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This is a list of national and regional groups oriented around or related to the core values and ethic of Burning Man culture, on and off the playa. This can include folks with an eye towards bringing people together for Burning Man regional events, non-profit efforts, community development, culture jamming, gifting, volunteerism, environmental issues, and the like.

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Posted Links

  • French burners website - Hello, I'm Ed, from Paris, and with a few friends of mine we created the first french website about BM. With a lot of informations about the event. We organize events in Paris too "the Burning Night" wich will be our 4th one at the beginning of 2008. We would like to grow up the community in Paris and after in France. We are volunteer, full of energy and fond of the event. Bex is a friend of mine and knows our website. We will expect to become Regional Contact (2 friends and me). We will very happy to develop the community in Europe too. So, have a look on our website even it is in french. And please, if it possible to add a link on the burningman website, it will sound great because there is more and more french burner. Regards Eddy
  • Surprise Valley Community And Visitor Center - The mission of SVCAVC is to preserve and protect the integrity of the Surprise Valley community by promoting historic preservation, supporting sustainable economic development and enhancing the visitor experience on public and private land. The first project for SVCAVC is to raise funds for a community/visitor center. As a gateway to the Black Rock Desert, High Rock Canyon, Emigrant Trails, the National Conservation Area, the northwestern Great Basin and the Warner Mountains, we want to help preserve the area by providing accurate information to the public that will encourage them to stay safe and leave no trace. Visit our mall & help us raise funds for the center.
  • EL Wire, signs, and lighting for Burners. Burner discount! - Coolightwest/WorldAglow is working for burners again this year. This is year 11 on the playa, and year 4 of working on projects for burners. We sell EL Wire, solar lighting, 12 volt lighting, and do custom work. We create signs for your camp. Call or>email us with your needs. Enter the coupon code "burner" when checking out on our website for a discount on orders over $75.
  • Alternative Burning Man Traveller's Association, Unofficial - (Updated listing, new location, better format) Being there is only half of the experience. A place to share stories about your time on the road going to Burning Man or other burns with other burners, recommendations of places to visit along the way, announcements of your plans for upcoming burns, and to offer or request rides to any burn. Or to just blather on aimlessly in the Peanut Gallery.
  • Controlled Burn Fire Performers - We are a local fire group in Reno, Nevada specializing in performances with large scale fire props and propane devices.
  • CRUX Artist Collective - a group of burners, (some devote annuals, some when they get the chance) putting on healing, concsious, community art and performance events in Chico California.
  • Café Satan - Where eternal d**nation never tasted so good :). A proposal for a drug-free Chicago-based amateur improvisational theatre themed camp, mainly intended for local burns, with a partially African cultural focus. Members of all ethnic groups are encouraged to apply. We will have food, drink (both liqueurs and nonalcoholic), storytelling, theatre, and whatever else grabs our attention, whoever "we" end up being, while making a conscious effort to get away from the raver aspects of burning. Think "creative chill space", a slightly lower key camp where people can hear each other speaking, and want to. The current theme: No Exit on Prozac, with a better dinner selection?
  • ORBUS Celestial Camping Experiences - Unusual events and adventures - since 1978.
  • Alternative Burning Man Traveller's Association, Unofficial - For those who want to find ways to get out to Burning Man or another burn, without making use of the Green Tortoise Bus line. Come by to share announcements of your plans for upcoming burns, to offer or request rides to any burn, or to talk about the experiences you've had along the way.
  • APOKILIPTIKA- "Where the World Ends Everyday!" - Coming to Burningman 2005, APOKILIPTIKA is a new theme camp, devoted to fun, playa combat and the end of civilization as we know it. Our Motto: "Relax, The end is near!" The Ko-Komandants of APOLIKIPTIKA are seeking recruits to join the ranks for the 05 Blackrock City Campaign.
  • Spherocity - While Spherocity as a theme camp is on hiatus, a collection of burners in LA stay connected through the email list.
  • American Leaders - How Would YOU Fix America? - [Burner co-founder]American Leaders is a new non-partisan organization writing a collaborative book with political solutions. We are accepting book submissions NOW!
  • Bindlestiff Family Cirkus - Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc. is a non-profit performing arts organization dedicated to increasing the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the history of circus, sideshow, vaudeville, and related arts through activities including performances, lectures, print media, and workshops for the general public as well as creating opportunities for cultural exchange and fostering a sense of community.
  • Republicans in Black Rock City - The few, the proud, the barely tolerated ... the Black Rock City Republicans. A group for Politically Conservative and Moderate burners.
  • Burn The Irish Bar - Irish people burning it up!
  • Glow in the Dark Paints - Manufacturer of high-end glow in the dark paints.
  • Glow Paint For Stamping, Artwork, or Misc - We have fun GlOW PAINT. Use this to STAMP LOGOS, MARKINGS, ART CARS, OR WHATEVER. paint on FLAGS, CLOTHING. Charge time is only 10 minutes and then it glows for hours. add with EL wire for great lighting. Great to use as marking for parking, security items, IS THIS YOUR ITEM, put your name on by day and it will glow at night, rails, all area', Most colors are invisible during the day.We have a artist doing amazing art, NIGHT LIGHT ITEM. Super for Clubs. WE also have GLOWING ICE CUBES, CHEAPEST AROUND, We will discount large groups or just a few. UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION WITH US. COOLIGHTWEST, YOUR EL WIRE HEADQUATERS, and so MUCH MORE.
  • The Phamily Gathering - is a collaboration between friends. An internet exhibition of people in Chicago and from around the world who have come together to share in the creation of friendship, art, and exploration.
  • Transformation and Change - Discussion Forum - A new and growing community dedicated to the conversation of creating positive transformation and change both in ourselves and the world around us.
  • GLOWING ICE CUBES,BULK EL WIRE, GLOW PAINT - Let your fellow burners help you make the Playa glow. We have Bulk EL wire, all colors and sizes, inverters to power large and small projects. We also have Glowing paint, some colors glow up to 10 hours with only a small charge of light. We also have glowing ice cubes,Cheapest prices, great discounts or groups and clubs. We also offer great discounts on EL wire, to help you get started on your projects. We offer tech support to help you set the Playa aglow. Lots of other fun stuff to, EL wire Bike and scooter kits, we can also do custom work. Let us UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION.
  • Camping Gear & Equipment - Avid Outdoors offers Camping Gear including Tents, Sleeping Bags, Lanterns, Stoves, Coolers, Backpacks & more.
  • Shrine of the Sleeping Gods - Non-Pagan Polytheists. Religion without Authority or Hierarchy. A post-baby boomer group devoted to Aphrodite Urania, the Hellenic goddess of Celestial (Higher, Non-sexual) Love, that of family and community.
  • Midwestern Burners on the Road - Live in the Midwest? Looking for a ride to Burning Man or a local burn? Want to swap stories with your fellow burners about experiences on the road or tips about places to visit along the way as you pass through the Midwest? Then this is the group for you.
  • Alternative New York Burners - A group for Burners in New York who'd like to see a bit more civility and common sense and a bit less of the usual drugged out groupthink, dogmatic hysteria and senseless hatred in their discussions, in which conflict resolution is guided by a concern for reason and fair play, and not the whims of the online mob.
  • EL wire and other fun glowing stuff - Unleash your Imagination, with Coolightwest. We are the west coast connection for your EL wire needs and so much more. We offer Tech assistance, soldering help and lots of other fun stuff to. Deep discounts for our fellow burners on all items and EL wire. Custom made projects, signs, Let us help you Unleash your Imagination.
  • Global Education Through Music - Bringing the Playa to the people since 2000... our mission is to empower children and adults to nurture global harmony by providing arts-based educational opportunities that promote critical and creative thinking.
  • Space Cowboys - The RIPE Organization
  • CLEU - The Conscious Life Ecumenical Union - The CLEU or Conscious Life Ecumenical Union, is a global network of awakening conscious lifeforms (humans) who love Consciousness, Life, the Earth, and the Universe (our existence), seek ecological and spiritual harmony, and work to secure the health and well-being of future generations and Life on the planet. We believe that Conscious Life is a mystical experience. Burning Man is our annual spiritual pilgrimage where we give out the Cleu, a symbol of our mystic unity which can be accesorized with a charm or medallion representing your favorite mystic path. To get a Cleu, go to
  • EmoMen - EmoMen is a Burning-Man-inspired collective created to build enduring friendship through interaction and celebration. We value friendship between straight, bi and gay men and create temporary autonomous zones to realize our vision. Centred in British Columbia, we participate on-playa with women friends and partners as the EmoTribe.
  • Burners Against Censorship - You may already be a member, and the good news is that there are no dues. A group for Burners who are against censorship, period, whether it's government or corporate imposed, yes, even if that corporation is BMORG.
  • D'OHM GEODESICS - Affordable geodesic metal tube domes- ANY size / shape / configuration. Special designs welcome!! All color coded ends for easy setup. INCLUDES all hardware, instructions and color diagrams.
  • Burners Against Censorship - You may already be a member, and the good news is that there are no dues. For burners who are opposed to censorship, period, whether it comes from the government or a private corporation like BMORG.
  • SomaFM - 102.3FM on the Playa, On the Web yearround - underground electronica listener supported radio. Broadcasting at Burning Man since 1996, and on the web since 2000.
  • ElectroLounge - art, literature, and psychedelic related to the burning man free bookstore that is coming to black rock city for the third consecutive year in 2001! sign guest book :)
  • Costume Network - A NYC based web-zine with a large photogallery of many creative, inspired and often insane costumers. Features articles on Burning Man 2000 and a NYC April Fool's 2000 Costume Party benefit.
  • KidsVille - Burners with children come together to form KidsVille. Join us at Burning Man...
  • archaic sound performance - Total improvisation with self- constructed instruments combined with old instruments ...
  • XP12: Rockstars and Alchemists - Collective of seekers, artists and fools. Live what you dream.
  • bernardphoto - ...because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles...
  • Illuminaughty - Do they exist?
  • friends of the black rock dessert - volunteer group working hard toto preserv BM's right to use the desert.
  • earth celebrations - produces annual Rites of Spring: Procession to Save Our Gardens-12 hour spectacular pilgrimmage to network of over 50 communty gardens in the East Village of New York City. Features:with giant puppets, costumed garden characters and bands. Thousands of community artists and gardeners participate by enacting this mythic drama annually-the saturday before memorial weekend
  • Circle of the Earth world wide mind-spirit web for new artists - Fun here between shows! Get your tickets to the end of the world. When the good guys open up an entirely new 5 & 9 store. (By the way have you been to Imlay and Rolling Thunder's museum?) This is the arf-arf website of the new shamanism. And it all began rite in that same desert, 30 years before anyone had ever heard of Burning Man.
  • Barbie Nation Freedom Fighters - In our tireless (and color-coordinated) effort to free our oppressed sister Barbie, this guerilla army will be training volunteers at our boot camp. Come fight the patriarchy and get a make-over at the same time!
  • The Machines of Christian Ristow - High-Performance Robots
  • .oO|t|r|i|p|Oo. - The Resonance Image Program is a collected mind-group of musicians and artists *OUT THERE* who pARTicipate in having the most fun possible! Elfin Kin welcome...
  • The 24-Hour Community Spacewalk - A 24 Hour Burning Man Event in Los Angeles, create your own theme camp!
  • Death Guild / Barter Town - A post-apocalyptic amphitheatre of bizare acts, art, and architecture.
  • Liberaction Dance Party - series of multiethnic festivals of music and combined arts in benefit of the indigenous communities of the world. To be held in many countries of the world with a main event in the Amazon rainforest
  • Santarchy in the USA! - Documenting the rising phenomenon of Naughty Santas perpetrating Christmas chaos, Noel mayhem and Yuletide blasphemy in major US cities. You'd better watch out, cuz Santa Claus is coming to your town!
  • Temple of Ishtar - We need help worshipping the goddess in our temple of sacred sexuality
  • CHAINGANG - What this RANGER does when he's not at the Burn. Come ride a different Desert, with the Chaingang!
  • Circus Redickuless - The original punk rock circus, featuring Dammit the Amazing Wonderdog and Chicken John.
  • Ark Rave Buses - 2 outrageous party buses with club sound system on board.
  • The Lodge - It's All Wood. (Home-away-from-Burning Man for Camp Smart Ass)
  • Design.Festa official site - Most wicked festival in Japan participating over 3000 artists from around the world.
  • Brainwash Movies Festival - A unique traveling movies festival.
  • Smalltime Industries - guess the dictator/sit-com character. dada imagery. more.
  • Pigdog Journal - Bad Crazyiness.
  • The Cacophony Society - A randomly gathered network of individuals united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society through subversion, pranks, art, fringe explorations and meaningless madness. You may already be a member.
  • - Regional events, network with other BM attendees in Dallas, Austin, Houston
  • The ArtCar Fest - The West Coast's Largest Gathering of Art Cars!
  • The Church of Saint John the Baptist of the Alien Artichoke - The one true religion.
  • somarts cultural center - regional and international theatre and bizzarre
  • Homo Sapiens - Stand erect for your abnormality!
  • - the alternative online community ::: bianca is love
  • TreeStock 98 Festival - Help plant the World's Largest Peace Sign in our clearcut forest.
  • SEEMEN - interactive robotic machine art.
  • The Illumination Project - Join NOW! for year round art burning fun in the bay area!
  • The Imperial Orgy - An organization involved in arts, political activism, and pagan pan-spitiuality.
  • Anarchy - A Burning Man Report - by charles uzzel edwards ... the realisation that social anarchy is a lot of fun : everybody has a nice time
  • The Cyberbuss goes to Burning Man 1996 - photos
  • Chicago Burners - The 90s are over, and good riddance. Let's move on to better things. Ever get tired of the people you meet online, and at so many events set up online ? The belligerent morons, the backbiting egotists, and the politically correct closed-minded group-thinking cliques ? Chicago Burners is a place for burners in our metro area to go to get away from people like that, and help create the kind of local burning experience that they are looking for. How do we do this ? By getting rid of the silly, 90s era concept of 'radical inclusivity'. If somebody is being obnoxious, the host simply tells him to leave. No haggling, no voting, no politics, he's just gone. Simple, huh ? Life can be, when we let it. Think of our group as being the future 'center camp' for a Chicago-based village. :)

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