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11:11 Monument
by Erik Christensen and Rob Wethington
The 11:11 Monument is a tribute for the time 11:11. Four mammoth steel monolithic pillars rise out of the playa dust and terminate high in the sky. Images and symbols of fire, earth, wind, water, and 11:11s are placed on the obelisks. It is The Monument to 11:11, the only time of the day in which all digits are the same one. It is 11:11.

Contact: strebor1111 (at) yahoo (dot) com

11:11 Peridot Portal Oultline

The 11:11 Peridot Portal Outline is the fifth Portal installation created for Burning Man. It is based on the original 11:11 Diamond Portal created in 2004. This version is a steel tubing outline, like the Diamond Portal Outline created in 2005, that can be climbed on. It has the same basic geometry of the Diamond Portal, utilizing the golden ratio, but has five points instead of the original two points. This aspect relates it to last years Amethyst Portal based on a stellated dodecahedron which is 12 interlocking five pointed stars. All the Portals have used sacred geometry and color, and some have used sound, to provide interactive environments as keys to shifting the Earth into the next vibrational dimension and to align the participants multi-dimensional vibrational energy body with the Earth's and galaxy's to allow for this shift to take place.

Contact: h (at) harlanemil (dot) com

1:11 Sapphire Portal Center

The 1:11 Sapphire Portal Center is the center three geometrical constructions from the original Sapphire Portal created for Burning Man 2007. It consists of a half dodecahedron 80 inches across made of plywood and painted maroon that has the Quasar Wave Transducer sound sculpture inside of it vibrating it with low frequency feedback. It is surrounded by a metal half icosidodecahedron 13 feet across with the 10 triangles covered with stainless steel mirrors, creating a space for reflection. These are then covered by a 20 foot across half icosahedron steel tubing and aluminum shade structure. These geometries relate to the Earth's vibrational energy body, the dodecahedron and icosahedron being the current form and the icosidodecahedron what it is evolving to presently, creating a space for participants to interact with this evolution. These all sit on a 24 foot square sky blue carpet. It is lit with blue LEDs at night.

Contact: h (at) harlanemil (dot) com

Altar to the Dawn
by Daniel Claussen
Dawning - our time, our selves, the sun on the playa. Altar to the Dawning is a simple 100% translucent structure created to recognize and honor that beautifully powerful moment of time and space in the desert and in our lives...

Contact: daniel (dot) claussen (at) gmail (dot) com

Apaloosa Dreams
by Quill Hyde
One of the life size steel Acavallo carousel horses, mounted on a leaf-spring stand, ready to ride to nowhere.

by Jasmine Singh
An Apple is resting on the five mile perimeter of the Playa. In the time and age of machines, the Apple dates back to our perceived origin, folk tales, myths and scientific discoveries all the way to the present day consumer whorism. It featured in our origin myth of Adam and Eve, was handed by Paris to the most beautiful woman at the beginning of the Trojan War and the apple poisoned the innocent Snow White. It fell on Newtons head as he discovered gravity and graced New York City with the title of the Big Apple. Today, the profile of an apple finds its way into music players, computers, and various other tech gadgets and advertises perfection in marketing, brand loyalty and product design. It represents the pinnacle of capitalist machinery. On the Playa, this mythically loaded object will gain its own mythology.

Contact: jsingh (at) iastate (dot) edu

Avocamentum Galactica MkIV (You Are Here)
by Douglas Ruuska and Joshua Krueger
In the deep playa at night there are two separate sources of light - the eternal points of light in the sky and the temporary lights of our earthbound creation. One of these temporary points of light captures the cosmos and represents it on a human scale. This piece manifests our celestial birthplace; our galaxy, the Milky Way. Welcome home.

Contact: d_ruuska (at) hotmail (dot) com

Balloon Chain
by Robert Bose
Helium Balloon Sculpture.

Contact: lostinnny (at) aol (dot) com

Bare Humanity
by Igor Urisman
Darwin must be wrong. This scavenger is ready for survival in an urban environment and it's now here on the Playa....

Contact: igor (dot) urisman (at) gmail (dot) com

by Ruth Kneass and Friends
"bide" with the Old English meaning "to stay, continue, live, remain," also "to trust, rely".
There is a distant point in this land where you can discover a place to rest, away from the vibrant metropolis. Constructed of bamboo and rope bed, this piece called 'bide' is out there for you.


Benchley is a wooden park bench with a footrest, located under a shady gazebo that's lit by soft white light at night. Shade! Non-blinky lights! Good back support! Random delivery of snacks by the artist throughout the week!

Bliss Dance
by Marco Cochrane
Bliss Dance is a unique steel sculpture utilizing cutting edge design; an unabashedly breathtaking modern sculpture in structure and balance. She celebrates humanity and shows the feminine beauty, power and strength that emerges when women are safe and free to be themselves. Standing 40 feet tall, she is dancing naked with her eyes closed; a sign that the spirit of the community is healthy and the balance between male and female is present.

Contact: production (at) blissdance (dot) org

BM World Cup 2010
by Ben Alvarez
The BM World Cup 2010 is an interactive art project that represents a colorful and psychedelic miniature version of the FIFA soccer World Cup. A small soccer field is set up, delineated with EL wire and games are played mainly at night. Game are 3 vs 3 players, with mini-goals similar to those used in ice-hockey (made with recycled wood and also lit up). Players are given glow-in-the-dark uniforms and the games are played with a lighted soccer ball. There is a focus on creating teams by country or region, and there are both "pickup" matches as well as an organized Burning Man World Cup tournament. The games are short, lasting 10-20 minutes each. All ages, genders, races, species, etc are welcome to join in! Creative donations for trophies and prizes are also welcome.

Cheerleaders are also encouraged to come participate!

Contact: disksko (at) hotmail (dot) com

Bright Tree Sculpture
by Robert Michael, Andy Lee and Urban Pirate Variety Show
An interactive indoor/outdoor sculpture creates a fun, relaxed interactive space where participants play with illuminated fiber optic cables. Light effects of the bright tree can be controlled via various inputs that can be selected via remote control. The effects include sound reactive patterns, pre-programmed light shows, biofeedback, and participant controlled patterns.


Built Environment
by Dave Clay
Built Environment is a sculptural exploration of urban, architectural, social and technological growth in relationship to the surrounding natural environment, the consumption of resources, production and decay, and the dichotomy of its beauty that can be found across every massive urban environment. It is a reflection of the industrialized art of any metropolis that evolves from the continued ignorance and destruction of the planet. Built Environment is a landscape assembled from scrap metal and found urban objects with simple lighted rods that react to the environment surrounding it.

Contact: daveclay (at) gmail (dot) com

Burning Chapel of Love
by Lisa Tayebi-Maslowski and Craig Maslowski
The Burning Chapel of Love is gazebo built with hard work and love. It has a true chapel feel, is beautifully decorated and will be used for ceremonies throughout the week until Thursday evening when it will be used for a wedding then set on fire.

Contact: lisa (at) soulscreemer (dot) com

by Peter Longatti and Tilo Usbeck
A screen shot from Fritz Lang's Metropolis with a view of the Man. Peeping through a hole in the middle, people can see the Man which appears to be burning the whole week.

Burning Ring of Fire
by Dennis van Dongen
A 10 foot burning ring of fire, the basic element.

Burning Sky Skydiving Night Jump with Pyro Display
by Ken Jobsky
Friday night kinetic pyro display 2000 ft above the playa.

Burning Sky Wind Sock and Landing Target

A 30-foot-high bright orange wind sock marks the spot where participants can see Burning Sky Camp skydivers land (when possible) and provides information about the camp, firefly rides and events.

Bus Stop
by Toy (aka Ned Thanhouser) and Surly (Michele Kribs)
As if it fell out of the sky in the middle of is a section of downtown Metropolis' street, complete with a bus stop bench, street light, fire hydrant and of course, roadway for passing vehicles, including a manhole...but wait, there are treasures to be found, and treasures to be left for others to find...drop by, relax and explore this slice of the city. Maybe a bus will come by to take you to your destination...

Contact: ned (at) thanhouser (dot) org

by Kevin Hoelscher and Matt Duffin
A forest of Saguaros of varying sizes is created in the likeness of a metropolitan cityscape, complete with outlying "suburban neighborhoods" of smaller cacti that rise in scale to a "downtown" of sorts that towers above the visitor.

Carlos Castaneda Croquet
by Lily Struggles Simonson and Marz Landshark Robert
The ultimate object of Carlos Castaneda Croquet is to become a shaman (curandero sorcerer, man of knowledge, or nagual). Rather than the painted wooden balls in your mom and pop’s croquet set, Carlos Castaneda Croquet uses glowing multicolored magic-8 balls to elevate the game beyond an exercise in skill and to tap into forces of chance, mysticism, and cosmic destiny. Each wicket is fashioned from heavy duty rebar and wood, and bears instructions for a task that Don Juan asked Carlos Castaneda to perform as a means to becoming a shaman. After successfully passing his/her 8-ball through a wicket, the player checks the message on the 8-ball. If the message is affirmative, the player must perform the task written on the wicket before proceeding. If the message is negative, the player proceeds toward the next wicket. The more tasks completed, the closer the player is to becoming a shaman.

Contact: lilysimonson (at) gmail (dot) com

by Ron Todd and Charles Menoche
Three sound producing devices are embedded in the playa and participants will hear a composition that is comprised of manipulated field recordings in a random order that together produce an evocative environment.

Contact: hotsetup (at) comcast (dot) net

Celtic Forest: OINK
by Laura Kimpton, Jeff Schomberg and Celtic Forest Crew
This Year Celtic Forest will build the word "OINK". Each letter will be made of steel: 12 feet tall by 10 feet wide, by 4 feet deep. The letters will be skinned by steel with bird cut outs. Each letter will be light with LED lights. The "O" from last years Celtic Forest project will be used for the "O" in "OINK"

Contact: laurakimpton (at) aol (dot) com

Chestahedron: Crown Jewel of the Heart
by Glimmer aka Kathy Zwern with help from Sunshine
The bamboo structure is a large-scale representation of the chestahedron, a form discovered by Frank Chester. When a smaller model is placed at 36 degrees in a tank of spinning water, the model creates a swirl pattern that mimics the human heart.

Each side of the form has exactly the same surface area. There are four equal triangles and three equal four-sided shapes that look like kites. Mr. Chester has found that he can draw all the surfaces of this shape, flattened, by using two sizes of circles. The relationship between the size of the two circles is the Golden Mean, a ratio that governs many natural items such as the human body.

When placed within a globe, and set to spin, the results mimic the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis. In addition, the lines of the geometrical shape align with the patterns of seismic tomography data.

Contact: glimmerkz (at) yahoo (dot) com

Choir of the Winds
by Thomas E. Trower
Singing weather vanes

Contact: ttrower (at) sunflower (dot) com

Circe Lux
by Kelli Pope (rua) - artist. Support Crew: Andy Lacy, Scythe Klein, Willa Maher, Lisa Lonstron, Zoe Rudzi, Paul Sardoch, Kat Gibson
Circe Lux is inspired by the circles and cycles of our lives. She has the juxtaposition of large bones of steel, soft wings of natural fiber and a illuminated, spherical heart. Like the Metropolis, she a mix of structure and form created by and containing a human element.

Driven by her form and soul, she has no head to think with. The mind has no power here.
Driven by the winds of change, she has flowing wings to carry her. Stagnation has no ground here.
Driven by her heart; illuminated and beating within. Darkness has no hiding place here.
Driven by the strength of the circle, she soars and spirals. Fear has no sharp edge here.
Driven by exploration; she is vulnerable. Inflexibility has no strength here.
Driven by unlocking her mysteries; she bears wings to those who will commune with her. Only seeking souls have a place to stand here.

Circle Rules Football Field
by Maximilian Brownstein
Circle Rules Football is an action packed new sport played on a circular field with a giant exercise ball. It was conceived as an experimental theater project and developed over three years of play in Brooklyn, New York (with the participation of several Burners). Easy to learn, fun to watch, addicting to play, join us every day at 10am and sunset or anytime during the day.

Contact: circlerulescamp (at) gmail (dot) com

by Denny Smith aka dragnet
Visit the CityFish out on the fence past the Man......PERCHed upon the green fence sPIKEs, eclectic decorated fish will LURE you out to their school where SHADows dance ...DABble in this dusty diaspora .......BASSk in the RAYs of the sun......... fEEL the moon's true CHARacter pulling out your visions ...... the vastness of the blackRock playa becomes accessible.... it is well worth the rIDE......get educated, break the CODe of that conveyer belt to conformity......

Contact: phenceart (at) yahoo (dot) com

City Girls
by Audie Wiley and Shane Wiley
The four city girls are urban spontaneous females who each have their individual personality, urban city social role, objective, desire and unique beauty. 1. "Amparo" is a strong urban female that extends her right arm toward the Man. Amparo is one who offers shelter & protection to the Man and all urban dwellers. Amparo's features are sharp and she has a strong presence. 2. "Ainslie" owns her own meadow and is running toward it to escape the urban untidy hubs of social interaction. Ainslie shows the way to the meadow for urban dwellers. 3. "Adesha" is one who is full of fury and carries the chain and ball. Adesha fights off the urban dwellers who are trying to destroy the urban city. 4. "Aila" is one who bears a light. Aila shows the way to the urban city and lights up the city for all to see with her torch in her hand. All four sculptures are made out of metal rods and are of different heights.

City Life Reaching For Balance
by Daniel J. Lynch
City Life Reaching For Balance presents aspects of the building of a city with its impact on our environment and the choices we make that effect our lives and social interactions.

Contact: danieljames (at) gorge (dot) net

City Time
by Darren Fitzpatrick
Shadows that fall upon streets and footpaths create negative spaces which are sometimes more important then the buildings themselves. City Time communicates the beauty of architecture and the graffiti that has been sprayed upon these structures. The letters of word METROPOLIS become buildings and a sundial with the letter "I" as the hub of the dial. Its shadow will fall over the other structures which are in the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions thus creating a visual time piece for the playa.

Contact: darrendajourney (at) gmail (dot) com

Coffee To GO
by Mindy Drewes
What is the perfect example of "Big City" Lifestyle? Why Coffee of course! Coffee To Go is Giant To GO Coffee Cup (Similar to that of an un-named major chain that we are all famaliar with). People rely on Coffee as part of their daily lives - the commute to the office, meetings with the suits, hanging out with friends, reading books/newpapers, dates... all of these things revolve around drinking coffee.

Contact: Mindy (at) campkaching (dot) com

Constellation of One
by Kirsten Berg
Glistering on the horizon, stellar bodies rise on the Playa. At the center emerges a 12’x14’ star tetrahedron with a continuous, undulating skin of convex mirrors. Like a network of cells, the viewer finds their likeness gathered into each nucleus, framed in the complexity of BRC - on all scales, from every perspective - fractal portraits of a fractal organism.

Inside, one enters a glittering, constellated shrine of reflection of kaleidoscopic gazing points, infinity mirrors and refractions surrounding them that echo and honor the light and chaos of our existence. The budding forms of the spherical mirrors hint at creative ripening and a renaissance of the organic/fractal metropolis. As our reflections bounce off the mirrors they intersect, then widen exponentially into eternity. A moment of reflection, beginning with one, transforms into Infinity.

As we form the constellation of the creative a question arises: what does the collective eye/‘I’ envision?

Contact: yogamorph (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Lisa Pongrace and Merrilee Proffitt
Cultivated is an homage to the formal end of white shoe season, which runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. As white shoe season draws to a close, we offer the Shoe Tree so that Burning Man participants can get their fill of white shoes before the go back into the closet for eight months.

Contact: merrilee (at) merrilee (dot) org

Darwin on the Pot

Darwin On The Pot is a façade of portapotties that by itself invites distant participants with its familiarity, but upon arrival places them in a surreal state of disbelief, and then upon closer inspection directs them to the closest actual potty. Darwin On The Pot is an interactive, engaging installation, that is about coming face to face with the unexpected, inciting positive changes in how we learn to adapt and manage the unexpected and sometimes unwelcomed uncertainties in life. These are the situations that grow us most as individuals and as a species.

Contact: darwinonthepot (at) gmail (dot) com

Deep Playa Shrine #42

Here is a place to sit
Stare at the mountains
Stare at the stars
Thank you

Contact: Spinelli (at) VictorSpinelli (dot) com

by Amy Lewis and David Pfeifer
A desert metropolis of one hundred modern bastakiya are placed in the desert of Nevada. At varying distances from each other, the wind towers undulate as they condense throughout the playa. Pioneering the field of white structures, one may get lost.. one may discover an impromptu event hidden in the base of a tower.. one may lounge inside and experience a delicious breezy oasis shaded from above.

Metropolises both invite and encourage the encounter. Desertropolis is no different. Chance meetings within the field or its towers may even include coming up upon a mobile mountain - which transports one to all points beyond.

If one happens upon Desertropolis at sunset transformation occurs. Towers begin emitting sounds, glowing from within. Magical mashrabiya appear- ancient patterns spreading across each tower - all unique - all hiding- all revealing.

Contact: AmyLewis (dot) Architecture (at) gmail (dot) com

Disco Ball

Disco Ball is a giant, floating disco ball. 15 feet across and filled with helium, it hovers 20 feet above playa.

By day it appears as a silver ball hovering just above the horizon in the distance, occasionally catching a flash of sunlight. By night, its presence is as varied as its audience. A mobile sound system can turn it in to a dance venue. By itself it is quiet beauty, space and light.

Contact: rene (at) automaticeverything (dot) com

Diver UP! Mirage #2
by Victor Spinelli
Diver UP! is a 20 foot tall black and white photograph of a topless women holding a Mark IV deep sea diving helmet. On her head is banner mesh material and it appears that she is rising out of the desert floor.

Contact: Spinelli (at) VictorSpinelli (dot) com

by Jeff Macek, Christie Sandford and Randall McKay
Three metal figures sit around a Christmas tree. One is holding a cell phone and texting Merry Christmas to another figure. The second one is on a computer chatting. The third is watching a television that is gutted and inside is a figurine of Jesus Christ supported by a woman white cast department-store manikin-model hand. Loose wiring everywhere is twisted inside the television and around Jesus' prostrate figure. There are sputtering lights from the wiring and a flashing from the hands.

The installation explores the cold disconnection that technology has brought upon human interaction in the metropolis as we lose our electrical (and human) connection. The television figurine of Jesus is the only source of warmth (represented by the light) but even that is dying and sputtering. It is no longer faith that suspends Jesus in his hour of enlightenment but commerce in the place of the human spirit. (The technology are all from recycling depot.)

Contact: info (at) akairways (dot) com

Dust City Diner
by Michael Brown
The Dust City Diner is a magical 40s style diner, complete with a quilted stainless steel backsplash, red leather stools, chrome finishes, the Ink Spots and the Andrews Sisters on the radio, and -- of course -- blue plate specials. Oh yeah, we have a few waitresses, too.

Contact: dustcitydiner (at) gmail (dot) com

Earth Tone
by Richard Rhodes, Todd Cole and Marin Fasano
The Sacred Geometry of the shaded dome aligns this interactive space with the stars to create an interactive sculpture for all ages. The kinetic energy of visitor play drives a tonal exploration of the earth’s core resonance; D-flat (also the tone of "Aum" – also written as "Om" from the Sanskrit).

Contact: richard (at) rhodesworksdesign (dot) com

Electric Lazy

The "Electric Lazy" is easily identifiable in the modern Metropolis as the common household recliner. However, this is far from the truth, as participants will soon discover once they begin their journey with it. The "Electric Lazy" provides a realm of sensory overload allowing participants to disassociate from their sense of self and travel beyond this consciousness to a place that can only be described as "Lazy Land."

Contact: mightymike032 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Emerald Kitty
by Kathy D'Onofrio
EMERALD KITTY is an adaption of the ancient/fictional Greek city of Troy, with a feminist, feline twist:
Over 1,000 years ago eyeless, anasazi cats left their dying plantetary system-The Cat's Eye Nebula-in search of a new home. Their mothership THE IRIS brought them to the Black Rock Desert on planet Earth to build their new outpost using local materials.

The cats are sightless because the Feline Eris threw golden eyeballs to the most beautiful goddess she-cats so they could see themselves through the "eyes" of others. After eating the eyeballs, all newborn kits were henceforth born blind.

Directed reflection, performed by The Sphinx at the entrance to EMERALD KITTY gives participants a chance to "see" how other cultures define inner beauty.

Participants manifest their true potential by meditating inside the crystal-bearing Kat-Thedral anchoring EMERALD KITTY.

Contact: kathygirl (at) ltol (dot) com

by Amanda Thomas
Entrapolis is 9 feet high, lit with high grade LEDs and resembles a temple. On the outside, the structure is painted to blend into the landscape of the playa. The inside is an interpretation of life in Metropolis that consists of three levels with the top two levels opened to the skies. Speakers embedded into these movable layers and sound can be directed in or out and the action of opening the structure represents the dichotomy between entrapment in society and the freedom of will to envision something beyond it. There is always a choice.

Contact: waofl (at) yahoo (dot) com

Existential Transit Authority

The Existential Transit Authority provides invisible, intangible, completely sustainable public transportation to all of Black Rock City. Bus stops are located at each intersection. Choose your own authenticity!

Eyes Wide Open Iraq/Afghanistan War Memorial
by KennyBlunt and SheilaMonster
The Eyes Wide Open War Memorial uses combat boots, photographs, and information to honor those who have lost their lives serving in these two American conflicts.

First Colony
by Tim
A circle of 30 white life forms ranging in height from 2 ft to 7 ft, First Colony mimics the first colonies of sea creatures. Each form is unique, but is created from the same genetic building blocks — fabric, wire, pipe. Each form harvests the sun’s energy during the day and releases it at night as light.

Since each form is autonomous, is the grouping truly a community? First Colony stimulates visitors to think about proximity, similarity, shared goals, and what makes a community. Each form could be placed individually throughout the city, but together they are better able to attract the attention of visitors. The colony allows visitors to notice similarities and differences in the forms. At night, the combined light of the colony makes the whole more visible than the individual, keeping the colony safe vehicles, while attracting the attention of visitors.

Contact: tim (at) schapker (dot) com

Flowers from Heaven

Flowers for the Temple burn.
These large sized wearable Flowers made of painted paper mache will be planted at the Temple at a specified time during the Event. Flowers from Heaven are offerings to be burned with the Temple.

by Dana Albany
Gargoyles on the Burning Man Platform.

Contact: danaalbany (at) juno (dot) com

Gigloo - Serenity Sanctuary Igloo
by Rick Williams
This project takes Bucky Fuller's vision to reality in a whole and exciting new way. What makes this geodesic structure unique is that it uses environmental friendly insulation foam (BlueFoam) as the structure. Burning Man is a great testing ground with extreme temperatures, dust storms and exposure to the elements and the Geodesic Igloo Project will be open for participants to encounter the project's ability to withstand extreme hot and cold temperature, rain and wind while keeping the occupants dry at a constant ambient temperature and humidity. It is made to be self sufficient with solar charged batteries for lighting and ventilation.

Contact: williams2150 (at) hotmail (dot) com

by David Boyer
Gizmo is a wind-driven machine designed to demonstrate that wind power can be harnessed effectively and efficiently by artistically pleasing contraptions. Gizmo consists of a horizontally mounted paddle wheel fitted with wind catching scoops. These scoops are not stationary, but rather rotate, and alternately feather and catch as the paddle wheel spins through its 365-degree cycle. Gizmo’s complex motion is intriguing and hypnotic to watch.

Contact: windart (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Glance Floor
by Sondra Carr and Jim Cavera
The Glance Floor appears to be a small dance floor until dancers look down, where they will see what appears to be people trapped beneath the metal grate trying various methods to get their attention. The floor is flanked by two interactive phone booths that will connect to one another and be able to be observed from the Glance Floor.

Contact: j_cavera (at) yahoo (dot) com

GLORB [Glo-Orb]
by Brant Moore
Through dusts of time the Metropolis grows brighter and more complex. So too a lone orb begins in darkness, void of light. Slowly it grows in brightness and complexity as visitors can add to its luminescence.

Contact: brantmoore (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Julie Bright
Gnomonosity is a medium scale, horizontal sundial project that functions as a day and night time keeper. The steel gnomon is the vertical piece that creates the shadow. It is in the shape of a triangle, with plasma cut stars. During the day, time is shown by the shadow of the sun. At night, time is shown by having the corresponding number glowing red. Tick marks indicate if it is the 15, 30 or 45 minute of the hour. The 15s are blue, the 30s are red and the 45s are green. When it's 3:45 in the morning, the 3 is red and the green LED that follows glows. At night the time is within 15 minutes of accuracy.

Contact: gnomonosity (at) gmail (dot) com

Grand Mal
by Todd Polenberg, Jason Cipriani and Ben Bartelle
Grand Mal is an attempt to reach the sublime through interactive synesthesia.

Contact: twina (at) imagenode (dot) org

Hands of Metropolis
by Jan DeLano and Wendell DeLano
The Body, Mind, Spirit and Love ideals unite together, to lend a hand for the creation of a Metropolis.

Contact: jan (at) delanoconsulting (dot) com

Heart of the City
by Kiki Kaboodle and Heliarc
A candybox heart of love and art, the Heart of the City glows red to Metropolis day and night. Citizens feeling love can walk through the heart, pose under it and be warmed by Kiki Kaboodle's photo exhibit of people in love. Created by two Burners who fell madly in love at Black Rock in 2008.

Contact: kaboodle (at) fryklund (dot) com

Helix Spire
by Erich Remash and Chris Thomas
Mundane materials come together as a modest 28 foot tall helix shaped climbing toy.

Contact: masho (at) remash (dot) com

Home Away from Home

Home Away from Home is a residence for visiting aliens, or, alternatively, a place for anyone feeling alien, to get a little more comfortable. While outwardly looking like a flying saucer, it is actually a place of comfort, contemplation and refuge.

Human Interactive Sundial

The Human Interactive Sundial allows people to use their own shadow to tell accurate time during the day by standing on the Sundial platform and reading the numbers under their shadow on the full size human scale sundial.

Contact: duncantelluride (at) gmail (dot) com

by The Monuments to the Momentous Project
An ever-changing monument to the participants of the Metropolis, this 'humanument' allows everyone on the playa the opportunity to become a heroic part of Burning Man history. Climbing abreast this figure-sized plinth, participants may embody a version of themselves as monument for the city. Participants may choose to don a statuesque costume, write out their epitaph on a magnetic plaque then ascend the plinth and, if they desire, photograph themselves with a remote. The photographs collected will then become part of a website dedicated to these ephemeral yet monumental moments.

“Step up, invent your past, strike a pose, slink back into anonymity"

Contact: humanument (at) gmail (dot) com

Inside the Box of Time
by Deborah Colotti
Searching along the rural back roads of the county yielded thousands of animal bones from which to build desert-worthy artworks. By cleaning and sorting these stunning skeletons aesthetic arrangements were discovered and constructed on various armatures. These boney assemblages now decorate and sway upon upright folding structures beneath which sets of sitting and reclining furniture are placed for respite and contemplation. Monochromatic desert colors help these boney structures disappear on the playa like a mirage from the 4th dimension.

Contact: deborah (at) dcolotti (dot) com


Invisible seeks to examine the dichotomy that exists between labor and product, and laborer and consumer. When consumed, the value of a project is dictated by the result of labor. However the laborer values his or her work, and hours of dedication. Not necessarily the product. Labor is supposed to be invisible. It is unnoticed until it interferes with our daily routine and it is essential to the lives we lead. This project is a combination of an open playa stage and a durational performance that seeks to be a non consumeable product. The installation is a simple wooden stage lit by construction halogen lamps. Every day from 6am to 3pm Patrick will hand drive 5,267 16 penny framing nails into the stage floor. At all other times it will be an open space.

Contact: cap (dot) hulk (at) gmail (dot) com

Joyism Tree
by Rupert "ProjectBoy" Hart and Silicon Village friends
A new form of wind-powered kinetic art, the Joyism Tree is designed to celebrate the fun and spirit of Joyism that is destined to the dominant religion of the 30th Century. Originally conceived as a pure thought experiment, imagine a "mobile" (a freehanging sculpture affected by wind currents, as invented by Alexander Calder) – but upside-down and pivoted from the ground. Wind gusts lean the whole tree over and the elaborate counterweights pull it upright, twisting and turning in the wind. Carefully engineered with spiral-wound filaments of glassfiber, the sculpture has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The "leaves" are designed through obscure engineering principles, to oscillate, flutter and vibrate even in a constant wind.

Contact: rupert (at) joyism (dot) com

by Brian and Marley Windham Herman
it is invisible.
it means the answers to the universe lie within.

Contact: doctorherman (at) hotmail (dot) com

La Colmena Humana

La Colmena Humana is a light installation that examines the individual as part of the whole. What breathes life into a metropolis is its citizens, and its organization is based on how the interactions between these citizens take place. An armada of 50 idol-sized city goers will take rank and humbly illuminate the playa by night.

Contact: xaviervalarino (at) umail (dot) ucsb (dot) edu

Land Sharks
by Todd Williams
The Landsharks are (2) four foot long remote controlled, animated, el-wire neon, Sharks from Santa Cruz CA. Sparky and Betty swim, breath and bite while playfully interacting with the citizens of Black Rock City.

Contact: ktwtodd (at) gmail (dot) com

by Mike Thielvoldt and Lira Filippini
Lepidodgera is a breathtaking steel butterfly with a hydraulic wing span of 55'. The chrysalis from which the butterfly has emerged may be boarded by participants. Here can be found various interactive widgets and a friendly operating crew, as this art piece is kinetic and may wander the playa.

Liberation Portal
by Stanley Robinson
Pulled from the recycling bins at habitat for humanity the Liberation Portal is a doorway to free yourself of emotional baggage, fears, worrries, negative feelings or any negative energy you would like to rid your spirit of. Once you pass through the portal you have been given a wish, the wish of liberation, and freedom. Leave your troubles behind, as they go up in smoke Saturday night.

Limited Vision Mirror
by Phillip Glau
See yourself through the eyes of the machine in a binary world. A freestanding, low rez hand built LED display reflects a vision of you in real time and decidedly low fidelity.

Contact: philglau (at) ridiculousprods (dot) com

Lindhart's Tulips
by Ashley and Jason Davidson, Allison and Tom Grover and Trevor Gauntlett
Lindhart's Tulips celebrate the art of play in the middle of a metropolis. Colorful Tulip-Shaped spinner bowls are enjoyed by people of all ages. Play, spin and giggle a little as the child in you comes alive.

by Sean Stevens
lowRes is short for Low Resource is a mobile , pedal powered alternative energy statement that requires no fuel. It has an impressive sound and light setup with lights synchronized to music and Simulated Flame Effects. Participants interact by powering lowRes and taking turns pedaling and thereby creating electricity that turns into movement, light and sound. 4' by 2' Color LED wall included.

Contact: i (at) seanstevens (dot) com

MEGATROPOLIS....The Life and Death of a City
by Chris Hankins aka Kiwi
MEGATROPOLIS is a loose interpretation of a City skyline, ironically built in probably the emptiest place in the entire world... how delicious! MEGATROPOLIS is constructed from timber framing and plywood cladding to create a strong and profound image of a City covering 5,000 sq ft at approximately 2,000' directly behind The Temple. The piece has a combined presence that evokes wonder and amazement to all citizens to become part of this City.

Artists apply their art.... Performers perform their art.... Dreamers dream....what if?

Contact: megatropolisproject2010 (at) gmail (dot) com

by L.A. Sugai
Metro is a large frame resembling an entrance to the underground in a city. It is situated so that the man is framed inside with the purpose of providing an interactive, thematic photo opportunity.

Contact: lazooka_5000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Metro Jasana
by Alex McLean
Natarajasana, an elegant yoga pose evoking peace, balance and grace perches above a glowing and pulsating city-scape. Where humans and humanity often seem to become lost in the chaos of the cities we create, this piece aims to remind us that we can find some harmony in those harsh environments.

Contact: dirthippie (at) gmail (dot) com

Metropolis Dome
by Mark Moulding and Lin Weiss
In this dome participants can experience how the other half lives. The workers whose labors make our own lives so comfortable and pleasant have left their workstations, and we can try out the equipment. It's a fun, interactive, good-for-all-ages play zone.

Mighty Termitey
by Emily Green, Jean-François Gauthier, Valérie Letelier and Pierre Gauthier
Metropolises often conjure images of towering man-made creation yet within nature there are many examples of organized construction and society. The termite mound is a classic example of an animal society complete with divided responsibility and vast construction. Mighty Termitey is a sculpture that blends the metropolis of human creation with that of nature showing the ancient roots of human civilization and that challenges the Burning Man citizen with the notion that we humans are not alone in our ability to create metropolises. We share our ability to build cities with animals and insects: it is in our DNA like in every being to slowly, piece by piece build complex systems adapted to our species.

Contact: mightytermity (at) jfgauthier (dot) com

Mind's Eye
by James Reinhardt and Scott Chico Raskey
A hypnotizing sculpture that is interactive and engaging. Let the art machine take you in and open your Mind's Eye with its spinning disks that are controlled by independent cranks. For serious hypnotists, only.

Contact: reindesign (at) gmail (dot) com

by Tim Bremner
A skyline in the desert that appears out of nowhere turning to twinkling lights at night. Its scale makes you feel large and in charge.

Monday Night Fireworks
by Wally Glenn
To celebrate the start of Burning Man, we will light fireworks at 9:00 PM, after the first official fire event. Burn It.

Contact: jan (at) delanoconsulting (dot) com

by Scott Kraske and Tom Walters (Engineer)
MONOTROPOLIS: an homage to Kubrick and Clarke featuring an interactive Monolith that is the symbol for peace in the universe. In 2010 peace reigns and The Life of Man in Cities will look into the darkness and see: It's full of stars.

Contact: scott (at) urielsjournal (dot) com

Mood Swing

A large art-deco tripod holds up a horizontal disk. Below, a porch swing. Above, a tiny skyscraper. The Mood Swing exists to answer a question: What's it like to swing on a swing that hangs from another swing? As with many questions, the answer may depend upon who asks, how the answer is sought, and whether one chooses to collaborate. The answer may even change over time. In balance to the motion of the swings, the building upstairs provides a a still point, and perspective from above the fray. Movement, stillness, and the meandering transitions between, these are the evocations of the Mood Swing.

Contact: steve (at) glenwoodfree (dot) net

Moonshine Sunrise
by Thomas Haan
Ain’t no prohibition out here. The Moonshine Sunrise is an outpost for rebels, vagabonds, and ne’er-do-wells located along the outer reaches of the Metropolis near the boundary. An ideal place to catch a sunrise, either to start your day or to end it. Come for the sunrise, stay for the moonshine.

Contact: thaan (at) bojon (dot) com

Mountain View
by Tony Charrett and Zoe Jong
The Mountain View is a brick wall that is 30 feet long, 8 inches wide and 7 and a half feet high. It is an homage to urban graffiti art in any city center. The wall itself represents all the walls and barriers put up in cities to keep people out or designate what is mine and not yours. Mountain View has graffiti of murals and messages on it to give the portentous structure back to the people that see it and experience it everyday; the people of the streets. There are missing bricks throughout the wall to see what is on the other side and to give the viewer a realization that the wall is just a man made structure, capable of being destroyed.

Contact: fatman_pants (at) hotmail (dot) com

Moving Mega TwisterOpolis
by Noelle Charles and Terry Pratt
Lookout! Its Moving Mega TwisterOpolis. This is not your Grandma's twister. This has separate movable circles that you can move and create your own wicked little game rules. Circles that are big enough to share...... maybe even make up your choice of body parts.... its up to you. Just spin the wheel. But, don't count on it to be in the same place you last came upon it....wait....I better rephrase that. When the Twista Sistas decide it gonna move, its gonna relocate. Where.....? Well....invite us somewhere, we will come, Maybe. Saturday night it will be at the Mytropolis burn. Come find us and play.

Contact: dangerousgrace (at) earthlink (dot) net

by Peat Ibarra
Mytropolis is a multi dimensional multi person sculpture garden based on the idea of a circular city. A 20 foot tall searchlight spins at night illuminating Mytropolis from the top of a stairway arch. Looking like a fish eye view of a very small world and with a layout similar to Black Rock Rock City, Mytropolis is bisected by one major road leading to "The Man" and is divided into height zone street blocks with buildings 8 to 6 feet tall in the Red zone, 6 to 3 feet tall in the Yellow zone and 4 to 1 foot tall in its Green zone. The entire project space is surrounded with LEDs that also light the interiors of some buildings.

Neverwas Haul
by Shannon O'Hare
Neverwas Haul is a self-propelled 3-story Victorian House made from 75% recycled equipment and materials, based on a Jules Verne-inspired imaginary world where steam technology is considered cutting edge. Participants interact with the intrepid explorers of the Academy of Unnatural Sciences by viewing the specimens and trophies of their travels. Additionally, demonstrations of steam-generated "green" projects on the Grand Steam Expedition Stage include a solar distiller, a steam generator, and a bio-peat mill which utilizes waste from the Steam Camp: gray water, paper products, and coffee grounds. All participants are welcome to interact as fellow explorers or "natives" and to join the Academy in its explorations, either on the Haul as it transverses the playa or at the Stage. The Stage is also a venue for performers, lecturers and actors interested in Victorian-style entertainment. The Neverwas Haul and the Academy interact with other steam-based art installations.

Contact: shannon_o_hare (at) yahoo (dot) com

Nota Bene - latin for "note well"
by Anthony Decker
Walking across the playa you encounter a lone refrigerator covered with magnetic letters, symbols and numbers. Would you like to leave a message, write a poem or express yourself? Don't forget your grocery list. Don't bother looking in the 'fridge - just like home- there's nothing in it.

Contact: badger (at) hugthebadger (dot) com

Noxious Weed (a night blooming flower)

A giant potted flower that slowly blooms as people wander up to it.

Contact: otoprecords (at) gmail (dot) com

Oaza Stella
by Dominique Kalata and Dan O'Reilly
A Stellar Oasis.

Contact: oazastella (at) gmail (dot) com

Panorama Wall
by Brad Templeton
A wall featuring giant photographs of Black Rock city in full from prior years

Park Porch
by Jon Morris
"any clodhopper may say: Let there be a tree—and there will be one."
Aldo Leopold from A Sand County Almanac

Park Porch provides public green space to the metropolis of Black Rock City -- a mini forest within a harsh desert landscape. Structural plexi-glass sandwiches a photographic print of green treetops in a deep forest. Green grass underneath invites visitors to lounge in the dappled sunlight passing through the trees. Persons above will communicate to persons below through shadows cast on the trees or peek through a clear section of plexi. At night, LEDs twinkle like fire flies in the trees illuminating the image from below. Low walls block wind and dust making Park Porch a key destination within deep playa.

Contact: jon (at) thewindmillfactory (dot) com

by Kimchi Camp
"Conventionally, neighborhood parks are considered boons conferred on the deprived populations of cities. Let us turn this thought around and consider city parks deprived places that need the boon of life and appreciation conferred on them" Jane Jacobs - The Life and Death of Great American Cities.

Parklife provides an escape from the intensity of crowded urban spaces. Playtime, nap time, picnic time - the park is there for the enjoyment of citizens of Black Rock City - even after dusk falls. Undesirables and subversive activities welcome.

Contact: jjcrompt (at) sfu (dot) ca

Pee Funnel Dispenser
by Pee Funnel Camp
Pee Funnel Camp presents a second, self-lit, self-standing Pee Funnel Dispenser. It is a yellow rectangular box with the Pee Funnel Camp logo that holds pee funnels inside.

Contact: diablolita (at) gmail (dot) com

Perpetual Pirouette
by Steve Roper
Through the use of zero friction, this art will allow perpetual motion of the different shaped art, with the slightest breeze.

Contact: sgr_1 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Philosophy Garden
by Russell Wilcox
The Philosophy Garden is a place for free discussion and debate about beliefs and important questions, besides being a nice place to sit in the shade. Speakers standing near a classical colonnade are questioned by skeptics relaxing under arching trees of metal and cloth. Nearby, someone checks the definition of a philosophical term printed on the leaf of a copper plant, and ponders the conflict with the adjacent leaf. Could they read all thirty of the be-leafs without disturbing that person sprawled on a rustic bench reading Wittgenstein? Playa peasants sitting under the overgrown Greco-Roman columns look like they’re in an18th century painting, but they’re discussing Hindu idealism and the upcoming evening presentation on quantum physics. “Should we bring a laser pointer? I hear there will be experiments.”

Phoenix Rising Project
by Jessica Weiss
Come enjoy the warmth of a fire pit at the Phoenix Rising sculpture, a repurposed, recycled materials art piece portraying the mythical Phoenix Bird, a symbol of transformation, life cycles and the extraordinary ability of mankind to develop and evolve.

Contact: jleighweiss (at) gmail (dot) com

Photon Puddle
by Ilya Polyakov
Photon Puddle is a sheet of green light projected ankle-high over the playa surface, illuminating the dust and turning it into an interactive medium. The area bounded by the "shore" of the light plane provides space to frolic in the dust much as children do in puddles. Since the puddle water is replaced by lit up dust, please refrain from kicking it in anyone's face. The installation is automatically activated from dusk till dawn.

Contact: carnivore (dot) robotics (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Views
by Peggy Wilson
Playa Views is a steel-framed gazebo with a frieze of "windows" to the playa -- Black Rock Mountain in sunset to the West, Pyramid Lake and the Serpent Mother in sunrise to the East, the Temple of Flux in flames to the North, and Black Rock City to the South. BRC citizens can enjoy both the natural and "window" views from the gazebo's interior benches.

Contact: peggy (at) bighairfireandglass (dot) com


Postmoderncomix is an attempt to bring comic characters to life, putting them in real life scenarios and having them (through speech balloons) engage in dialogue to the people around them. Postmodern as they are aware of their own identities as cartoons and use elements of irony and pastiche. Just being in the BRC setting is pastiche.

Contact: postmoderncomic (at) yahoo (dot) com

Povera Gaea
by JD Ravenel
The pinnacle of our culture's impact on Mother Earth is the spires, skyscrapers, urban lofts, and factories that make up the modern city. Povera Gaea represents the energetic relationship between cities and earth by inverting a the city on the interior of a globe, rather than as we experience cities, rising up from the Earth. The alternative perspective encourages the viewer to consider the impact of our culture and cities on Mother Earth. The city is welded of mild steel, stainless steel, and brass, enclosed within a mild steel globe of bar and rod.

Contact: funguroo (at) gmail (dot) com

by Christine Betow
A wall of honeycomb rises out of the desert only to disappear from whence it came. Propolis reminds of of what was and the inevitability of things to come.

Contact: betowce (at) gmail (dot) com

Pyramid Cocoon
by Seth McGinnis
Pyramid Cocoon is an interactive sculpture, a microcosmic city that contrasts the angular to the fluid, the neutral to vibrant color, and the grounded to floating. Inspiration comes from the ancient pyramids—dwellings providing safe passage into the next life, and cocoons—which serve the same purpose, but at the opposite side of life. Magenta-colored hammocks resembling cocoons are suspended between a center column and the outer beams creating a pyramid. Four cocoons are suspended at a higher level. Participants can either sprawl out or wrap themselves up in the fabric.The interior ground is carpeted and the piece is lit at night by LED lighting.

Contact: msethmcg (at) yahoo (dot) com

Red Passage
by Sean Hennessy
800 lasers dance the length of two intersecting corridors while motorized panes of glass spin to create a hypnotic ocean of red light. Beams of light refract through holographic film, producing an immersive visual experience that explores the interconnectedness of light and physical space. Sound, motion and proximity sensors encourage visitor interaction and allow the installation to respond to its environment. From twilight until dawn.

Contact: redpassage (at) seanwich (dot) com

Reflecting Pool
by Michael Emery with assistance from Kato Takano and Trainwreck T Salinas
Reflecting pool is a 7' tall stack of hexagonal pyramids and inverted hexagonal pyramids. Each section of the tower reflects in form the section above and below it. The sculpture is also covered with small cut mirrors so that each face reflects the surrounding geography including any nearby viewers/participants.

The form of Reflecting Pool is inspired by art deco architecture and the Greek Canon of Human Proportion. This installation is a further attempt to raise questions about the nature of perception, identity of self and relationship to others, relationship to socially acceptable and unacceptable attributes as projected outward or inward in the human monkey game.

Contact: miko111 (at) comcast (dot) net

by Dave Aiazzi, Dolores Aiazzi and Leah Chubb
In every great Metropolis music plays a vital role. rePIANOproject is the revisiting of a classic tradition of public music as a community event and art form. rePIANOproject is a tribute to the importance of public art and music in the development of any metropolis and the way that music shapes that entity. rePIANOproject is the continuation of a project of public art demonstrated in Reno, NV. rePIANOproject is intended to both involve the community in an interactive way that asks for public music and art and ask the question of the importance of music and art in a public setting and whether that need is being fulfilled in their metropolis.

Contact: brcnvusa (at) gmail (dot) com

by Matthew Silvey
Here we have roaches. The denizens of scraps, leftovers and anything that can be reduced to small pieces and carried off. They probably crawled into your food bin while you weren't looking!

Contact: matthew (at) dancewithdevils (dot) com

Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots
by David Ljung Madison
The dueling robots from your youth are now big enough to knock your block off. Be the Red Rocker or the Blue Bomber, and battle an opponent with life-sized Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots!

Rose Circle
by Anna-Gaelle Lucy Marshall
Rose Circle is an open roof octagonal gazebo built for quiet contemplation and joyous celebration. It is a place where hand fasting ceremonies are held for lovers to delight in their union. It is a sanctuary; a space for reflection, release and rebirth.

Contact: rosebrigade (at) gmail (dot) com

by Rupert "ProjectBoy" Hart and Silicon Village friends
Ever wondered what is really going on in the mind of Rotwang, the wealthy dictator from the 1927 Fritz Lang movie "Metropolis", the man who brings a sexy robot to life? You might think it is filled with gray matter and DNA. You would be wrong! In fact his head is filled with humanoid robots having fun. This four foot hollow cross-section of Rotwang’s head has a robotic creature surfing the tongue, chased by a robotic shark. The man’s eye rolls under control of a robot and displays messages. A robot diver exits the ear. A "California Threesome" of robots completes the vista. Each of these robots has several motors controlling their joints and the sequence is controlled by several computers. Participants can interact with the artpiece.

Contact: rupert (at) joyism (dot) com

Sacred Pyramid
by Hannah Fischer
A large pyramid of folded paper stands in the desert and when approached reveals details such as the Sierpinski pattern and intricate folds. The pyramid looks and feels sturdy, yet is created out of paper. It is an exploration of the fragility of paper and the combination of geometrical forms. The pyramid has a distinct presence in the desert that offers intrigue to the passerby.

Santon LaVey's Lair
by Paul de Jong
Santon LaVey's Lair is a self service Santon space. It is a small dark room with lots of red light, Christmas ornaments, and backwards playing Christmas music. There is a throne where people can sit and channel the spirit of Santon LaVey. Outside the structure there is a sign that explains who Santon is and how to channel him. There are also instructions for those who wish to sit on Santon's lap.

Contact: santon (at) kjpaul (dot) com

Sentinels (of the Ancient Sea)
by Andy Goldman and Charlotte Belezos
Sentinels (of the Ancient Sea) are a grouping of 10 guardians located on the outer boundaries of the Playa. The Sentinels keep watch on the Black Rock Mountains and the ever changing sky, warding off any potentially negative vibes and providing a peaceful outpost for burners. Ranging in height from 10 ft to 16 ft and draped in flowing fabrics of blues, greens and whites, the Sentinels appear to float above the desert and the ancient sea that used to fill the region.

Skypad Apartments
by Bob Mazewski
Coming soon to this location. Skypad Apartments! As Seen on TV. Reserve your apartment among the clouds starting in August 2010.

Contact: wizzard (at) wizzard (dot) com

Sound Sparkles
by Uli Klumpp, Michi Catanese and Stefan Werner
Sound Sparkles creates relaxing sounds from your motions. Sit down and enjoy how Sound Sparkles responds to your body.

Contact: soundsparkles (at) keindesign (dot) de

Sonic Hydronic
by David Asmussen
An interactive rhythmic and tonal creation that demonstrates the sonic beauty of metropolitan infrastructure.

by Scott Gilmore
S.S. Roving Metropolis is an ongoing project involved with the nature of human social living that asks "Is establishing permanent dwellings and large metropolises, necessary to maintain a group culture, at the expense of mother nature." As a mobile installation it is equipped with all of the basic needs to be radically self sufficient and adds to them creating a level of comfort. These systems include both conventional technologies hybridized system of new/old technology including Solar Hot water/hot air/electricity/oven, scape built wind turbines, gravity fall/air pressure pressurized water system, propane backups and supplement systems for Oven, water/air heaters.

On board are home built propane Hapi drums, a PVC pipe instrument, a standard drum set and a few other instruments that are used by guest musicians. The ship is painted a flat grey to resemble the look of space ships. It is covered in quotes and small murals in hopes of taking these thoughts, feelings, ideas, with the ship were ever it may go. The paint scheme goes hand in hand with the LED lighting system, the neutral grey background allows for infinite color changing and the bright strong primary colors allow for color manipulation within the murals.



The Stroboscope is an interactive kinetic light sculpture. A large spinning disk has colored fluorescent patterns printed on its face. An ultraviolet strobe light beneath the disk pulses light at the disk creating unique animated patterns. The user can change the patterns by changing the speed of the spinning disk and/or by changing the pulse rate of the UV lights.

Contact: stroboart (at) gmail (dot) com

Swipple Tambu

Swipple Tambu is a peaceful spot to relax for a bit on your outer playa adventures. Swipple Tambu works minimal material with sun and wind to provide pleasant and changing visual effect. A pragmatic oasis, as shifting patterns of shade from the hot sun is provided for weary traveler. It is also home to small shrine of Swippletonian philosophy.

Contact: swippler (at) gmail (dot) com

Tech. Support
by Vulgaricus Gasket
Tech Support is an 11 foot tall wooden structure half covered with circuit boards and half covered with tech support phone numbers. Its form represents the screw that you feel when using the endless hold message of the phone inside.

Contact: gasket (at) inbox (dot) com

Temportal X4K

Back once again from the future past, the Temportal opens. This temporary temporal portal flickers into existence, ready to pick up new travelers and drop off others. Like a fully functional yet abandoned bus stop, the walls are covered with faded messages and glyphs from the future past. The Temportal has the power to transport you to any time in the past future or the future past, even to future pasts that didn't happen or past futures that are legally impossible. Once again, there are no user controls, so the Temportal must be trusted that it will bring the travelers to a comfortable time and to bring them back safely. The combination of shelter, lighting and sound is ready. When are you now?

Contact: temportal (at) chromatest (dot) net

Tensegrity Sphere ( 6 x 5 )
by John F. (Sandy) McReynolds, Bob Seymour, Joe Weisman and Ramesh Gootenelike
Tensegrity Sphere is a highly symmetric sculpture formed of 6 interlocking pentagons with no struts touching each other, suspended from each other and supported by an internal 18' tower and an internal ball bearing. The form is closely related to the dodecahedron, the icosahedron, and the rhombic tricontahedron. It is intended to foster mathematical awareness via physical encounter and engulfment in the form.

Contact: sandy (dot) mcreynolds (at) gmail (dot) com

Terrestrial Light and Music
by Jim Caddell aka Nekkid Jim
Terrestrial Light and Music is a high tech installation designed to distill free music from raw wind. The wind is one of Black Rock City's most abundant resources, and until now its tonal riches have not been harvested with the efficiency that a modern city demands. This experimental installation on the outskirts of BRC is the first step in achieving musical independence; the next step will be to develop a facility for storing the dulcet tones of the natural world and piping them to the heart of BRC for the enjoyment of BRC citizens. Until then, the sounds of this mighty aeolian organ may be heard on-site, preferably on a windy day.

Contact: jim (at) caddells (dot) us

The Chaotick
by Larry Breed
A reliably erratic timekeeping beacon, the flaming tetherball swoops and spirals through the Black Rock night: tick... tick... keeping exact playa time, more or less.

Contact: livember (at) earthlink (dot) net

The Cleu is You
by LeCleu
A copper Cleu stands alone on the playa waiting for pilgrims seeking a clue in the heart of the Metropolis. The four intertwining circles represent Consciousness, Life, Earth, Universe, and a vision of At-Onement. Looking for a clue? The Cleu is You.

Contact: cleulady (at) gmail (dot) com

The Cradle
by Matthew Schultz, Louis Brock and Mikey Souza
The Cradle is a large cantilevered space experiment, deep playa chill space and star watching platform. Three 15 foot sculpted cantilevered wood arms hold an elevated rope floor about 3ft above the playa.

Contact: mrschultz (at) gmail (dot) com

The Disco Ball
by Jenny Rose Finkel
The Disco Ball is small dome covered in two-way mirrors allowing visitors to see out while those on the outside cannot see in. It is designed to be a chill space where you can take a break from the sun without feeling like you are missing out on the action.

Contact: jrfinkel (at) cs (dot) stanford (dot) edu

The Dragon Labyrinth
by Sharon Strong (Armstrong)
The Dragon Labyrinth, an interactive installation existing in intimate relationship to the metropolis of Black Rock city, is a way to journey from the dynamic energy of the Burning Man community into personal space and back again. 34 feet in diameter, the labyrinth is a classical seven path design. The dragon, rising 16 feet into the air, receives those who arrive at the center.

Thee Eternal Fountain

Thee Eternal Fountain, a kinetic sculpture of fire and water is dedicated to dynamic relationships of elemental design in the human process forward. This is a self-contained installation made of surplus boiler heads and mild-steel plate and pipe. As fire disseminates up the central column of the fountain, water flows at a rate of 300G per/min over the upper chalice. A thick narrowing curtain of water sheets down around the flaming core, creating an unusual and stunning elemental effect that will stimulate and integrate all who approach it. A perfect DECO companion to art central happenings.

Contact: knomesthetics (at) gmail (dot) com

The Glow Reactor
by MovesLikeWater
Inspired by bioluminescence, liquid-filled light sculptures surround participants with glowing particles that move with the energy imparted by curious hands. These devices are hand powered by the adventurer, with conspicuous handles for pumping, swirling, and splattering the liquid contents; mechanisms easily figured out in the dark. The motion of the internal liquids carries the glowing particles along in a flowing dance of luminescence visible through transparent walls. Thousands of phosphorescent particles glow with their own stored internal energy, pouring light outward as they swim spritely through the ooze. An old water pump creates a blue glowing Particle Vortex. The liquid flames of the Firewater sculpture need to be continually stoked. And the core of the Glow Reactor is powered by the brilliant Quantum Cascade. Even though it looks like it: this material is NOT RADIOACTIVE.

Contact: djs333 (at) gmail (dot) com

The Grapestem
by Ben Zero (Ben Thompson)
The Grapestem is an attempt to recreate the randomness and beauty of a nearly-consumed bunch of grapes in stainless steel, polyurethane, and light. The Grapestem emits a peaceful, steady green glow, to create a quiet gathering and resting place.

The He(art) Communi-Tree
by Hi-may Rivera
The Heart Communi-Tree is a wooden assemblage sculpture of a tree made with materials salvaged from the trash. The tree has a Heart at the base of its branches and stands nearly 15 ft tall and 12 feet wide. It is a natural metaphor for community it stems form its roots which create a strong foundation. The trunk is what we see as the tree rises out of the ground. The branches stem out into the atmosphere in multiple directions. This allows the tree to gather food from the water, air, and fire (rain, carbon dioxide, and sun) to give it life.

The idea of community cannot be possible without these basic principles that feed the tree. The circle of people needs roots, a foundation or hub for converging and congregation. Each person has their unique identity that appears on the surface, so that they have a purpose they can contribute to the group. This personality needs to branch out in many different directions, These many different relationships (or degrees of separation) allow personalities to grow in different directions, which in turn come back to feed the foundation in new ways.

True community is grounded in the heart, rooted in unconditional love, it refuses no one, regardless of who they are - their appearance, attitude, history, etc. True community is the foundation for the degrees of separation that feeds our connection to others and identifies our multiple purposes in life.

Contact: lakerstar (at) yahoo (dot) com

The Honey Trap
THE HONEY TRAP is an 86 foot long, 21 foot tall Fibonacci Spiral, which is based on the “Golden Ratio,” a mathematical proportion found everywhere in the architecture of nature. The Honey Trap is composed of stacked interlocking hexagons, which refers to the bees who live in their own “metropolis,” and upon whom we depend to pollinate our crops. The project attempts to view what man does as a logical, natural, and connected extension of what nature does and it embodies the interrelationship of math, art, science, life, and community.

At night, each cell is lit with participant-controlled twinkling LEDs, and a six foot neighboring flower serves to remind us that we are either harmonious with nature… or we’re not. The project burns after The Man on Saturday.

Contact: arts (dot) animus (at) gmail (dot) com

The Huckster Pigeon
by Shannon Kelly and Ryan Mathern
The Huckster is an eight foot tall pigeon street vendor in Burning Man's gifting economy

by Kathy D'Onofrio
THE IRIS is the messenger of the gods and is the sister-site to EMERALD KITTY. This ultra-modern spacecraft delivered eyeless anasazi cats to EMERALD KITTY (located out near the trash fence in the scary deep playa) from the dying planetary system, The Cat's Eye Nebula. It was to return to the nebula for more cats and supplies but instead had technical difficulties and had to make an unscheduled landing close to the heart of Black Rock City. Maybe the felines from EMERALD KITTY are trying to communicate with THE IRIS using their radios.

Aboard THE IRIS is a map with directions to EMERALD KITTY, the approximate mileage, current playa surface conditions and a pace chart estimating how long the journey to EMERALD KITTY will take for the brave participants willing to embark on this mission.


The Last Flower
by Jon Harris
With this piece we see a technician dressed up as a HazMat worker who is scanning the earth for life. Upon aarrivingat a flower, the ttechnicianstops and ponders at what he has found in this barren world. The piece questions the rising metropolis and its effect on the environment. Will we come to a point where even the common flower is so unusual that it is considered a possible hazardous material?

The Light Trees
by Bill Watson
The Light Trees provide participants with a beautiful and inviting space to come together to talk and reflect, to interact with each other, and explore thoughts and feeling within themselves. The colors and patterns in the glowing Light Tree leaves draw people together so that new experiences are created in a nexus of cross-pollination and a catalyst for transformation.

Contact: evolution (at) lighttrees (dot) com

The Multidimensional Galactivation Station
by Peter Silva and Brian Pinkham
A super sensory experience of light, sound, touch and play, the project is a 12' pyramid portal to another dimension. As participants step inside, the installation creates extraterrestrial music and sounds, directly corresponding to the motion of their bodies.  You will likely find yourself moved to dance, as you experience a total shift from the paradigm that your dance is created by the music, because in the Galactivation Station, the music is created by your dance!  The music activates a full color LED array covering the entire installation surface, creating a fully immersive torrent of color and light, all of which pulse and throb in resonance with the sounds produced.

This piece engages the participants inner child and invites them to drop any baggage at the door and fully drop in to experience.  The aim is to teach people how to play again, and how to be in the pure, present moment.

Contact: info (at) photonicbliss (dot) com

The Regifter
by Michelle Mottler
A wind powered monster butterfly catcher, The Regifter catches one's gift and arranges for distribution. This challenge is made more difficult by manually spinning the pole or attempting the feat in a stiff wind.

The Sol Lun
by Scott Whitaker
The SoL Lun (pronounced soul*loon) is a portable interactive art, music, and performance exhibit in the guise of an old-fashioned Wild West saloon, playfully blended with elements from Mad Max, Willy Wonka, and our very own Solar Cosmonauts. It embodies and manifests the current green trend by being entirely solar and wind powered and mostly made of reclaimed materials.

C’mon in and ante up, satiate that thirst and prospect your own nugget of the new frontier--we've struck GOLD! GOLD we say!

Contact: scottysoltronic (at) gmail (dot) com

The Sunflower Project
by Aeva
Welcome to the Sunflower Project, where the dream is to pass along to others the wonderful feeling of giving without any expectation of reciprocation - the beauty of seeing how a simple kindness can positively affect someone else. Whether it’s paying it forward, doing unto others, or simply showing someone the world can be a beautiful place where good things do happen on occasion.

The sunflower is essentially a weed, a plant that many find a nuisance. Yet when it’s given some sunshine, water, and a bit of soil, that weed grows into a beautiful flower. People are a lot like sunflowers. Show them a little attention and love, and they can make beautiful things happen.

Participants will encounter 3 individual sunflowers. Each flower serves as a place for passersby to share either a kindness that they have received, passed on to someone else, or to make a suggestion for a kindness to pass along in the future. Petals will be covered in fabric and pens provided so that participants may share kind acts with the community. In addition, paper petals will be provided so that playagoers may take note of suggested acts to perform in the future and thereby "pass along" the kindness to others.

The Telepathic Transcendence Manifold
by Michael Biswas and Camp Synaesthesia
The Telepathic Transcendence Manifold is a device which allows a community to achieve enlightenment by way of cooperative mental engagement. Our participants come upon a series of illuminated pyramids with four interfaces designed to harness brainwaves and channel them to a single vertex. If all 4 telepaths are harmonious in their concentration, transcendence will be achieved.

Contact: jennifer (at) netcaffeine (dot) com

The transportal of LOVE
by Pablo Miguel Benavides
The transportal of LOVE awaits! Participants are transported by the healing vibrations infused in the space and the affirmations recorded in a variety of languages playing inside the chill space. On the toof deck, feel the LOVE! The transportal of LOVE is a structure designed to invite and to amplify the love energy. It is the perfect place to have a ritual, a ceremony, a wedding or just a relaxing few moments. COME SHARE THE LOVE!!!

Contact: pabloreiki (at) yahoo (dot) com

The Urbanized Evolution of Insects

In order to survive, many species undergo an evolutionary process of adaptation in response to their changing environments. Some do this by camouflaging their appearances to mirror that of their environment, which provides protection against predators. This project explores how insects, such as butterflies, beetles, and dragonflies, would appear in an urban habitat. These insects manifest the colors and patterns found commonly in urban environments, such as pothole covers, graffiti and burglar bars. Photographs of these urban details are composed in cut-out collages to form insects and the photo collages are printed on canvas.

[ Time Love Memory ]
by Stefano
[Time Love Memory] is the place in the middle of the desert where thoughts converge from time-space into a few everlasting lines of ink written using a typewriter. [Time Love Memory] is equipped by solar panels on the top of the desk and batteries underneath to store energy during the day and provide it at night to the multiple blue LEDs. The art installation is inspired by W. Burroughs "Naked Lunch" and reproduces the gigantic beetle with typewriter head used to communicate with the Interzone.

Contact: sunflowerrobots (at) gmail (dot) com

by Kimmy Dudek
Toyzilla rises from the playa in its rampage across Metropolis. With the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki still fresh in the Japanese conscious, Godzilla was conceived as a monster created by nuclear explosions and a metaphor for nuclear weapons in general. Toyzilla is conceived from broken toys and broken dreams and is a metaphor for the destructive nature present in our warmongering citizens raising young on military intervention and warfare. Toyzilla bares its teeth and searches for the next victim. Will you escape its clutches?

Contact: wingedkillersmile (at) gmail (dot) com

Transportation Assistance
by Kininigin Group
We are assisting you in lurking across the playa with mutant vehicle stops for our thriving city. Each assistance booth is simple and resembles a bus stop from the default land. They are yellow and black one three wooden sides with a roof. Inside each stop are 2 green bus seats, like when we were little, to lounge and wait for a ride on. There is a momentary switch on the wall that turns on and off a taxi cab light attached to the roof reading 'pick me up'. It is a spot to chill, get out of the sun, draw on a wall and maybe find a ride somewhere awesome. We have 4 transportation assistance stops placed in different parts of the city to assist your thrivelry ... and transportation.

Contact: kininigingroup (at) gmail (dot) com

True Mirror Palace
by John Walter
The True Mirror Palace is a room full True Mirrors - these are the only mirror you will look into without being reversed. There is an amazing discovery to be seen within, as your true your natural self is reflected, and you see what the flat and lifeless backwards mirror has been doing to your sense of self! The Palace includes small and large True Mirrors, plus a "flip you out" Anti-Gravity True Mirror!

Contact: info (at) truemirror (dot) com

Une Bouffee d'Air - Foodless Restaurant
by Etienne Blanc
Une Boufee d'Air is a foodless restaurant. It is a reflection on how people eat and at what pace, alone or in company, hidden or in view, and what types of food, as ritual or purely for fuel. How people utilize and inhabit the tables, painted entirely white and set with empty, fixed objects, is of particular interest. Will they sit and talk with no food? Will they bring their own food? Will they see the installation as sculpture, and choose not to enter it? In a metropolis, a restaurant is a gathering place, but none has the same environment or encourages the same behaviors. Une Boufee d'Air offers myriad opportunities for re-inventing the experience of eating.

Contact: etienne (dot) blanc (at) gmail (dot) com

United States Census Booth 2010
by Lenny Jones
After a 10 year absence from the playa the "official" United States Census booth returns to count you lazy bastards who forgot to return your census forms. Ride by, get counted, move on. (not to be confused with the BRC census which actually counts people)

Contact: lennyj1026 (at) aol (dot) com


"UnOrchestrated" is a fully interactive, whimsical "drum-circle". However, very little of it is composed of actual drums or other traditional rhythm instruments. Instead, it has been created using almost all found and scavenged materials: pots and pans, furniture parts, industrial waste etc... Objects with a prior use and function are playfully recombined and fabricated into sound sculptures and other percussive elements. Random combinations of various instruments in the "circle" provide the participant and listener with a novel, enjoyable, and wild tonal experience. Different and ever-changing communities of people interact with any one of the sound sculptures at any given moment, a stream of musical consciousness. Anybody can play and musical "chops" are not necessary.

Contact: rustynails456 (at) aol (dot) com

Urban Stoop
by Craig Cooper and James Dufour
Every big Metropolis has them, they are a place to meet, play, socialize, sit with friends and a frosty beverage, maybe even steal a kiss. What great city would be complete without the Urban Stoop!

Urb Tree Beacon
by Griffith Harty, Ron Whistler and Zach Miller
Urb Tree Beacon is an interactive art installation that includes sustainable technology (solar), sound and light design, and alternative photographic printing methods on a sleek plexi-glass structure mounted on a turn wheel.

The structure’s interactive elements provide the ability for viewers to move the object on its turntable base, triggering an internal light and "sound" audio element to the installation. As a large rectangular prism, the structure will function as a light box (lighthouse on the playa), a sound amplifier, and a merry go round, yet has the appearance of a random skyscraper as seen in many urban centers. Imagery on the exterior walls includes settings of urban grit/decay of Los Angeles juxtaposed with Ancient Bristlecone Pines that are found in the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains of California and Nevada. The printing process is the use of black and white film photography printed with photo emulsion on transparency sheets and plexi-glass. For extended viewing, park benches will be set up around the perimeter of the installation.

Contact: knomesthetics (at) gmail (dot) com

Vapid Transit
by Elizabeth Miller, Dwight Harbough and Clay Hamilton
Transit stops are a symbol of the life blood of the city, the entry point for people to be pumped into the veins of a metropolis. Often they're covered with evocations of urban life - sleek advertising, route maps to wildly different districts, street art and graffiti. But what does transit, and by extension "metropolis," look like when we're long gone?

Walking Arch

Walking Arch is an arch made of steel that depicts four human acrobats. The sculpture is a celebration of human cooperation.

Contact: artbylacey (at) hotmail (dot) com

by John Hagar, Steve French, Connor French, Collin French, and Susan Lew
Moths serve to transmit our dreams and symbolize rebirth and transformation in Native American, Celtic, Aboriginal and other cultures. Rising 14 feet above the playa floor, constructed of steel, canvas and wood, Whisper presents four different hand-painted moths, each with a five-foot wingspan, who circle the playa sky above a mirrored prayer wheel. This wind driven mixed-media installation, the moths and support structure illuminated by neon, provides Burning Man participants an opportunity to observe the moths day and night; and to compose on incandescent and silk streamers their wishes for the future, dreams, expectations, hopes and regrets.

Contact: hagarjohn (at) me (dot) com

Winged Killer Smile (Smilodon Fatailis Aerialis)
by Kimmy Dudek
The sculpture is an artistic interpretation of a skeletal representation of a saddled, winged sabre toothed tiger. Exterior material includes leather saddle and finishing hardware. The majority of the pictured sculpture is hand carved composite wood, commercially made from recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic bags.

Contact: wingedkillersmile (at) gmail (dot) com

by Rob Buchholz
Wish consists of three dandelions that are seeding and spreading their seeds across the playa floor.

Contact: burninghombre (at) yahoo (dot) com

Yoko's Apartment
by Mark Szulgit, Brooke Erdman and Peter Brown
Yoko’s Apartment is a traditional Japanese style bedroom housed within a standard 20 foot shipping container. It is primarily a sound installation. Recline on tatami mats and listen to the changing sound scape of a variety of world metropoli emitting through the backlit shoji rice paper screens.

by Rob Bell
Zonotopia is an archaeological find. By appearance a ruin from a bygone era which has revealed itself on the playa. Like a giant fossilized creature, it seems to have once been a sort of plaza. Smaller structures cluster around a central tower which spirals upwards in a helical form. Each structure seems to have had a purpose – sometimes obvious sometimes not…thirty feet tall at the helical apex. It is all seemingly made of bone.

Contact: rob (at) zomadic (dot) com