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2010 Reno-Sparks-Wadsworth Recycling Project

The Reno-Sparks-Wadsworth Recycling Project -- very generously operated by Save Mart Supermarkets and Whole Foods Market in Reno and Sparks, and, new this year, by Trash Pros in Wadsworth -- returned another outstanding year in support of Burners recycling during and after Burning Man, thanks primarily to you. More participants were recycling per capita, as recycling numbers were up approximately 25% over 2009 (while Black Rock City's population was up by 18%). Whether due to more people knowing about the project, or more people taking advantage of this free and convenient service, recycling during and following the event is getting stronger every year since the project's inception in 2007.

Due to each partner having different contractual commitments with recycling vendors, and relative values of recyclables, recyclables went to different locations around the region. Each of the partners will be donating proceeds from the operation to Black Rock Solar. Save Mart raised and is donating $344 from the return on the metals it collected. Whole Foods Market is donating all of the $635 it raised from the garbage disposal services it provided to participants. Additionally, Whole Foods and Save Mart are again this year matching in donation the proceeds raised -- Save Mart is donating in total $688, and Whole Foods is donating $1000. Trash Pros is also donating $700. In total, $2388 will go to support a future Black Rock Solar installation in the region.

All bicycles collected by Whole Foods and Save Mart have been donated to the Kiwanis Bike Project in Reno-Sparks. Those collected by Trash Pros in Wadsworth have been donated to the American Legion Bike Project in Fernley-Wadsworth. Additionally, Kiwanis received bikes directly from Burners at their bike shop in Reno following the event. Both bike projects are dedicated to supporting local kids who could really use a bicycle. All non-perishable food and water dropped-off by Burners have been donated to local food banks.

On behalf of Save Mart Supermarkets, Whole Foods Market, Trash Pros, the Burning Man Project, Earth First Recycling, Schnitzer Steel, High Desert Recycling, the Kiwanis Bike Project, American Legion Bike Project, Food Banks of Northern Nevada, Full Circle Compost, Batteries+, Waste Management, Boy Scouts of America, Reno Gospel Mission, the Cities of Reno and Sparks and Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe in Wadsworth, Black Rock Solar, and Stephen Chandler (for the playa image on the flyer), thank you very much for your participation and care!

If you have any feedback or questions, please email: RenoRecycling (at) yahoo (dot) com

Below are the totals in recyclables (and, in parantheses, are the totals from 2009 for comparison). Unless otherwise noted, the unit of measurement is in cubic feet:

Save Mart:

Plastics -- 5450 (5130)
Metals -- 667 (819)
Glass -- 695 (658)
Cardboard -- 2173 (2244)
Bikes -- 85 bikes (122)
Batteries -- 35 lbs (35)
Water/Food -- 2.5 pallets

Whole Foods:

Plastics -- 810 (810)
Metals -- 270 (162)
Glass -- 216 (81)
Cardboard -- 216 (216)
Bicycles -- 32 (40)
Batteries -- 45 lbs (40)
Compost -- 30 gallons (150)
Water/Food -- 2 pallets

Trash Pros

Plastics -- 2100
Metals -- 750
Glass -- 125
Cardboard -- 600
Bikes - 20
Batteries - 35 lbs
Food/Water - 2 pallets

Kiwanis Bike Project

Bikes -- 200 (100)


Plastics -- 8360 (5940)
Metals -- 1687 (981)
Glass -- 1036 (739)
Cardboard -- 2989 (3060)
Bicycles -- 337 (262)
Batteries -- 115 (75)
Water/Food -- 6.5 palletsEnd of page

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