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Burnal Equinox marks the mid-point between last year’s burn and this year’s. It's our first major event of the year and you can expect a wide and stunning array of art, live performance, dancing, philosophizing, theme camp indescribeables and so much MORE! You are encouraged to shape the night by sharing art and experiences from previous Burning Man events and your plans for 2011.

Burnal Equinox Flyer

Saturday, March 5th!
8pm to 3am
Mission Rock Café
817 Terry Francois Blvd, SF
(take Mariposa St to the Bay)

$20 general admission; $15 dressed in playa finery OR with your baby picture visibly attached to your clothing!
21+ over venue; food and beverages available through venue

What amazing ways do you have to express this year's theme: Rites of Passage?!? - Read about it here:

In keeping with this year's Burning Man theme, "Rites of Passage", you are also invited to express transformational moments in your real and imagined journey through life. Remember those defining experiences that helped you come into your own? Perhaps your first kiss, getting married/divorced, an alien abduction, your very first white out, a birth, or a near death experience that changed the way you live...maybe an imagined ritual from a distant land. You are invited to explore the theme through dress, stories, pictures, drawings, pantomime or other forms of creative expression. Join others in re-living or creating entirely new and curious rites of passage. These may be as varied as life itself and range from ludicrous to solemn.

So, whether you are remembering a previous year’s burn, dressing for your prom, creating a sacred procession of unicorns and golden earmuffs, or you skip all the fuss and come as you are...we hope to celebrate what has made YOU who you are...and want to be!

Join us in creating the first Flambe Lounge of 2011!

To Volunteer Email SEvolunteers (at) burningman (dot) com to join the do-ocracy!

Share your artistic vision and expression in the limited space still available.
Some artist, VJ and theme camp space still available.
Email: flambe (at) burningman (dot) com NOW!

Participating Artists, Performers, DJs and Groups So Far Include:

AEZ, Anodyne Industries, Aurelie Clivaz, Carpe-syzygy-bus - featuring performers from Carpetbag Brigade, Syzygy Butoh and Bad Unkl Sista, Danielle Swan, VJ Flood, The Fossettes, Hobo Gobbelins, HistErica, House of Inanna, i can dress myself, Kathy D'Onofrio (Tattoed Aliens), Kenneth Griswa (Phoenix Eggs), DJ Laird, Margaret DeCuir (Labyrinth of Life), DJ Mo Corleone, Neon Bunny, NoMe, O.N.Y.D. Sound System, Patricia “Aishah” Rusich (Dance 4 Positivity), Planet Booty, Playa Info, The Black Rock Rangers, Strata Chalup (Forest of the Heart), The Orphics, Vicar - bodysynth, DJ Whisky Devil, YOU, and many more still being confirmed!


8:30-9:30 - D!sco Mike (Almost Realism Media)
9:35-10:20 - NoMe
10:25-11:10 - Neon Bunny
11:15-12:05 - Planet Booty
12:10-12:55 - DJ Laird
1:00-1:50 - Hobo Gobbelins

9:00-9:15 - House of Inanna
9:15-10:00 - Whiskey Devil
10:05-10:55 - The Orphics
11:00-11:05 - Danielle Swan
11:10-11:15 - The Fossettes
11:20-12:05 - Mo Corleone
12:05-12:20 - Carpe-Syzygy-Bus
with performers from Bad Unkl Sista,
Syzygy Butoh and The Carpetbag Brigade
12:25-12:30 HystErica/Hissy
12:35-12:45 LL Featherpistol
12:45-1:30 o.n.y.d sound system
1:35-2:25 i can dress myself
2:30-3:15 Anodyne Industries

8:00-9:00 - Airpusher
9:00-10:00 - ELiKi (Frisco Fidget)
10:00-11:00 - Sólfire
11:00-12:00 - B TRU (SF Nights)
12:00-1:00 - Airpusher
1:00-2:00 - Airpusher

Not in the Bay Area? No worries! BMIR, Burning Man Information Radio is bringing the party to YOU! Tune in live on the internet for our broadcast from Burnal Equinox.

We'll be bringing you music from several stages, interviews with Burners, Burning Man luminaries and more. We'll even be interacting with you live via Facebook, phone and text. BMIR DJ's will be bring you the action live as it happens, starting at 8PM Pacific time.

Listen online at or

Having trouble getting the stream to play? Check out these tips:

Subscribe now to: to learn about upcoming SF community events.

See you March 5th!

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These events take place in the SF Bay Area. If you live in the area or are coming into town for one of these events, you can volunteer to help in various ways.
Check out our Flambé Lounge Volunteer needs.