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Long after the playa fires have died, the flame burns on inside us all. Special events year-round bring burners together to fan that flame in the same spirit of creativity, eccentricity, and community. The San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed of burner activity, and the events produced by Burning Man are just the spark igniting the fire.

2013 Bay Area Burning Man Special Events

SE 1/12 Sat Esprit Park Gardening Day w/SF Dept Recreation & Parks - 10am–1pmA + Art Lounge Mixer 5:30-9PM
SE 3/2 Sat Burnal Equinox – 7pm to 3am at Public Works, San Francisco
BMP 3/6 Wed Burning Mind Panel Workshop - applying Burning Man principles to education 7-8:30pm at Burning Man HQ
SE 3/16 Sat Burning Man Theme Camp Summit - 11am to 2pm at Burning Man HQ and on-line
SE 3/27 Wed DMV Mutant Vehicles Informational Workshop at Burning Man HQ
BMP 4/20 Sat Burning Man Project presence at Earth Day SF – Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco
SE 4/27 Sat Newbie Orientation at BMHQ Participation Day at Burning Man HQ – around Noon
BMP 5/9 Sun Cinco de Make-o Workshops – 5 hands-on maker workshops – 7pm at Burning Man HQ
VRT 6/1 Sat Volunteer Appreciation Pic-nic in Golden Gate Park – 11am+
SE 6/14 Desert Art Preview artist lecture series
SE 6/15 June Flambe Lounge - CARNIVAL OF CULTS!
BMP 7/27 Sat NO SPECTATOR’S DAY – Interactive scavenger hunt in Central Market area – Noon-4pm
SE 10/13 Sun Decompression Heat The Street FaIRE! – Noon+
SE 10/14 Mon Dogpatch Neighborhood Clean-up!
BMP 11/14 Gifting Workshop & Panel at Burning Man HQ – 7pm at Burning Man HQ
BMP 12/12 Workshop – Crowdsourcing/Fundraising for Artists – 7pm at Burning Man HQ


To find out about other Decoms and Regional Events in a city near you, see: and click on a city near you!

While preparing for the playa, take a moment to plan how your art will make it to a local Decom or other regional event. That's right! Take your art on the road and keep the fires burning year-round - pARTicipate!

For the latest news about major burner happenings in the SF area, we invite you to join our SF Announce List by filling out a volunteer questionnaire. You might also consider the Squid List for a broad range of burner-inspired and non-burner events. To communicate burner events worldwide, our calendars offer a community resource. Also, connect with your regional contact (many have active discussion or announce lists) or visit the appropriate regional bulletin board on the Eplaya.

Pre-Compression and Decompression are just two ways the Burning Man organization is bringing the Black Rock to the Bay year-round. Everyone's invited, so come participate in the fun! To volunteer or support an event with art, performance, or other creative/logistical resources, please email flambe(at)

There will also be a number of workshops and smaller events throughout the year. Subscribe to sanfrancisco-announce-subscribe(at) to find out about those events as they are scheduled