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Decompression 2003

2003 - Heat the Street Faire

Heat the Street Faire 2003

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On Sunday October 12th, some 6,100 people converted Indiana Street, between Mariposa and 21st, Cafe Cocomo, and Esprit Park, into the biggest Decompression we have had to date. There were numerous art installations; 40 interactive theme camps; extraordinary art vehicles, and over 75 performing artists, groups, and troupes.

ART, ARTISTS & ART CARS: Art Van; Ambience Ambulance; Genesa Labyrinth by Ansula Press and Les Framm; Chris Schardt’s Yantra; Photos and video of fire sculpture by Nate Smith; Carousel Numinous panels (JennyBird and John Mosbaugh); Flags of Prayer (Sylvette); Andres Amador Blacklight Sculpture; David Shamanik’s Wind Oracle; Piotr Wojnarski’s Fountain of Frozen Tears; Modular Dwellings; Josh Steiner and Jake Zweig’s Improbable Orchestra; Bruce Scanlon’s Tensegrity Hammocks; Eyes of Gawd (Jim Bowe, Jeff Boudrot+); Raven Hanna’s Giant Tarot Cards; Cross Dress (David McParland and Dale Lemmerick); Dancing Under The Stars of Lyra (Tim Thompson); The Gyroscope from the Keyhole Position in Black Rock City (Dan Cohn); Plasma Kaleidoscope (Jeremy Lutes); Spirita Luminosa (Ed Kirshner, Roger Carr, Charlie Matthey); Light, Truth & Existence (Russel Wilcox); Eyes of Horus; Blacklight Aquarium; Brainwash; Ziptie Mandala (Gadget); GuruBunny by Starboy and Cary Okano; Spoon Return Travelling Memorial Museum; Casa Soulmagundi (Molly Freedenberg); Interactive Video Art (Chris Priazzi); Video Projections by d6 (Daren Barnes); Center Café Labyrinth; Outdoor Photo Gallery by Supersnail; Panoramics by Brad Templeton; Stereoscopic Imagery (Harold Baize & Jim Gasperini); Lotus (John Richter); Trial By Fire; Temple of The Imagination by $teven Ra$pa; Voice of Fire (Tim Black); Fishmobile (Howard Cohn); El Diablo; Eartha Karr by Blake More; The Pinkin Linkin by Charlie Gataken; Captain Bubbles Car; Shell Car by Mike Garibaldi; DIY Mini-structures by Bob Burnside; Site-specific Waterfall by the Lunches; Wind Oracle...

THEME CAMPS: Camp Arachnid, Bollywood, Bunny Camp, Bunnywood, Camp Danielle, Captain Bubbles Palace, Church of WOW!, The Deep End, Dream Catcher Camp t-shirt transfers (Bring a t-shirt!!!), Eggchair/Pyromid Memorial Altar, Firestarr Camp, Doug Hark’s Glasswalk, Group W Temporary Tattoo Camp, Hookadome, House of Lotus, Illumination Village, Infinite Kaos, The Lost Penguin Camp, Love Project United Camp-Karaoke Glam Klam, Nautilus X, Oracle of Orifices, Playadust Camp, PLUG 4, Radio Free Burning Man Radio Station, Reality TV, Sol System, Space Cowboys/UNIMOG, Spoon Return Center, Starlight Drive-in Movie Theater, Tom Jones Roller Disco, Totem, Technomania Circus, Starlust Lounge, Supersnail, Temple of Atonement, Vogon 42, and MORE!

PERFORMING ARTISTS: Alcyone; Allana; Beyond The Catwalk Fashion Show; Black Sox; Braingarden; Burn; The Burning Man Fashion Show-hosted by Annie Coulter, Connie Champagne & Hal Robins; Tim Crowe; Cuatro Caminos; Norman Eisley; Evolution Control Committee; Djun Djun belly dance troupe; El Circo; Extra Action Marching Band; Fire Arts Collective; F-SPACE; Foxgluv; Funkmobile; The Funnies; Goddess of Funk; Mark Growden; Doug Hark—glasswalker; Scott Huckabay; Infinite Kaos; KABUZZ; Kepi & Kat; Kerri Kresinski; Kook Troupe; KUNST-STOFF; Laird; Marisa Lenhardt; Lorin (Bassnectar); Lipstick Conspiracy; Mad Piper; Mantra Sound System; The Mermen; Mixtape From Mars; Blake More; The Mutaytor; DJ Ooah; Michael Peppe; Panjaea; Playground; Random Rab; Rosin Coven; Sintillation; Steve23; $teven Ra$pa; Hal Robins; Sugar; The Serotonins; Starfire; The Tanglers; Technomania Circus; DJ Trevor; DJ Wolfie; Theater of Noh performance by Nohglevee, and MORE.

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