Countdown to the Burn

The Man burns on 2015 Sep 05

That's 30363038 seconds

That's 11 months,
17 days,
10 hours,
10 minutes and
38 seconds until the Man burns!

For you project-minded folks, Burning Man begins 49 weeks from now, which is 24 bi-weekly meetings, and roughly 98 weekend workdays away!

Check out our ticking popup countdown window. It's better than constantly reloading this page. (This will not work if you have a popup blocker. Use this link if you do.)

(NOTE: At times, you may notice a slight difference in this countdown with the one on the home page. The one on the home page is based on full days, whereas this countdown calculates the time up to the approximate time the Man burns: 9:30pm Pacific Time. This countdown is also based on local time in the Pacific Time Zone.) The popup window runs off of your local clock so it may also show a different time.