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Tales from the Playa

If you have been to Burning Man, it is likely that you have had at least one of Those Moments: a period of some time on the playa that elevated your Burning Man experience to a greater significance.

These stories and experiences are the history of Burning Man. They give us a common thread and make us a community. Our population is only able to come together once a year, and because we all yearn to connect to one another much more frequently, we bring you Tales from the Playa.

Tales From The Playa are the dreams and memories of events that took place at Burning Man, as told by its participants. That’s you. You may have read much about Burning Man, on this website and elsewhere. But we believe the most intimate and vivid picture comes from Burners' first-hand accounts. So we welcome your well-written submissions to Tales From The Playa. It’s a great way to keep up your participation year-round.

What Tales From The Playa Are — And Aren't

A tale from the playa is one on-playa experience. This can be in the form of a text, audio, or video story. We also accept photo galleries.

A tale from the playa is not:

  • an essay about The Essence Of Burning Man
  • an "I Just Got Back From Burning Man, And Lemme Tell Ya” story
  • a travelogue of your entire week’s experience

A tale from the playa is sometimes:

  • a multi-year story, as long as it's all one story. Not if it's all of your Burning Man stories at once.
  • a poem that is also a story.

Please sample the diverse Tales already posted. We are interested in your unique experiences, episodes, or reflections. It is not necessary to provide general descriptions or advice about the event that have already appeared elsewhere.

We may select and edit any submission. (We do not post everything and will not post descriptions of illegal acts or false or inaccurate information.) If you make your submission as grammatically and stylistically precise as possible, that will enhance the likelihood that your exact expression will be posted as you intended.

Submit Your Tales From The Playa

Please send your written reflections as the body of an email message to reflections (at) burningman (dot) com. Send as many stories as you like, but send each separate story as its own submission.

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