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Flambé Lounge 2002

2002 - S.S. Black Rock Launch Party
2002 - The Blue Ball
2002 - Flambé Island

S.S. Black Rock Launch Party 2002

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This event began with an all-ages picnic and a call for PARKticipation in the former Esprit Park on Mariposa Street in San Francisco. People brought interactive games, made trial runs of their theme camps, built cardboard forts, embarked on a playa survival trivia treasure hunt, and tested new shade structure designs. By 3:30pm the park was bustling with people playing music, games of Bunny Ball, painting their shade structures and the like. And everyone was having the time of their lives! It was one of those afternoons that San Francisco is famous for.

At 6pm the S.S. Blackrock Launch event began across the street at Cocomo, featuring nautical minstrels, a ship-to-shore fashion show and performances by Daniel & Lauren Ari (accordion octopus songs), Salty Walt (sea shanties), Temple Brady (contact juggling), CaroLuna (opera), Eric Glick Rieman (prepared electric piano), Xeno (dance and multimedia performance), Funkmobile (karaoke funk), George Demarest & Stephen Garth (jazz), and The Mad Piper (bagpipes). Evening Lounge set up an early version of Cleopatra's Barge; and the installations by Inspiration Island , Chocolate Gypsies Camp and Tiki Tom's Mini Golf were stand-out theme camps. Participating artists included Howard Cohen, members of the Temple of Joy, Supersnail, and Jacky Jack. We also screened Renea Roberts film, "Gifting It."

More Launch Party Photos by
Heather "CameraGirl" Gallagher

Photos by Anna Smith

The Blue Ball 2002

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On Saturday, May 18th, we had an all-day event, starting with an all-ages picnic on Crissy Field and followed by an undersea ball hosted by the ancient and benevolent sea gods Nereus and Doris. Sea creatures of every inconceivable kind converged, bringing with them treasures of the imagination and inspired tributes to the fifty Nereids and royal courtesans of the sea. This Flambé was the first big turn out of Floating World-inspired art with Paul Da Plumber bringing a prototype of his giant fire Lilly Pad Garden (created in collaboration with Jenne Giles); Kiki's plans for the fire fountain, Egeria; Starboy's Ganeshafish; Annie Hallat's ship sculpture; Cool Neon's EL wire fish; a scaled art car by Andrea Dose; sea photos by Julia Ann Ellingson; Howard Cohen's interactive sea anemone light sculpture, and numerous video artists. Artists performing at this Flambé included playa favorites, The Mermen, Simran's Underwater Blue Alien, Ape, Bubble Gique, Throat singer Danny Heines, Aquaman & The League of Superheros, Trout dance troupe, opera singer Marisa Lenhardt; and D6, Jay T. Tempura, Zach Darling, Laird and Dr. Friendly providing undersea sounds and waltzing music. Theme camps - a bit sparse - included Firetown, Waterboy, the Starlight Drive-In Movie Theater, and Fishing For Compliments. There was also a grand procession of Undersea Marvels, undersea waltzing contests, and on the outdoor patio, bubbles and fire performance converged in wonderfully unexpected ways.

More Blue Ball Photos by
Heather "CameraGirl" Gallagher

Flambé Island 2002

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On April 7th approximately 1,000 people rowed, sailed and backstroked to this fabled island inhabited by mysterious natives, visiting artist ambassadors, and seaworldly travelers. They came prepared to exchange art and information, give gifts of their own making and share fanciful traditions of their own creation. Of course, there were more than a few pirates there to raise a ruckus, but no one seemed to mind. A treasure hunt of interactive games was held throughout the night and at midnight a volcanic ARTruption nearly destroyed us all. It was only through an act of selfless giving that one of the treasure hunt participants appeased the angry volcano by giving away the treasure he had found to someone else. Seafaring tales and performances by Ed Holmes, Mr. Lucky, The Scurvy Bastards, Exotica Deejays Otto von Stoheim and Kneel NKizmas, Erica Candycane, and others reinforced the theme and made for a playful evening of cultural exchange on not-so-distant shores.

Photos by Lawston Found

Photos by PleasureSean

Photos by Randall Smith