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Moorlock's List: Cacophony & Miscellany

Cacophony Society

Brooklyn, NY chapter

Chicago, IL chapter

Cincinnati, OH chapter

Cleveland, OH chapter

Denver, CO chapter

Detroit, MI chapter

Houston, TX chapter

Los Angeles, CA chapter

Montréal, Québec chapter

Phoenix, AZ chapter (annoying Tripod popup)

Portland, OR chapter

San Luis Obispo, CA chapter

Seattle, WA chapter

Vancouver, BC chapter (annoying popup)

Alleged World Headquarters

alt.culture.cacophony newsgroup.


NEW BM-ArtCars - an email list for the art cars of Burning Man

Playa del Fuego - Mid-Atlantic Regional Burn! (May 24-27, 2002)

Black ROck Arts Foundation

Southern California Off-Playa Calendar

Drama in the Desert: Sight & Sound - a collaborative project organized by Holly Kreuter


A. Leo Nash, photographer

Nevada's Black Rock Desert - a book by Sessions Wheeler

Guru Drive - "The Wonder Road" - roadside art near Gerlach (see also Thunder Mountain near Imlay, NV)

Satellite weather photo

Packing List - what to bring with you, a brainstorming aid

Larry Harvey on Regional Events - an interview

Finley Fryer

Foster and Partners

Interview with Larry Harvey from SXSW 2001

Muse of Fire: Burning Man and Temporary Autonomous Zones

Burning Man: Where's the Fire? - promotional material about a film

Ninja vs. Burning Man - really cool RealMedia video

The Progress of Safety Consciousness at Burning Man

'Ritual Without Dogma': Liberating, Purifying, and Primalizing Consumption At The Burning Man Project - a Northwestern University academic working paper for submission to a journal on consumer research :-)

SomaFM - streaming mp3 internet radio

A Practical Guide to Good Living at Burning Man

Friends of the Black Rock Desert / High Rock Canyon

Piss Clear Magazine: The homegrown media of Burning Man

Roadtrip! - Find a Lift on any Continent

The Solar Cooking Archive

The 'Minimum' Solar Box Cooker

The PETT (Portable Environmental Toilet)

Themestream: Burning Man

Twin City Surplus - Reno

B'man tips

Doctor MegaVolt Tesla Coils

The Body Cartography Project

Desert Domes - how to build 'em

Burning Man on the Web - what this list looked like after the 1995 burn

Burning Man - the band?


Bat Boy's Lame Excuses not to go to Burning Man

The Larry Harvey is Jim Jones foundation

Bureau of Land Management - Winnemucca Field Office Home Page and CooLight - sources of electroluminescent wire

The plot of The Wicker Man

Body Painting Techniques and Materials

The Mojave Phone Booth Site

How to make a parachute tent

The Black Rock Desert Self-Invitational Golf Tournament

The Techno-Pagan Octopus Messiah

The Disumbrationist League

Jennifer Vermut Photography - many Burning Man images

Gerlach - Intellicast weather forecast

Driving in the Black Rock Region - tips from the B.L.M.

How to get to Black Rock - map and advice.

USGS Black Rock Core Record - what's the playa made of?

Leave No Trace

Good Days at Black Rock from Smithsonian magazine

The Squid List

Brutal DLX

Lightning on Demand (Tesla Coil folks)

Aesthetic Meat Foundation

SpaceCowgirls Clothing

Dammit!... not just a wonderdog


Sandbox interviews Larry Harvey w/photos

The Fly Geyser home page (annoying Geoshittys popup)

SPURT radio 102.5 (annoying Geoshittys popup)

Burning Man photo montage

Temporary Desert Structures - build yer own