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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 17, Issue #37 KIDS AT BURNING MAN
August 15, 2013

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Kids on playa?! Yep, absolutely. In fact, Burning Man has been a family affair from the very beginning. When Jerry James and Larry Harvey burned the first Man in 1986, their 5-year old sons Robin and Trey built a Burning Dog alongside their dads.

Burning Man enthusiastically welcomes children of all ages to Black Rock City, and kids 12 and younger donít require a ticket. BRCís infrastructure supports the presence of families, and has an excellent record regarding the welfare of children.

Are you planning on bringing your kids along to this yearís burn? There are some great resources and programs for Burner families that we want you to know about, including The Survival Guide for Families, Kidsville, Black Rock Scouts and the FUN Child ID Program run by the Black Rock Rangers.

We'll start things off with some great Burning Blog posts from Judes, a Burner since 1999 and an advocate for playa families. She first brought her son Dexter to BRC when he was 16-months-old, and he now has 9 Burns under his belt! Take a look: !

The Man burns in 16 days!


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Surviving at Black Rock City is difficult enough, and now you want to bring your kids? Thatís great! It can certainly be daunting the first time, but children actually thrive in the playa environment. It just takes some extra preparation, planning and diligence.

We have compiled an excellent Survival Guide for Families. Learn more and check it out:



The Family Unification Network (FUN) program allows families to register themselves and their children at the Black Rock Ranger HQ in Center Camp (daily from 9am-noon or anytime after 2pm).

The registered child will receive a wristband with a serial number that is unique to them, which will identify the child, parents and camp location. Thatís it! Should your child become separated from you, all he or she has to do is find a Ranger. The wristband serial number will facilitate a speedy reunion.

And bringing your kids to register is a great way for them to become familiar with Rangers and the Ranger Station.



Jay of the Black Rock Scouts writes:

"This program is for burner kids, based on the Ten Principles of Burning Man. Kids are the next generation, so we aim to teach them how to sustain life in BRC. Camps and services will host playa-cational field trips, events and volunteer opportunities. Scouts will earn patches, tokens or pins for things learned, survival skills achieved, good deeds and volunteering.

Black Rock Scouts is not a baby sitting service. A parent or an adult guardian must attend all events with their kid. Parents must be prepared for extreme changes in perspective. Perspective changes can be as drastic as deciding that Burning Man can morph from 'attending Burning Man with their kid due to child care issues' to deciding that 'a burn is not a burn without their kid'.

Scouts should visit the BRS Headquarters in Kidsville to see the Schedule of Events and pre-register. Each scout will earn one BRS Patch, Bandanna and Sash while supplies last. Most events are hosted or at least meet at the BRS headquarters.

You can download the BRS schedule of events from their Facebook group: "



Kidsville is a cooperative village for Burners with kids, which has grown to more than 150 families in recent years. Kidsvillians believe that Burning Man is a unique experience to share as a family.

Kidsville is safe, quiet, centrally located and close to Potties, Center Camp, Medical and the 6:00 Rangers Station. The Village takes up the blocks between 5:00 and 5:30, Desiderata and Extraterrestrial. The entire village is enclosed with playa fencing and flagpoles, to identify boundaries for kids. Vehicles are not allowed within the borders so itís a safe place for kids to ride bikes, run and play. For added safety, all kids are tagged with Kíville wristbands to make them easily identifiable.

Link to the Black Rock City map:

A tight-knit community develops overnight; children have plenty of friends to play with and parents bond and share with neighbors. In the Kíville Center Camp is the Mayorís camp, a fire pit, an Information Kiosk with an event schedule, the Black Rock Scouts HQ, resident Ranger Mickeyís Camp and play equipment like trampolines. During the week, families host dozens of events like Mini Burning Man. We love it when art cars visit and take little peeps and their families for a spin! To schedule a visit, contact Kidsville Mayor Dawn Lapierre, a.k.a. Queen of Fíing Everything via her Facebook page:

While Kíville welcomes all Playa-families to visit, it is NOT A BABYSITTING SERVICE. Children may NOT be dropped off in Kidsville without a parent. Parents are responsible for their childrenís safety and behavior at all times, inside and outside of Kidsville.

To camp in Kidsville, each camp must have at least one child under the age 18. All camps must work at least one Kidsville Greeter shift. There are still a few spaces left in Kidsville, but you must pre-register and choose a campsite. Once spaces become full, there is a waiting list. NOTE: If you are NOT pre-registered with a camp location, donít expect to arrive at Kidsville and find a space.

To learn more about Kidsville, ask questions or follow discussions, join the Yahoo Group:

For tips on bringing kids to the playa, read the Kidsville Survival Guide:


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