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Coyote Nose V5:#01: 2007

Coyote Nose - American Dream

Oh purple mountains majesty
I live from sea to shining sea
I see no borders, just water and trees
I've always gone just where I please

But when I look on this land of ours
And see the ugly human scars
I try to think what it was like
Before being trenched with the American plight

But this plight had started as a dream
By people wishing to shed a regime
I lay in bed thinking what started it all
When did the American dream
Turn into a shopping mall

I remember stories in history class
Of how we grew and kicked the worlds ass
Always knowing the stories were thin
For history is written by those who win
So baby boomers grow fat and old
On fragile stories the fathers told

No wonder we flock to the desert of heat
Starved for ritual
Starved for fresh meat

Twas spontaneous acts that brought us around
We lit shit on fire
Burned shit to the ground
For spontaneity is in the marrow of our bone
Attracting like minds to our desert home

We were multi colored
with the same grains of fate
Independent and brash
A self reliant city state
But as society grows we turn to each other
Collaborative minds bond brother with brother
It's a trade off to make decisions together
Spontaneous flare is dulled by endeavor

So we see them come - we see them go
Each leaving a song as our heritage flows
Out growing our baby shoes and our hand-me-down clothes
As our city explodes and changes and grows

But in our kaleidoscope city one thing stays true
The Man stays the same
The ritual runs through
In his faceless crown he holds our spontaneous days
Keeps us aligned - holds the roots of our ways
Brings an order to center so our fountains can stream
Now wasn't that the American dream?

Oh beautiful for spacious skies
My oh my how our government lies
We must cleave our ways straight through their schemes
And pledge allegiance to our true dreams

Coyote Nose