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The Fire Arts Exposition Mission

Showcase and celebrate innovative fire and light artists, and feature fire and light as exciting and diverse mediums for self-expression.

Give artists working with fire and light dedicated space and resources to share their work with new audiences.

Expose event producers, art collectors, museum and gallery curators, families, and the broader Bay Area public to a full range of fire and light artists and to encourage greater funding for art and performance of this genre.

Offer unique learning opportunities through artist talks, demonstrations, classes, and special workshops.

Provide an extended meeting place for artists and performers to share information, collaborate on new work, and build greater community.

Give artists and the general public access to state-of-the-art, practical information and new ideas from experts in the mediums, fire and safety officials, and well-known artists.

Promote arts education and fire safety, and encourage positive, creative expression among youth groups with a special youth field-trip day, art demonstrations, and art facility tours.

Promote the safe use of fire and share best practices.

Bring members of the City, the Fire Department and fire artists together to encourage dialogue and work towards establishing best-practice safety standards.