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Decompression 2008 - Volunteer

The SF Decompression

Calling all Rockstar Volunteers!

It’s time to organize The San Francisco Decompression! If you want to volunteer at Decom this year, NOW is the time to check out the volunteer positions and get FIRST CHOICE on your shifts!!!

Read on and sign up now while you have your choice! Email firekitty(at)burningman(dot)com unless otherwise noted.


SATURDAY SET UP: 6 people 1pm-5pm at location.

Description: Mapping out location, setting up electrical, heavy moving physical work.

SUNDAY SET-UP & DECOR: 12 people Sunday 8am to noon at location.

Stage Décor (need 4 people),
Barricade Set-up (need 4 people),
Cocomo and General Set-up (4 people)
Gate set up 7:00am-11:30am (4 people)

Description: Heavy moving physical work.

BLOCK & PARK Hosts for 6 blocks (4 hr shifts)

SHIFT: 12-3pm: (1 per block) 8 shifts
SHIFT: 3-6pm (2 per block) 20 shifts
SHIFT: 6-9pm (2 per block) 21shifts
SHIFT: 9pm-Midnight (2 per block) 21 shifts

Description: Monitoring the block you are working, walking up and down, making sure people are not doing anything crazy or illegal like lighting toilet paper on fire and throwing it around. Park monitors are looking out for the park and making sure that people clean after themselves and their dogs are not digging holes, and things like that. We will have one training meeting before the event at BMHQ. More details to come.

EXODUS MONITORS SHIFT: 2 per block (3 hour shifts) Sunday night at location after event. Midnight- 3am

Description: After event is over we need people to start moving out. Exodus monitors help people understand that the party is over and it's time to clear out. Lots of walking around and talking to people (in a nice way) about exiting.

LEAVE NO TRACE Clean-Up Vols: 2pm-12am 2 hour shifts

Description: Pick up trash and recyclables in park and on street while walking around and helping Blue’s recycle team.



Description: Working with food, food prep set up and clean up, serving the performers and artists.

WILL CALL Gate teams:

Description: This job is vital. We need trustworthy people to work the gates and the main entrance. This will include checking off people who are on the Will Call list and directing them to the right location. Will Call team will be working closely with Kristy, the Will Call List Bitch.She is great and if you are interested in this role you will be in contact with her before the event.

Will Call Gate Shifts:
7:45am-11am: 4
10:45am-2pm: 5
1:45pm-5pm: 6
4:45pm-8pm: 6
7:45pm-11pm: 6

Ticket takers and Clickers:
11:45am-3:00pm: 4
2:45pm-6:00pm: 5
5:45pm-9:00pm: 5
8:45pm-11:00pm: 3


Description: We are also looking for people who have pick-up trucks to be part of our Transportation team. The Transpo team is in charge of moving things like tables and chairs to the right location from BMHQ. To be a part of transpo you must have your own truck and be willing to show up for set up at 8am the day of the event.

MONDAY CLEAN-UP: Need 6-10 people 11am-4pm

This is a paid position so if you are looking for some extra cash this would be great for you. $10 an hour but you do not get into the event for free. Description: cleaning up and picking up after the event. Recycling garbage and using brooms.

To get started, just let firekitty(at)burningman(dot)com know what you are interested in and provide your contact info, including name, phone and email! Please email me your top 3 choices in case the ones you want are full. Also if you are interested in working more then one shift that is great and please let me know that in your email.

Thank you to everyone in advance for your time!!! We heat the street because YOU pARTicipate!!!