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Moorlock's List: 1996 Archive

Camps, Art Installations, and other groups from Burning Man 1996


Burning Man 3-D Image Gallery

Ritual, Community and Burning Man - an interview with Larry Harvey

Fire This Time (Suck 27 November 1996)

Media and Media-ocracy (The Coastal Post October 1996)

Nowhere Man (Silicon Valley Magazine 29 September 1996)

Building Burning Man

Burn, Baby Burn

Black Hole From Space Found in Nevada Desert ...and it's going to destroy us all, says scientist (Weekly World News 8 October 1996)

Photos by Kristen Ankiewicz

Burning Man 96 from Ben Is Dead

Greetings from Burning Man (Wired November 1996)

Fandango burning man: 1996

Hell on Earth

Images of Burning Man - photos & commentary from 1994-1996

Steve Lerner @ Burning Man - photos and commentary


a panorama

Just Burn It - from Godfrey Daniels

Erowid: Lycaeum

The Burn Ward

1996 - Burn Baby Burn

Burning Man 96 Pix

Burning Man in Hell

Photos from 1996

The Caustic Mass of the Motorcycle at the House of Doors.

'96 Alien Abduction Camp

Max Icon's Diminished Expectations

A Warm-Up Party in Hell article from the S.F. Chronicle.

Burn, Baby Burn - photos

Danielle's Burning Man Pix

Jazz and Lucky Visit the Burning Guy - photos and quaint captions.

Haircuts on the Playa at Burning Man 1996.

Burning Man 1996 - photo by Sam Morris.

Invasion From the Dark Side: Thousands of people recently gathered in the Nevada desert and asked Satan to take them to hell. It's hard to believe, but it's true: Neo-paganism is trying to gain a foothold in the United States.

Burning Man in 3-D using stereoscopic images.

Burn Baby Burn (1996) - QuickTime movies.

Aerial Photography at Burning Man 1996 - A camera held aloft by weather balloon to take photos of the 1996 event.

Black & White Burning Man 1996 photos by Bill Boyd.

Burning Man 1996 - photos and commentary.

Burning Man... - Photo and reminiscences.

Pictures of Burning Man 1996 - relax and watch the time-released pictures.

Ban the Man! - environmental groups are trying to shut the festival down.

Burning Man 1996 photos by Kristen Johansen (also here).

Burning Man 1996

Kai Mantsch: Ashes of the Adventure (1996) - photos and stories.

Burning the Man (1996) Great photos, and a chance to contribute to a collection of memories.

Burning Man 1996 photos - a bunch of photos

The Cyberbuss goes to Burning Man 1996 - photos.

Snapshots From Beyond - photos of Burning Man 1996. (annoying Geoshittys popup)

Libby Keister's Exclusive from Burning Man '96 - The Portland Cacophony Folks in Havoc Mode.

Burning Man '96 photos from the prime8 report with notes.

Monster Kite - a huge kite being launched at Burning Man '96.

Where the Wild Things Are - Los Angeles Times 4 September 1996 (text).

Burning Man at Black Rock, 1996 - Photos and commentary.

Burning Man, The Body (1996) - photos and reminiscences.

The Ring of Fire - A guided tour of Burning Man web sites. (annoying Geoshittys popup)

The Burning Question at Black Rock: San Francisco Chronicle (1 Dec. 1996) - photos and article.

Postcards From The West: Photos from Burning Man 1996.

John's Burning Man 1996 - pictures, schedule, GPS measurements

Illumination Camp 1996 - photos.

That Guy's Burning Man 1996: Photos

Journey into... Burning Man from AsiaOne

Bree and Nat Torkington's Burning Man Adventure - photos.

Legos at Burning Man 1996 - photos and commentary.

Bob Stahl's BM96 page

My 19 Favorite Things About Anarchy a Burning Man '96 Report with stories and illustrations.

Nebuchadnezzar's Coffee Shop from Burning Man '96 illustration and description.

Techno Ghetto Black Rock City 1996 for the hip cyber rave youth of tomorrow.