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Decompression 2002

2002 - Heat the Street Faire

Heat the Street Faire 2002

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On October 20th, some 6,000 people converted Indiana Street, between Mariposa and 20th, Cafe Cocomo, and Esprit Park, into the best Street FaIRE! we have had to date. There were over 30 large scale art installations--many in the park; 40 theme camps; dozens of art vehicles, and hundreds of performers, poets, dancers and fire performers of every kind on four stages. And that was only what was scheduled or registered! The stars of Decompression were as much in the streets as on the stages and registered locations. It was absolutely humbling and inspiring to have brought that depth and breadth of creative expression to the streets of San Francisco! We would list the artists and theme camps, but there are just too many to try and there were more than even we can identify. Suffice it to say, it was indeed Blacktop City and the playa dust WAS in the air! (Thanks to Playa Dust Camp!)

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Heather "CameraGirl" Gallagher

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