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Burning Man Presents for the benefit of the Burning Man Project...

15th Annual San Francisco DECOMPRESSION Heat the Street FaIRE!
Sunday, October 12th, 2014
Starts at Noon!

Outdoor sound ends 10pm, except Mariposa which ends 11pm
Indiana St between Mariposa and 22nd St in San Francisco, California
Public Entrance: 19th St & Minnesota
$15 donation before 4:00pm; $20 after; free schwag while it lasts
All ages (under 12 free);

Almost all sound ends at 10pm this year, so come early!
Food and beverages available with sales benefitting public art and culture programs. Eat for Art!

Welcome to the 15th Annual Decompression Heat the Street Fair! This year is explosive with creativity! Come at Noon SHARP to enjoy all the installations, performances, fire, dance, theme camps, circus arts, live music, DJs, Burning Man 2014 imagery, and MORE!!! All six blocks, the park, and stages will showcase a stunning variety of creative expression! Bring your imagination to share and BE the art you wish to see in the world!!!

Full schedules and map will be posted on this page when ready!

For the quickest updates and info visit Facebook

PLEASE TAKE MASS TRANSIT, BIKE and CARPOOL: (Muni bus #22, #48 and BART connects with the 3rd Street T-line), ride your bike and avoid driving on Minnesota St completely! Inexpensive parking available at UCSF lot (3rd St at 16th St). Or park on Terry Francois Blvd. There will be bike parking, taxis and pedicabs.


We are scheduling stages and placing art and theme camps NOW. Don't delay!!!

Got big art? An art car or theme camp? Performance, crafting workshop, kids event, performance art thingy, dance troupe, parade, lecture? Contact us right away!

Do you have a mutant vehicle that can serve as a performance stage? Or a live performance sound system, stage, or lighting to support the day?

All should be non-commercial in nature. This is not a street fair with vending booths, but rather a showcase of art and community.

For SF Decom submissions: flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com
Contact us to request placement, a performance slot, and share your creative spirit, art and vision!


- SEPT 15 FIRE DEADLINE- Deadline for fire artists and performers to submit fire safety info. But, contact us BEFORE Burning Man with interest pretty please!!!
- SEPT 23 DEADLINE- Deadline for non-fire art, theme camps and performance. We can't guarantee placement after that, though we try. Priority given to new folks that didn't have a spot last year. But we'll accommodate everyone we can!

Or complete this FORM
We also need volunteers to come back 11am Monday, Oct 13th to Indiana & 19th for our annual neighborhood clean up so we can leave the neighborhood cleaner than we found it! We'll have donuts, coffee, great thank you schwag, and new friends!


1. ARRIVE EARLY! Enjoy the full day & keep the line shorter.
2. Take mass transit or bike; bike parking at 19th & Minnesota; No driving on Minnesota between 19th and 22nd. PARK at UCSF lot at 16th and 3rd -- discount rate till Midnight!
3. Respect our neighbors, no loud noises entering or leaving, don't block driveways, use OUR toilets.
4. NO boom boxes, renegade sound systems or unapproved fire and keep noise off and voices down after 10pm!
5. Pack out all trash you bring, properly separate any discards you get from the event by putting them in the right bin, and LEAVE NO TRACE! We have 70% waste diversion and want to do even better!
6. Come back Monday at 11am to help with our neighborhood-wide clean-up and help leave things cleaner than they were!
7. Read the DECOMmandments / Survival Guide below.

FYI: Smoking is now prohibited on any open air public property in the city of SF, including the park as per Article 191: Prohibiting smoking in city park and recreation areas.

THANK YOU!!! for your part in bringing the spirit of Black Rock City to SF and for making this a year-round community! Special thanks to ALL the artists, performers, theme camps, volunteers, our neighbors in the Dogpatch, Dogpatch Neighborhood Network, Homes on Esprit, SFFD, Bayview Police Dept, ISCOTT, Entertainment Commission, and others involved with this day. Thank you to CRESCO Rentals for clearing out their lot for us and being so darned helpful over the years. Thank you and HOORAY!!!

Email: flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com to request placement and share your creative spirit, art and vision.

TO VOLUNTEER: Email SEvolunteers(at)burningman(dot)com The SF Decompression is powered by an amazing team of volunteers and tons of communal effort.

The 2014 DECOMmandments & Survival Guide

Located just off the T-Line on 3rd St. and near major bus lines.
Please use them: Muni bus #22, #48 and BART connects with the 3rd St T-line

Public Entrance: 19th St & Minnesota St.
Bike Racks: Corner 19th & Minnesota
Taxi Stand: 18th & Minnesota

Here's how you can make this our best Decompression ever:

  • Arrive Early! Come at NOON to enjoy a full day of amazing art, theme camps, people and performances!
  • Respect Our Neighbors. No loud noises, don't block driveways, use OUR toilets and enter and leave the area VERY quietly. Don't drive on Minnesota St at all. Do not camp overnight.
  • Green Your Commute! Take mass transit or bike! There will be bike racks at 19th & Minnesota. Or carpool and park at the UCSF lot at 16th St. & 3rd St. (3 blocks away with special discounted rate), at the ballpark, or on Terry Francois Blvd. Please do NOT drive or park at all on Minnesota Street, Indiana Street, or 19th/20th between Indiana and Tennessee. There will be a taxi stand at 18th and Minnesota for your convenience. And mass transit is VERY convenient.
  • Express Yourself and pARTicipate! Wear your finest playa pageantry and costumery. Bring warm layers for evening. To register art/performance/theme camp, email flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com so we can accommodate and celebrate YOUR special contribution to this amazing community. ALL sound systems, fire art, theme camps, vehicles and stage acts MUST be registered and confirmed in advance.
  • Perform Random Acts of Art, Kindness and Gifting.
  • NO Boom Boxes, Renegade Sound, Unapproved Food/Beverage Service/vending, Fire Performance, Fire Art, Fire Hats, Candles or Burning Clumps of Sage: These will jeopardize the event. Leave unregistered sound and fire art home. And if you see anyone with fire outside the fire art barricades or fire stage, ask them to PUT IT OUT!
  • Pack out all trash you bring and LEAVE NO TRACE! Please help us pick up trash and deposit it in appropriate sorting pails. Breakdown is 10-11PM for the park and 12-2AM on the street. By 2AM, EVERYTHING MUST BE GONE and small debris must be swept into the street for the street sweeper to work its magic. If you are exhibiting at Decom, bring a broom to sweep the sidewalks clean, pack out what you brought, and pick up large debris in the street. Also, please remove fliers from cars.
  • Volunteer! This is a volunteer-driven event. To be part of the team that makes Decompression so special, email SEvolunteers(at)burningman(dot)com . Or stop in at Volunteer Sign-Up at Volunteer Check-In on 20th St or Playa Info. At a minimum, EVERYONE is part of our Leave No Trace team, so please pick up any trash, club fliers and feathery bits as you go.
  • Share Your Favorite Playa Photos/Videos! We need the content at least two weeks ahead of time, so email flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com and we'll do our best to get them up on the Decom stage screens!
  • Express Responsibly! Protect the event and our beautiful park: No stakes, fire of any kind, BBQs, unleashed dogs, amplified sound, vehicles & bikes in the park.
  • Do not cut through bushes, where you could damage sprinklers.
  • No drumming, live instruments, loud sound, megaphones or amplified sound after 10PM ANYWHERE. The only exception will be the Mariposa dance area, which goes til 11PM with a chill set. If anyone is drumming or making amplified noise after 10pm, please ask them to keep it quiet. Thanks!
  • After sound ends, talk quietly and enjoy the art and amazing community.
  • If you are a registered art car or theme camp, please take extra care to not drive over electric cables or distro boxes during setup/breakdown. Take special care during exodus. Have someone safely guide you out of your spot and get home safe.
  • Leave Quietly and help one another to your cars and next destinations. Remember this is an urban environment, so watch your stuff; and it's best to travel in numbers at night. If you are alone, ask a Ranger for help. PLEASE do not drive if you have had anything to drink. Have a designated driver or catch a taxi at 18th & Minnesota.
  • Come Back 11am Monday Morning!: Leaving the neighborhood cleaner than we found it is a gift we are serious about giving. If you're up early, get a head start and pick up any trash, feathers, cigarette butts and leftovers you see. Or come from 11am-4pm for our main annual neighborhood clean-up! A group of us will meet at 19th and Indiana and start our clean-up on Minnesota St., move to the park, Indiana, then surrounding streets. Many hands make light work and every year we leave the neighborhood CLEANER than it was. Bring gloves and brooms if you got 'em. We'll bring supplies, free donuts, coffee and thank you gifts! Thanks! This really means a lot to those of us that have to stay up all night and need your support to make it fun and fast.
  • Oh, and if you can help with a park planting in January, e-mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com and we'll send you a secret garden party announcement!