wadsworth Recycling Project -- very generously operated by Save Mart Supermarkets and Whole Foods Market in Reno and Sparks, and, new this year, by Trash Pros in Wadsworth -- returned another outstanding year in support of Burners recycling during and after Burning Man, thanks primarily to you, the participants!

More participants were recycling per capita, as recycling numbers were up approximately 25% over 2009 (Black Rock City's population was up by 18%). With increasing awareness of this program come more people taking advantage of this free and convenient service; recycling during and following the event is getting stronger every year since the project's inception in 2007.

Due to varying contractual commitments with recycling vendors, and relative values of recyclables, these items went to different locations around the region. Each of the partners will be donating proceeds from the operation to Black Rock Solar. - Save Mart raised and is donating $344 from the return on the metals it collected.
- Whole Foods Market is donating all of the $635 it raised from the garbage disposal services it provided to participants.
- Whole Foods and Save Mart are again this year matching in donation the proceeds raised -- Save Mart is donating in total $688, and Whole Foods is donating $1000. Trash Pros is also donating $700.
- In total, $2388 will go to support a future Black Rock Solar installation in the region.

All bicycles collected by Whole Foods and Save Mart have been donated to the Kiwanis Bike Project in Reno-Sparks. Those collected by Trash Pros in Wadsworth have been donated to the American Legion Bike Project in Fernley-Wadsworth. Additionally, Kiwanis received bikes directly from Burners at their bike shop in Reno following the event. Both bike projects are dedicated to supporting local kids who could really use a bicycle. All non-perishable food and water dropped-off by Burners have been donated to local food banks.

On behalf of Save Mart Supermarkets, Whole Foods Market, Trash Pros, the Burning Man Project, Earth First Recycling, Schnitzer Steel, High Desert Recycling, the Kiwanis Bike Project, American Legion Bike Project, Food Banks of Northern Nevada, Full Circle Compost, Batteries+, Waste Management, Boy Scouts of America, Reno Gospel Mission, the Cities of Reno and Sparks and Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe in Wadsworth, Black Rock Solar, and Stephen Chandler (for the playa image on the flyer), thank you very much for your participation and care!

If you have any feedback or questions, please email: RenoRecycling (at) yahoo (dot) com

BY THE NUMBERS: Below are the totals in recyclables (and, in parantheses, are the totals from 2009 for comparison). Unless otherwise noted, the unit of measurement is in cubic feet:

Save Mart (4 stores)

Plastics -- 5450 (5130)
Metals -- 667 (819)
Glass -- 695 (658)
Cardboard -- 2173 (2244)
Bikes -- 85 bikes (122)
Batteries -- 35 lbs (35)
Water/Food -- 2.5 pallets

Whole Foods

Plastics -- 810 (810)
Metals -- 270 (162)
Glass -- 216 (81)
Cardboard -- 216 (216)
Bicycles -- 32 (40)
Batteries -- 45 lbs (40)
Compost -- 30 gallons (150)
Water/Food -- 2 pallets

Trash Pros

Plastics -- 2100
Metals -- 750
Glass -- 125
Cardboard -- 600
Bikes - 20
Batteries - 35 lbs
Food/Water - 2 pallets

Kiwanis Bike Project

Bikes -- 200 (100)


Plastics -- 8360 (5940)
Metals -- 1687 (981)
Glass -- 1036 (739)
Cardboard -- 2989 (3060)
Bicycles -- 337 (262)
Batteries -- 115 (75)
Water/Food -- 6.5 pallets



Black Rock Solar ( and GREENevada have won a $50,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. Thanks to voters nationwide who chose the GREENevada Schools NOW! High School Sustainability Competition as one of the ten best from hundreds of amazing proposals, the GREENevada Coalition will now sponsor a sustainability plan competition for Washoe County High Schools. The competition is designed to teach students what it means to be sustainable and how they have the power to make changes in their schools to achieve that goal.

The first step for students will be to identify an area or areas at their schools where they can make a positive impact. The second step is to develop a plan with clear goals, objectives, activities, budgets and projected impacts. This will require students to be innovative, to use research, and to clearly communicate how the plan would be implemented. The students will then submit a 10 page proposal and make a brief presentation to a panel of judges on Earth Day. Winning schools will receive cash prizes (obtained through the Pepsi Refresh Grant) to help make their plans realities.

Rules for Entries
Teams must register for the competition by February 3, 2011 at 6 p.m. Registration forms may be downloaded at and should be sent electronically to greenevada (at) gmail (dot) com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . No paper registrations will be accepted. Proposals must be submitted by April 1, 2011 at 5 p.m. to greenevada (at) gmail (dot) com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Teams will be scored on creativity and feasibility. Then teams will present their plans on Earth Day, April 22, 2011, which is an opportunity to convince the judges that not only is the proposal sound, but it will also make an impact on their school that is both necessary and positive.

GREENevada Background
Growing Resources for Environmental Education in Nevada is a partnership between six non-profit organizations committed to making schools sustainable, including: Alliance for Climate Education, Black Rock Solar, Envirolution, DRI’s GreenPower Program, Sierra Nevada Journeys, and Urban Roots Garden Classrooms. Schools are encouraged to seek help from one, three, or all organizations to help bring sustainability into their classrooms. Their mission is to help every school in Nevada be green and for every child to learn global responsibility through local example.



BWB's Carmen Mauk writes:

"Lopi LaRoe has just completed constructing 10 domes for orphanages in Haiti. BWB is proud to have contributed $800 to the success of this amazing project through our grant program. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Haiti relief fund in support of unique projects like these. You can read all about it here: "



Summer Burkes is down in New Orleans, and is looking for help from Burners to restore the Gulf Coast. Check it out, in the Burning Blog:



Christian writes from Seattle:

"In Seattle, one of the most influential couples in our Burner community are Dane Johnson and Kathy Justin. They are very visible in the Pacific Northwest (Arson Island, Flight to Mars, etc), and have brought the Burner world to the default world in extraordinary ways.

(They were well known for events at their beachfront home, but it was B/IAS - The Burien Interim Arts Space ( that may have had the biggest impact inside and outside the Burner community. Dane and Kathy seized the opportunity to turn a fallow lot in a blighted neighborhood into a year-long open-air center for the arts before it got turned over to developers to build out. They created a sculpture garden where Burning Man artworks were on display, and the space became an active hub for the Burien (and Greater Seattle) arts community.)

So on November 23rd - two days before Thanksgiving - after a crazy storm left Seattle blanketed under an atypical crust of thick snow and ice, the community mobilized when a hastily thumb-typed email from Dane went out to one of the local email lists saying:

'Early this morning kathy and I lost our house. We have only a few hours to get anything we ever want to see aagaing out of our house. Any body who can help we would apreciate.. bring bags or boxes.'

They lived on the beach in a groovy little 60+ year old beach bungalow. It had no street access and there were 158 steps down to their house. In the early morning hours the foundation cracked, the house tilted, the gas and sewer lines broke, and they had to get out.

They grabbed every suitcase, box, and plastic bag they had, and started shoving their belongings into them. As people showed up, Kathy would point at things and they would get packed into a garbage bag and handed to waiting hands outside. A news helicopter hovered overhead, and two different news crews shot footage of the wreckage, while Burners and members of the Burien community helped heft garbage bags full of belongings up the hill.

Within a matter of hours more than 150 people showed up in the snow and ice to create a "bucket-brigade" up the stairs to the street. D&K's belongings were passed up the chain and loaded into a series of 4x4's waiting waiting at street level. Several Burners had brought food and coffee, and were keeping the volunteers fed and caffeinated in the freezing morning air. As each truck got loaded, it went to a Public Storage facility which had been closed until a Burner tracked down the owner and got them to open up and rent a new space to them! Inside the storage space other burners were stationed to sort the belongings out of plastic construction bags into boxes, label the boxes, and then stacked everything in an orderly manner.

Later, Kathy said she didn't even know all this was going on until after the house was emptied, and they climbed up the 158 stairs and saw all the people who had shown up to help. She was just handing things out the door, but didn’t know where they were going...

They also didn't know that Diem of Burners Without Borders had set up a BWB PayPal fund for Dane & Kathy (still available here: ) that had accumulated more than $2000 in donations since Dane’s original panicked email went out a few hours earlier. By the time they locked the storage facility about 4 hours later, that fund had doubled. Last I checked, Diem reported that it had doubled again.

Before the day closed, the Red Cross had provided a local hotel room for a week (and Burners had been there and stocked the refrigerator and liquor cabinet for them), and other community members had offered at least three different homes for D&K to stay in indefinitely, including the Mayor of Burien who offered them her own house!

As it stands today, just 4 weeks later, Dane and Kathy continue to express their amazement and gratitude for everything their communities have done for them in their time of need. As people more used to Giving than Getting, the incredible outpouring of support and love really knocked them off-balance, and it took some time to get used to being on the receiving end for once!

The 10 Principles of Burning Man are amazing things to experience in the dusty heat of Nevada. It’s one of the things that makes Burning Man such a unique experience, and such a life-changing one at the same time. But when you bring those principles with you off-playa, and live them out in the default world, suddenly the world becomes the kind of a place where amazing things happen. Whether it is a culturally-transformative experience like B/IAS, or 150 people coming out in the snow and ice to help out friends, a community based on the 10 Principles is a powerful force for good.

So while you celebrate the holidays in your warm home, think about the people in your community who are not so fortunate, and do what you can to help. Your faithful scribe,

Christian 'Bucky' Jacobsen
Ignition Northwest
Secretary & Communications Chair"



The incredible Flaming Lotus Girls write:

"The Flaming Lotus Girls, world-renowned purveyors of fine fiery artistic mayhem, invite you to buy our new $20 TWO-YEAR CALENDAR featuring the people and art of the Flaming Lotus Girls. Showcasing the sexiest metalwork and metalworkers on the planet, the Flaming Lotus Girls’ 2011-2012 calendar is, without a doubt, the most scintillating way to burn up the next 730 days of your life. Pick one up for you and all the people you love this holiday season!

Buy it now for only $20: "



Paul writes:

"Black Rock City Postcards is seeking submissions from any and all artists compelled to create postcards for Burning Man 2011. Your awesome art will be printed into post cards and gifted from the Block Rock City International Post Office in the 9:00 plaza as well as all over the playa. Instead of photos or art works from previous burns, we are looking for art for the coming burn; 'Rites of Passage' photographs, paintings, sketches, etc. anything and everything you can think of to create will be considered! We hope to print several different fresh and inspired images on post cards to be mailed all over Black Rock City and all over the world.

You may be wondering, "what's in it for me?" other than superstar status. Well, we'll send you a couple hundred of your postcards, and you will of course be credited on the back of the card with a description of your art as well as a website of your choice. You can promote yourself, your camp, your dog, your choice! This year become a part of the art on the Playa! For more information email"



Karen Kuehn wrote two books about Burning Man, and is seeking a publisher. Get in contact with her directly at kuehnphoto (at) earthlink (dot) net if you have a lead for her. Information on the books can be found here:

My Eyes Are Burning
Foreword by Freddy Hahne

Catch of the Day
Foreword by Dr Deb


{============================================================} =======================PARTICIPATE=========================== {============================================================}



ShoutingFire, your year round audio platform, connecting Burners worldwide, 365 days a year.

Shouting Fire Needs YOU! submit a recorded spot promoting the event, project, or idea you're brilliantly bringing to life in YOUR neck of the world. We look forward to relaunching with all-new, original programming in early 2011, but for now: we want your promos in our rotation so people around the world can hear what you're up to--and get inspired by and involved in whatever you're concocting. Promote you Decom's, your Precoms, your fundraisers, poetry slams, naked pumpkin runs, etc.

For those of you familiar with BMIR on-playa, this service is similar to the PSA and theme camp promos we record and air throughout our time at Black Rock City. Look at Shouting Fire as your international audio community bulletin board, where you can promote the schemes and dreams you're making reality wherever you are.

Think of this as benevolent advertising, the kind we wish we had in traditional media outlets, the kind that promotes creativity and community rather than commerce and self-interest. Whether it's a party, performance, or piece of political provocation, we're here to help your voice be heard.

Ideal length is 30 to 60 seconds, but give or take a bit if you need to. Finished MP3s can be sent to: promos (at) shoutingfire (dot) com

And if you need some pointers on producing your spot, check out this tutorial at:



Burners Without Borders is introducing Earthbag construction to our long-term reconstruction efforts in earthquake devastated Pisco, Peru. We are looking for someone who has experience in building Earthbag structures from the ground up to help us build a small community center in three to four weeks. If you can get yourself to Pisco, we will provide room and board and the experience of a lifetime.

This is an exciting opportunity that will make an incredible difference in the lives of this community. It has been three years since an 8.0 earthquake struck the Pisco region and thousands of families are still living in tents. The traditional construction techniques that are used here are not designed to resist earthquakes, and we are currently working with the Municipality to bring this new technology here with the hope of scaling it for the entire city. Please e-mail carmen (at) burnerswithoutborders (dot) org if you have experience and are able to help.

If you would like to donate to this project, we will need $1,000 to complete this community center. Please donate here


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Attention all artists who wish to incorporate fire aspects into their art! This class is for you ...

The Detroit Fire Guild and the great folks at the i3 arts space in Detroit are hosting an exciting two-day seminar and workshop teaching basic practices and principles for incorporating fuel based flame effects into your work. This class is great for the beginning fire artist and always has something new for the “expert”.

The first day will consist of a classroom session where we will discuss NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines including NFPA 54 and 58 the LP gas codes as well as NFPA 160 Flame Effects Before a Live Audience and other codes. We will examine the physical properties of LP gasses and get some hands-on time with fittings and parts. The day will finish off by taking a look at some typical designs for Flame Effects including accumulators, free burning effects, pilot lights, etc. We will have plenty of demonstrations and hands on materials as well as the legendary clear propane cylinder.

The second day will be a shop day where we will put what we have learned into action and create a one of a kind flame effect from the materials on hand. The best part of the class is the assembly of the effect so please let us know if you have materials or elements you may like to see incorporated. This class will be fun for the artist who is thinking of incorporating a small flame element into their work, as well as the more experienced fire artist wanting to take their work to the next level.

Leading this weekend will be Dave X, Fire Safety Manager for Burning Man for more than 10 years, and Eric Smith, Chief Inspector for the State of Nevada Board for the Regulation of LP Gas.

Check out some pictures of past classes

New York



San Francisco _______________________________________________________

The cost of this 2-Day class will be $120.

Both days’ classes will be from 10am – 5pm.

Printed materials and a crappy but filling lunch of whatever cheap food we can get will be provided each day.

Come and join us for this weekend to hang out with other fire artists and have a blast, no pun intended. We have room for 40 and will be taking walk up registration the day of the event, space permitting. Email your name to Fuelmaster (at) gmail (dot) com to reserve your place.



Dr. Zayaz writes:

"When a group of Pittsburgh Burners thought to themselves: "What makes Burning Man special?" the answer was resounding: harsh conditions, amazing art, good people. And what harsh conditions were available? Winter, of course...cold, snowy, Pittsburgh winter. And thus "Frostburn" was born.

Imagine the climatic opposite of Burning Man: a frozen forest where ice and snow join fire and steam as mediums... Where sharing warmth is not just a figure of speech, but a necessity. Where radical self-reliance and communal effort are critical for human survival...

Frostburn thus far been a resounding success in bringing people together, showing off new art, and reminding us why we liked to play in the snow in the first place. We've had sweat lodges, viking ships, (clothing optional) Mr. Rogers sing-alongs, and even full service bars serving pierogies. Not to mention the snow-ball battles, polar bear plunges, and other winter activities. One of the most rewarding things, however, has been seeing people realize what they can do, huge contingents bringin' it from climates where the temperature never sees 50, while others have come back just because they realized what they can do. Plus it's made hot chocolate all the sweeter.

Frostburn has some electrical sites, RV access, a heated bathroom...but more and more, people have been creating warm spaces for people to gather and be together and share stories (umm...and party). Won't you join us?

Frostburn takes place 50 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA over Presidents' day weekend: February 18-21st 2011. Tickets start at $40. and "


{============================================================} ====================PHOTOS & IMAGES======================== {============================================================}



Jason Mongue created this gorgeous video of the 2010 event, and we thought you'd enjoy it ... it's really amazing what you can do with a little freedom:



Damian Janssen writes:

"At this year’s Burn, I was fortunate to be the artist responsible for the Ein Hammer honorarium art installation. Afterward, I sought permission from the many volunteers and videographers who posted their content on Flickr, Youtube, etc. so I compiled a brief, four minute descriptive video that keeps the high 'Wow' factor whilst explaining what is going on. My target audience was that of an interested friend of a Burner who forwarded it to them as an example of the kind of breathtaking, interactive art they can expect at Burning Man.

Here is the link to the video on Youtube: or

and here it is on or "


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