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Burning Man presents: BURNAL EQUINOX 2012!

The Strange and Marvelous Experiment!!

Join us to celebrate the mid-point in our burning year for a seriously mad-capped cultural PETRI DISH of a Burnal Equinox! Burning Man is a fertile “petri dish” of the Self and Community, where people bring bizarre and marvelous ingredients of self-expression and collaborate to create new expressive forms and ways of life. We can now scarcely be contained in the Black Rock Desert and our experiment is spilling over into the larger world at an alarming rate. We invite your imagination to spill over, too! Get in touch with your inner mad-scientist-art-splicing-bio-blingy-socio-cultural-reinvention-badass-funtastic-truly-amazing-self and BRING IT! Your art, your ideas, your creative spark and wild-eyed passion for what’s possible!

Burnal Equinox Flyer

Save the date! Saturday, March 3rd! - 7pm to 3:45am
** $3 Equinox cocktails until 10pm
** $3 beer all night
Plus dance lessons & social-splicing.

At Public Works
161 Erie Street, SF, CA 94103
(between Division & 14th St. in the Mission)

21+ over
$20; $15 with donation of art supplies to benefit Hospitality House OR if entering before 9pm
(*see note below)

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For further info about the Burning Man 2012 theme:

Art • Music • Performance * Theme Camps * Video Artistry * Unexpectables * You!

In the spirit of invention and play, mad scientist and inventive attire of every conceivable kind is encouraged at this celebration; help bring the playa to SF and embody your own unique “cross-pollination” of imagination and boundless reality. It’s a challenging new world and we are going to live and invent it TOGETHER! So, reunite with old friends and new as part of this marvelous and evolving community experiment!!! We wouldn’t dream of doing it without you!

Whether you come as a hive of virtuous honey bees or the dreaded Dr. Birgin Sparklepony! …or choose to skip all the fuss and come as you truly are—we look forward to BEEing with you and experimenting together!

What strange and marvelous experiments do YOU have percolating in your life right now? What previously un-thought-of pools of possibility are you dipping your toes into these days? This year's Burnal Equinox (inspired by the larger Fertility theme) reminds us that our Burning Man community is a microcosm - a Petri Dish - in which we create and experiment with new modes of interacting with each other and our environment. And so we invite you to share with us what's growing in your personal petri dish. Please bring an object that represents something you are experimenting with in your own life (to be placed in a real live 4ft wide community petri dish) and we will co-create a temporal mandala ode to the coming together of our personal experiments into a collective vision of beauty.

Art and performances to stimulate your acclimation to this experimentation!

Join us at 7pm for 80s aerobic drink specials and a special 80s edition of Burlesque Tease n’Tone™ with Mz. K!
Burlesque Tease n’Tone™ combines a Sexy Dance warm up with Pilates based principles complete with Cardio, Isolations, Abs and Stretching! We will also be spending time on finding your very own Super Sexy Walk as well as learning some Hot, Hot Choreography! Spandex and leg warmers encouraged.
Get in touch with your inner Olivia Newton John and Flashdancing Richard Simmons!

Artists: Dan Fow, Otto Ewen, body painting from Meadow Lorax, Patricia Aishah, Tex Allen, Adrian Parra and MANY, MORE!!!

Performers: Barry Syska & the Fantasy Orchestra, Bad Unkl Sista, Dead Klown Society, Delachaux, Dioskouri, DJ Zero One, DJ Laird, DK (Kostume Kult, Toad, NYC), Grumples Z Clown, Everett Wayne (Guerilla BASS, SWAG), i can dress myself, J.C., Jonboy, Neon Bunny, P-dub (guerillaBASS), SanedracHunter, Zenotope Collective, Evelie Såles Posch-Delfino with Kismat-Mahal Kirtan Ensemble{KSME}, MAHAL EthnoTribalShamanicTrance Fusion Musik, and the Spiral Dance Chorus, Stringfinger featuring Belinda Blair, Miss Roach and Friends and MANY, MANY, MORE!!!

Video Artistry from our legendary and luminous AV Crew!

Camp and Burning Man Dept tables:
Sk8 Camp, HeartOn, Playa Info, Costco Soul Trading, and The Burning Man Project


Burlesque Tease n’Tone™ with Mz. K!
80's dance party
Zenotope Collective
Bad Unkl Sista
Barry Syska & The Fantasy Orchestra 
Dead Klown Society
i can dress myself
Everett Wayne (Guerilla BASS, SWAG)
P-dub (guerillaBASS)
DJ Laird
DK (Kostume Kult, Toad, NYC)
DJ Zero One
Grumples Z Clown

Evelie Såles Posch-Delfino with Kismat-Mahal Kirtan
Ensemble {KSME}, MAHAL EthnoTribalShamanicTrance
Fusion Musik, and the Spiral Dance Chorus!!!
Roach and Friends
Stringfinger featuring Belinda Blair

Mz. K Fan Page:
F'risqué Mz. K Classes

With Love & Imagination,
- The Burning Man Special Events Team
…Burning the other 51 weeks of the year!

*Note: Hospitality House is a drop-in center for the homeless and for poor artists to make and sell art.

NEEDED ART SUPPLIES include: tubes of water-based paint, paint brushes, canvases, quality frames, matte board, Jewelry-making supplies, clean sewing trim and rolls of NEW fabric for textile art. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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Check out our Flambé Lounge Volunteer needs.