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Your 2011 Black Rock City Art Installations. Click a link to see details for each project below.

11:11 Monument
by Robert Wethington and Erik Christensen
The 11:11 Monument is a tribute for the time 11:11.
Four mammoth steel monolithic pillars rise out of the playa dust and terminate high in the sky.
Images and symbols of fire, earth, wind, water, and 11:11s are placed on the obelisks.
It is The Monument to 11:11, the only time of the day in which all digits are the same one.
It is 11:11 in 2011.

Contact: strebor1111 (at) yahoo (dot) com

4 of wands
by Kasia Billhartz
A representation of the tarot card, 4 of wands - expressed thru steel and fire. The 4 of wands is a potent indicator of an impending rite of passage, and the celebration of transformation. This piece is a 4-post archway adorned with flowers and vines, all of which emit flames when the sun goes down. A quiet, contemplative piece that invites an intimate exchange with fire and the individuals with whom we share our beautiful evening.

The 7th* Rite of Passage (*arbitrary)
by Finkmann
This is a brutal, concrete depiction of a significant Rite of Passage - surviving a period of time on a very demanding hammock made of steel. It will be hot as hell during the heat of day and unstable at all times. A successful rider will have met and mastered a significant challenge.

Acronyms To Aliens
by Barbara Moebius
The next time you look at a Satellite picture of BRC, you won't have to zoom in, because "The TriBe" will be clearly visible for all to read. 1750 feet across the deep playa with letters over 700 feet tall! The TriBe ~ creating big art at Burning Man since 1997 ~

Contact: lyingbare (at) hotmail (dot) com

Alien Interpretation
by Kathy D'Onofrio
Greetings! We are the alien owners of those pesky Emerald Kitties. While we search for our lost kats, we are also searching for our personal identities. We receive them in the form of tattoos which you Burnlings refer to as a "Rite of Passage". Once we interpret their meaning we perform our own rite of passage- "Walking Through Flames". Our ongoing ceremony is being held in the scary Deep Playa.

We are partnered with the Black Rock City Department of Mobility at Center Camp whereupon transportation for the disabled to the Deep Playa can transpire.

ALIEN INTERPRETATION is funded in part by Reno Burners LLC Art Grant Committee.

Contact: tattooedaliens (at) gmail (dot) com

Amethyst Portal and/or Turquoise Portal and/or 11:11 Peridot Portal
by Harlan Emil Gruber
The Amethyst Portal is an indigo colored 17 foot high stellated dodecahedron with a green interior space accessible to participants to experience the Portal and to interact in other group activities. It is colored indigo to relate to the brow or third eye chakra.

The Turquoise Portal is a 12 foot rhombic triacontahedron that relates to the evolution of the Earth's energy body with an open interior space accessible to participants to experience the Portal.

The 11:11 Peridot Portal is a 5 pointed evolution of the original 16 foot high green Diamond Portal with a larger maroon interior space with heart shaped cylindrical openings. It is based on the golden ratio and relates to the heart chakra.

Housed within all of them is the Quasar Wave Transducer sound sculpture: a subsonic non-linear dynamic analog feedback device that vibrates the Portals to activate the experience.

Contact: h (at) harlanemil (dot) com

A Nice Way to Travel 3 Hours Into the Present
by Henry Riekena
Imagine being able to walk inside of an abstract painting. It envelops you, cuts you off from the predictability of the "real world", pulls you through a rabbit hole of visual confusion, and finally turns you loose in a place of pure thought and infinite possibility.

That is the goal of A Nice Way to Travel 3 Hours Into the Present. A 7' x 58' continuous, circular, abstract composition built inside of a yurt, A Nice Way to Travel re-imagines painting as a time-based participative environment and a meditative tool with the hope of allowing others a chance to experience presence in the moment and a shared connection with the artist and fellow travelers.

Contact: henry (dot) riekena (at) gmail (dot) com

Anatomical Pun
by Barbie Demman and Patrick Clifford
Come test out your knowledge of anatomy with this anatomical pun. What is the riddle in this enigma? Do you get it or do you not?

Contact: barbarademman (at) msn (dot) com

Atomic Test House
by Brian Anderson and friends
A simple wood wall, nearly reduced to splinters and cinders, is all that remains after putting to the test the destructive power of an atomic weapon. This is just a test, but through its outcome, it echoes the voices of this man-made disaster's victims and potential victims: those caught in its holocaust, those decimated from within by its invisible poison, and the children of the generations whose very genetic makeup has been altered by these powerful, beautiful, terrible tests. It's fun for the whole family!

Contact: shoestringvagabond (at) gmail (dot) com

A Passage to Your Self
by Peter Longatti & Tilo Usbeck
The visitor enters the labyrinth and faces various choices he may also encounter in his real life. Some lead to dead ends and some take the visitor back to the beginning facing the Temple.

Artist is Present - Playa Redux
by Jeff Tackes
A re-enactment of Marina Abramovi's "The Artist is Present" exhibit performed March 14 to May 31, 2010, at the Museum of Modern Art in NY in which she performed a 736-hour and 30-minute static, silent piece. She sat immobile in the museum's atrium, while spectators were invited to take turns sitting opposite her. This redux is performed by Gamma Ray (performing in the place of Marina) and occurs at 5 PM, two hours per day for five days (Tuesday 8/30/2011-Saturday 9/3/2011) in Black Rock City.

Contact: fej (dot) seckat (at) gmail (dot) com

Aural Conflagrator
by Chromatest
The sound emanates from speakers, but what is the sound? You see mics, but they appear to do nothing. What are these knobs for? Turn them and find out. Walk away and hear what you have created. The sound is emanating from speakers. It's your sound, but what is it? Mics, lights, knobs. Walk, sound, away. Knobs? What is it? Decorate the wall, walk away, hear sounds, what is it? Nothing.

Contact: chromatest (at) chromatest (dot) net

Aurora as a Part of You
by Stefano Corazza and Leigh Shaw
IA simulation of a well known natural phenomena, the Aurora Borealis is communicating back to humanity through its glowing and ethereal lights, straight into the human soul.

Through the movement of the body, traversing light patterns projected on the playa dust, people will shape the ethereal texture of the Aurora Borealis. The art installation represents a clear landmark at the boundary of the closer playa; a place for mystical experiences and inner contact with the evolution of the soul.

Contact: sunflowerrobots (at) gmail (dot) com

Barter Dog
by Barter Dog
While exploring the open playa your nostrils catch a whiff of the most comforting scent… HOT DOGS!!?? What a trip, why is there a hot dog stand in the middle of the playa? Is it real or is it a mirage? Your stomach is about to eat itself from the endless partying, dancing and pedaling, not to mention you're staying at a vegan camp, how could it be? Some burners search for years before they find it, others encounter their hot dog destiny year after year. If you are lucky enough to find it you TOO will become part of this legendary hot dog fantasy. Barter Dog has been dedicated to providing the "FUEL TO BURN BRIGHT" since 2002. So keep your olfactory senses sharpened, and remember, it’s not a playa dog if it doesn’t crunch!

Contact: barterdog (at) live (dot) com

by Jurgen Mayer H.
beat.wave is proto-architecture testing absurd geometries in a digital design and production process. Only the outline of a 3d-digital model was given to contractors, asking them to propose structural and material possibilities with new materials and construction solutions. Recent developments in digital design and computerized production that short-cut experience and skill challenge us to rethink conventional concepts of design and craft. beat.wave playfully tests the potential of new models of collaboration.

Contact: jennifer (at) raiser (dot) com

by Yazz Atlas
At some point one discovers that the well worn paths of society, and the arrows that light the way, are arbitrary and alterable. A big step in ones personal growth comes when one discovers she can pick her own path and maybe light the way for others to follow, if not the direction, the will and right to reorient and progress. The BFA is a large, illuminated, mobile arrow whose purpose is to elucidate that life presents many paths, all right and wrong only in so much as they free an individuals development.

Bike Ramps (<<<)
by Paul Reimer
A pair of bike jumps straight out of Mario Kart to give you a speed boost on your cross-playa journey. Keeps track of high scores (fastest rider) and the ramp has lit panels that pulse to the beat!

Contact: paulreimer (at) gmail (dot) com

Biofeedback Chillout Dome
by Sophi Kravitz and Lex Kravitz
The Biofeedback Dome is a place where people can go to chill out on the Playa when they need a cool place to lie down and relax. They can measure their heartbeat and by concentrating on their own body and looking at the digital readout they can slow down their heartbeat. There is a solar fan in the top of the dome, and the sides are partially open, allowing wind to pass through.

The background noise in the dome is an amplified version of your own heartbeat set over a relaxing womb noise.

Contact: sophikravitz (at) gmail (dot) com


BIQ - Bicycle repair stations located around the playa. We plan to place at least four of these stations in the Playa for easy access to basic bicycle repair equipment. We plan to support these stations with a theme camp (4:30 portal) where we would perform more extensive/supported repairs.

Black Rock City Cemetery
by Shannon Bananon
Black Rock City Cemetery is many things – a sacred place, historical timeline, protest site to Save the Man, and burial ground. Rites of passage differ according to cultures, values, beliefs and individual. In many rites of passage, for there to be a new self, the old self must ritually die. Each year of Burning Man represented shows unique identity which is now gone, but celebrated anew.

A timeline of bygone burns and a glimpse of the future, this sacred ground is a gathering and remembrance space for our next rite of passage. It provides a spiritual sanctuary and represents many different religious practices, experiences, and manifestations. Just as living persons become ancestors or souls in heaven, so the living undergo changes in relation to them. In the remembrance of spirits and events past, it prepares each of us for what will inevitably come to pass.

Contact: BRCCemetery (at) gmail (dot) com

Black Rock City Playa Portraits

The BRC Playa Portraits have been a portrait study conducted by photographer Owen Kelly for the last three years at Black Rock City. The project has been conducted dedicating each year to “Participants,” “Mutants,” and last year “Camps.” The Large Format Type-55 Polaroid Portraits are enlarged to 4’x5’ and showcased on the Playa floor. The exhibition is in a spiral format and at the center is a daylight studio. The portrait focus this year will be on the volunteer and employees of BRC. It is the collaborative effort of these individuals that make Burning Man possible for us to enjoy. This portrait series is intended to honor their effort in the legacy of this great event.

Contact: owen (at) owenakelly (dot) com

Borromini's Tunnel
by Kathleen Breau and James Gledhill
The complex concept of space is all surrounding and constant yet unnoticed. Once questioned, possibilities of the universe inspire the mind as it travels between reality and the doors of perception. In a right of passage space is manipulated to signify change; traditional barriers and paths are formed to inform the inductee of the transcendence. Change of physicality reflects in the mind and growth follows. Borromini’s Tunnel manipulates space through forced perspective allowing the mind to travel a glowing hallway into a space that the physical body can never realize.

Contact: kathleenbreau (at) hotmail (dot) com

The Bridge to Somewhere
by Jessica Cramer
The Bridge to Somewhere is a quiet spot to help transport the traveler through contemplation, romance, or somewhere else entirely.

The Broken heArt Wall
by Alexandra Duke
It is not LOVE we fear, but the broken heart. Yet the very unwillingness for the heart to be broken IS the broken heart. The tragedy & the irony is that in order to avoid heartbreak, people live in a state of broken-heartedness. In the willingness to have the heart be broken a million, trillion, zillion times, true love is revealed.
It is the artist’s intention to visually demonstrate the beauty of an open heart & that a heart cannot be open unless it is broken. A closed heart is to spiritual vision what closed eyes are to physical vision...self-induced blindness! One cannot LOVE with a closed heart just as one cannot see with closed eyes. Collectively we must break our hearts open & awaken to the beauty that unfolds as the walls of our hardened hearts shatter right before our eyes.

Contact: thebrokenheartwall (at) gmail (dot) com

by Caridad Sola
Awaken your senses. Dark soil wrapped in white sheets, bricks suspended in air by delicate sheer ribbon, and red-feathered pillow fight in a white room. I expose the buried memories that everyday objects hold. I invite you to feel the materials: stick your hands into water, walk barefoot on pillows, feel the slight roll of freshly-cut sugar cane underneath your feet smell the feathers, the soil, the cane and hear the sound of a beating heart or water lapping. In the transformation of these spaces, I create experiences. I have a passion for the grandiose, the dramatic, and the theatrical. I expose viewers to rituals, collective memories, and metaphors. But like memories, these experiences will not last. Installations are ephemeral after they are de-installed all that remains are memories, documentation, and artifacts. From bricks to pillows, I want to create an unforgettable experience.

Contact: cari (at) caridadsola (dot) com

Burning Squid
by Damian Phoenix
The Burning Squid Effigy is 100% built from old salvaged wood from San Francisco homes. It is built by the Artist Carpenter Damian Phoenix using no electric power whatsoever only using a handsaw and a hammer and many nails. The giant mirror eyeballs of the Burning Squid will reflect the souls of all citizens of Black Rock City and will fascinate and mesmerize all leading up to the night of its own rise into the playa ether in flames.

Contact: ninjasurfer (at) live (dot) com

Burning Time - The 1 Mile Clock Project
by Jim Bowers
Miss that important Greeters Shift that you volunteered for last year? In 2011 you need only LOOK UP to check the time on The Worlds Largest Clock! But this is no ordinary timepiece. "Burning Time" will keep you on time, using three high powered hour, minute and second hand lasers, accurate to within 1/2000 of a second!

Take a bike tour of 48 amazing artists displaying interactive theme related art on all 12 "hour towers" around the entire three mile circumference of the playa.

Get out from behind your camera and be a PART of the Burning Man experience. LIVE in the moment! Time waits for no one. In the end, The Man, The Temple, The Art and The Worlds Largest Clock will burn. LIVE... in the moment!

Contact: jimbowers (at) burningtribe (dot) com

Byron's Telescope
by William Bennett, Joseph Schep, Edward Miller, James Nemer, Alexandra Triana and Melissa Pancurak
Byron's Telescope is a performance machine of Beauty, Terror, Death and Resurrection. It is people-powered wagon with a hinged deck and a boom and chain hoist system to deliver us to the heavens.

Contact: schepconstructs (at) gmail (dot) com

by Larry Breed
A reliably erratic timekeeping beacon, the flaming tetherball swoops and spirals through the Black Rock night: tick... tick... keeping exact playa time, more or less.

Contact: ember (at) burningman (dot) com

by Rob Buchholz
Cherish is a mix medium of sculpture and digital art depicting a Japanese cherry blossom. From the point at which the flower bud opens its petals to the dislodging from the stalk and falling to the ground, the flower's life is only hours long. This extreme beauty and dramatic death represents mortality and how quick and precious life is...

The project itself grows from the playa 65' into the air and consists of 18-20 cherry blossoms in full bloom. Each flower houses a projection system that brings the piece to life at night.

Contact: rob (at) robertjamessf (dot) com

Chapel of Passages
by Ben Stoelting
The Chapel of Passages represents the many relationship rituals one passes through. Traditionally, marriage is seen as a pivotal moment in many lives, a Rite of Passage. There are many others: the first kiss, the first love, the first child, first grandchild, first affair, first open relationship, first love, and many more. These are all contemplated in the vaulted ceiling space of the Chapel of Passage. Altars, large paintings, lighting, and audio transform the space into a powerful yet peaceful place of ceremony and reflection.

Contact: chapelofpassages (at) gmail (dot) com

chorus of the winds a
by Thomas Trower
A open circle of singing weathervanes.

Contact: ttrower (at) sunflower (dot) com

by Jasin Weiner
The chrysalis is a 20 by 7 foot diameter "cocoon" shaped tube. This tube will be placed upon a pivot and and be able to spin, participants will be able to push the cocoon around 360 degrees. the outside participants will be able to scale the walls using climbing blocks and cargo net. On top there will be a plexiglass platform with lights below for for people to stand upon. Inside participants will be able to relax in fuzzy atmosphere. Night the cocoon will be lit using low energy LED with power supplied by deep cycle batteries charged with solar.

Contact: jasinweiner (at) hotmail (dot) com

Clever Conversations with Theo and Michaelyn
by Michaelyn Ragatz and Theo Friederich
"Clever Conversations with Theo and Michaelyn" is an interactive art piece based on the talk and variety show format. The hosts will be there with daily topics to discuss with the volunteer guests, who will also be encouraged to show their talents.

Contact: cleverconversations (at) gmail (dot) com

by Robert Bengtson
Sacred circles of human plaster casts and a tipi inviting you to answer the following question in writing and leave it to become part of the installation to inspire others:

How can you support yourself in being an even more empowered version of you?

Contact: rb (at) robertbengtson (dot) com

The Collective Conscious Capsule
by Julie Pifher
The Collective Conscious Capsule is an interactive video photo booth. We're in search of the meaning of life and we want to hear from you! The capsule is a safe and intimate environment where your ideas take center stage. You can share your thoughts about creation, the significance of existence, what sucks about it, what's great about, what we can do to make it better, and anything in between. Enter alone or with friends! Spark a debate or ask questions yourself. Anything goes on the quest for meaning. Footage from the booth will be used in the documentary Burning Man & The Meaning of Life.

Contact: info (at) jpifproductions (dot) com

by Becky & Steve Hall
Conehenge is a melding of the ancient Druid structure and Maori design, which manifests itself in sculpture form, driven by the wind on the playa. Three columns of cones revolve and glow in the dark.

Contact: stillhall (at) aol (dot) com

Constellation of One
by Kirsten Berg
Radiant reflections scatter across the desert as a 12' x 12' star tetrahedron, faceted with shimmering convex mirrors, rises from the Playa yet seems landed from elsewhere.

Like a network of cells, the viewer finds their likeness/environment gathered into the nucleus of each mirror – a fractal portrait of fractal organisms, and a portrait of the whole. Inside, one enters a glittering shrine of refraction where kaleidoscopic facets/fragments reflect the light/chaos of our own nature.

As the viewer orbits around the stellar body, its glinting lights follow their every movement – as if they are now the central star in a constellation. Our images bounce off the spherical mirrors to merge, then widen exponentially into space. A moment of reflection, beginning with one, is echoed into Infinity.

As we all form the constellation of the creative, a question arises – what will be the Collective reflection into the universe?

Contact: yogamorph (at) yahoo (dot) com

CORE project
by Dirt Goddess
A small wood cut out in the shape of a girl holding two candles of the letter F and letter G on tall tripod platform.

Dancey Dance
by Briana Schweizer & Scott Whitehead
Climb aboard this gently humming stage, where environmental factors set the beat and invite you to start dancing. Your movements "play" this instrument creating a unique soundtrack just for you. Dance faster and wilder, the music will follow, or slow down and let your body wander through the melodies it creates.

Contact: info (at) brianaschweizer (dot) com

by Sally Kupp
Dark Heart is a reflection of personal transition made of wood, bone, metal and found objects. It is intended to invite participants to contemplate the various found objects that comprise the piece and interpret them into their own life transitions. This is a small piece of art that requires the participant to get down in the playa dust to fully appreciate what is expressed under the black umbrella. A journal will be stored at the art piece to allow participants to give their interpretations of the piece or to share their own dark secrets of the heart.

Day at the Beach
by daft and Joe Hanna
A place to lie down and catch some rays and listen to some tunes.

Diamond Tower
by Mark Lottor
A 40ft tall rhombus shaped tower of computer controlled color changing LED lights.

The Disco Soldier's Rites of Passage
by Carla Lyn Clifton
There are certain values, ideas and thoughts that have been at the core culture of Burning Man: GIVE, LOVE, GROW, DREAM, CREATE, BURN. These words have individual meaning that would be relative in life's rites of passage. We will carry flags that embody these ideas. Our hope is to incite, ignite, encourage life and energy into others. We are the Disco Soldier's our mission is to inspire people with forward movement in life and our community.

DMT Molecule Sculpture
by James Reinhardt and Scott Chico Raskey
A molecular sculpture made of metal with flame elements.

The result will be a visually engaging daytime sculpture that is of a finished quality. At night, we see the piece as a place to gather around and will light itself by multiple individual fires emanating from its steel spheres.

Contact: reindesign (at) gmail (dot) com

Donde Jugaran Los Ninos?
by Vicobr /> A young boy gasps as he releases the line of the kite for the very first time to his young sister. At that same moment the young girl is experiencing one of her first true breaths of freedom. My message is the importance of guiding the youth in our society. We are increasingly becoming a society that reduces children to consumers and brainwashes them with popular media. The family is being divided and alternative interests are teaching and conditioning our children. It is the responsibility of older generations like ourselves to continue to play an integral roll in children's lives by bestowing information and teaching them so that we may help them become a happier, healthier, and conscious adults. We must guide the youth through these rites of passage rituals just as we ourselves learned from our elders and our own personal experiences.

Contact: vico (at) vicodesigns (dot) com

Dust City Diner
by Michael Brown, David Cole, John Berg and the Dusties
A mobile diner that will appear in different deep-playa locations every night, from dusk 'till dawn, to serve great coffee and a variety of special, daily foods for those who will sit, read the paper, smoke and enjoy the company of a random group of weary travelers.

Contact: dustcitydiner (at) gmail (dot) com

by Earthcircuit crew: Radka Hetmankova, Cornelia Keckeis, Dunia Sinclair and Andrew Roper
An interactive photography and video exhibition that captures an overland journey of Earthcircuit project across the globe as well as perspectives of people that they meet on their way. Their aim is to promote planet-wide thinking and global understanding - to have contact with each other - to interact and to share.

Contact: earthcircuit (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Shane Brandolini and Heather Kadar
Ornamental and intentional art piece created for Sungazing that includes rhythmic Brainwave Entrainment, streaming through headphones, to enhance sensory stimulation and increase mental clarity.

Ecliptic is designed to augment both the rising and setting sun.

The sun is the creator of life in our solar system. In the fast changing paradigm of this new age, sun gazing is a very grounding and spiritually enriching experience. Practicing safe sungazing will promote radiant health of one's body, mind, and spirit, while increasing their connection to the whole of the universe. The safe hours are anytime within a one hour window after sunrise or before sunset.

Ecliptic is a Rite of Passage and a spiritual anchor into personal well-being as well as a beautiful resting place in deep playa. At night, with its adequate illumination, it will serve as a destination point for quiet contemplation.

Exchanghibition Bank
by Dadara
The Exchanghibition Bank is a bank which raises questions about the value(s) of Art and Money. Banknotes with denominations Zero, One Million and Infinite have been issued so far. People can receive our banknotes on the money-less Playa in return for signing a 'Spiritual Karma Cleaning Contract' with one of our personal bankers, dressed in their suits which fade into painters overalls.

Contact: inartwetrust (at) artasmoney (dot) com

Face on the Playa
by Raoul Desibour
This installation is a sculpture of a woman's face. Imagine a twelve foot tall portrait, the main difference is the viewer can see the Playa, mountains, sky and clouds through the portrait. The sculpture is oriented east/west: one face looks east, one west. The face consists of two eyebrows, two eyes, a nose tip, lips and some hair hanging on chains from the top beam, and can be affected by wind or human action. Participants can hang on it, or climb on top of it, becoming part of the hair, a tear drop, etc. It represents east meets west at the Playa, it also represents the Playa in all of us, the memories lying beneath the surface. Because beyond the face you look at the Playa, it is in a sense like the Playa looking back at you. It is like putting a face on the Playa.

Contact: faceontheplaya (at) gmail (dot) com

Fiber Optic Flowers and Stars
by Randy Caragio
The installation is a 15' x 15' overhead tarped area surrounded by fiber optic flowers with stars and galaxies being projected on the tarp. Chill out pillows are below for people to rest and enjoy the flowers and star show. The project is all battery powered and charged daily with 3x3 solar panels.

Final Passage
by Scott Kraske
Imagine the Tree of Life meets the River Styx. The sculpture stands brilliantly in the desert shimmering with five branches, each holding a small flame in a tall glass chimney surrounded by sparkling leaves.

Contact: scott (at) art23design (dot) com

Flight of Passage
by Darla J. Fink
Flight of Passage is a large representative semi opaque sculpture of a sooty black pelican rising out of the playa. The dark fowl will initially have a stark visual impact against the dusty white playa. The windblown dust accumulated over the week on the playa will morph the image and make it disappear over time, just as our memory of how the BP spill killed so much marine life. People will interact and react to this sculpture in the manner which their individual conscious dictates. There are no moving parts other than a slight amount of flex wind might inflict upon plastic. The plastic bottles used for the project are 100% recycled and have been donated. The only time fire will be used on this object is during its creation prior to its arrival on the playa. The image is representative of man burning nature.

The Fountain of Light
by Tom Murphy
The Fountain of Light is a large-scale perpetual motion sculpture that juggles glowing spheres thrown into the night sky. The constant flow of luminous projectiles creates the visual effect of a fountain. The Fountain is built above an elevated netting canopy, allowing people to commune beneath the entire footprint of the installation, and observe the lights above.

Contact: Tom (at) localmanband (dot) com

Four Truths of Transformation: The Butterfly Project
by Texas Martin
The Butterfly Project will represent a migrating butterfly field and grove in a desert refuge. The butterflies hover above the ground and cluster around central tree forms. Walking amongst these creatures, viewers encounter texts of enlightenment. These creatures will have been created by members within the surrounding communities of burning man, in farther locales and by the participants as well. This participatory aspect will cause the installation to grow and then gradually disappear with the same or different participants. As the daylight will present one aspect of the installation, the night will present another as lights come on to light the trees from within and in the fields. The installation will be a space for contemplation of the small changes we can make and inspire in the lives of others to influence positive metamorphosis within and without the Burning Man community.

Contact: fourtruthsofchange (at) yahoo (dot) com

From Dust To Diamonds
by Karen Christians
From Dust to Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds are symbolic sculptures which represent the metaphor of commitment, indestructibility, marriage, divorce, and our drive towards ultimate luxury. A scatter of giant diamonds, which reflect and create pause for reflection are fabricated from various materials. Partial ring ruminants represent broken promises or the building of new commitments.

by Jaclyn Blumas
It’s about art that you believe in.
Art is social networking.
Art is about being present to your thoughts, and it desires to make something that speaks. People help construct a sphere that spins with a fury of power, relevancy and importance that forges new grounds in today's modern culture. It is Community at its finest. But what about the things we don't know how to say? What about the things we don't want to say? This is an art campaign devoted to our hearts. This work created is not from a linear thought or part of a journey, it's about celebrating and advertising ideas that every walking human is confronted with by honoring fear and acknowledging it for the helpful indicators it has to offer. Although the warrior in us all is growing is our Rite of Passage to say FUCK YOU FEAR!

Giant Jigsaw Puzzle
by Chad Ingle and Jeremy Berglund
A 2500 square foot fully interactive jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are oversized and will require the work of many to assemble. A viewing platform and lighting will help provide needed perspective day and night.

by Zach Miller, Ron Whistler, Ryan Sweeney, Christine Hawk and Joel Colombero
Three supernatural omniscient beings are currently stepping out the of altered states of reality found in shamanistic rituals documented in Carlos Castaneda's "The Teachings of Don Juan, A Yaqui Way of Knowledge," and David Pinchback's "Reality 2.0,” right into the reality of sculptures standing over you. Great thanks because they have come for your protection. One has a head that only resembles a face due to the shadows that fall upon it. Its body is unique to the others but has similar shaped parts. This one has an artfully painted on texture that resembles wood having been dried out by the desert sun. The next has a cactus-like resemblance of varying greens. The final has an tree bark texture.

The Glass Onion
by Michael Divine
Lennon: "There's no separation. We're all one, so in that respect I look at it all and think, 'ah, I have to deal with me again in that way. What is real? What is the illusion I'm living or not living?' And I have to deal with it every day. The layers of the onion."

Interviewer: "Looking through the glass onion"

Lennon: "That's what it's about, isn't it?"

That IS what it's about. A contemplative space for peeling away the layers.

Contact: michael (at) tenthousandvisions (dot) com

Green Foot Glass Camp
by Evan Schauss and Harrison Neel
Green Foot Glass Camp is a glass blowing hot shop. We will be demonstrating hot glass sculpture, and offering the opportunity to experience glass blowing on the playa.

Contact: evan (at) greenfootglass (dot) com

Guillow's Kit
by Mike Pettengill
A 1:1 scale Guillow's kit, skeleton only, stands on the playa next to its properly scaled box. This may be a Mitsubishi Zero Fighter Aircraft from WWII or a P51 Mustang. As the week progresses paper and wallpaper paste will be provided to cover the model. Participants help in covering the Model. If the project is a Zero, the papers are reproductions of wartime Japanese newspapers. These are used to reproduce the markings of the plane in a collage manner as well.

If the P-51 Mustang is the model used, the frame will be covered in reproductions of American newspapers from the same era in the same manner. The model "crashes" at the Man's burn platform as their schedule allows.

Habeas Corpus
by Marci Rubin
Habeas Corpus, which means "produce the body" is a political commentary about the body. How are we transformed literally and metaphorically with torture in our reality? What does this violence do to society as a whole, the circle of all the parties involved? This installation evokes a conversation about torture and our human rite to question the system literally being taken away. Habeas Corpus is a 48ft corridor to an uncertain outcome. The walls are made from recycled camouflage, and red fabrics, military surplus uniforms, and bright orange jumpsuits that reference prison and military couture. A 30ft military green parachute will be draped off one side of the corridor. Is it means of a failed escape or has somebody fallen here perhaps as a rescue measure?s.

Heart of the City
by Kiki Kaboodle and Heliarc
Rising from the playa emerge two roses, they meet, entangle and present in the shape of a heart. This is the second Heart of the City brought to Black Rock by Kiki Kaboodle and Heliarc. They fell in love at Burning Man in 2008 and this year they will be married under this installation at sunset on Tuesday, August 30th. The Heart of the City is made from steel. The stem is given a green patina and the petals are rusted. At night the stem is lit by ground LED's while the petals are lit inside with red LED's. As with 2010's Heart of the City, Kiki and Heliarc intend this installation to be a beacon for lovers and those who share love.

Contact: kaboodle (at) fryklund (dot) com

Heartbeat Dome
by Sophi Kravitz and Lex Kravitz
Tired? Frazzled? Is your world too chaotic?
Visit the Heartbeat Dome!

This is a place where you can go to chill out on the Playa when you need a welcoming place to lie down and relax. There is a solar powered fan in the top of the dome, and the sides are partially open, allowing cool breezes to pass through.

This dome has a intimate vibe, holding a cozy three to four people. You will interact with the dome by using the heartbeat sensor to generate your own amplified heartbeat noise, flashing lights and a display which will show your actual heartbeat per minute. Is your heart beating too quickly? By concentrating on your heartbeat and reacting to the stimuli, you can slow down your heartbeat and completely relax your body.

This feels great!

Contact: sophikravitz (at) gmail (dot) com

Her Secret Garden
by Pegasus Millar
Bruce Springsteen sings about her secret garden "Where everything you want... Where everything you need" but you can't enter her secret garden. Now you will be allowed into her Secret Garden and she'll lead you down a path and there'll be tenderness in the air. This is a metaphor for the Mother, the womb, sustenance dripping from her breasts, her inner sensuality and sexuality revealed that speaks of her connection to the earth. You must listen closely to her, open to her and allow her to take you in. As you enter the softness of her inner sanctum her secrets unfold. Tread lightly and you will be allowed into her heart and you won't forget and you'll know she's really there. And then Everything you need, everything you want will always stay (rights of passage).

Contact: pegasus (dot) millar (dot) art (at) gmail (dot) com

Hunab Ku Sanctuary
by Cosmic Connector & Pandora
Come visit our sanctuary, a portal to the center of the universe. You may be transported is you desire, or can ponder on the wonders and passage from our sun to other suns in the galaxy and beyond. The hunab ku sign on the stage is a Mayan symbol representing the dynamics and center of our galaxy.

Surrounded by bamboo, you can rest safely in our haven from the turmoil of the 3rd dimension. Come enter the 4th dimension of love with us.

Contact: family (at) askurb (dot) com

by Joshua Sanders
Look within.

by Kim Peirano
Infinite is a low profile lighted sculpture playground consisting of a series of "infinity" mirrors placed on the playa floor, suitable to hold the human form and take beings on a journey to the alleged depths of the Earth...or not? The mirrors create an infinite spiraling pattern on the ground and create a space for a great journey into the unknown. One will see the glow of the playa floor from afar and be drawn to seek out the beautiful lights and colors of how the playa floor has grown to life and become a portal to a vast and infinite journey.

Contact: Kimberrose1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Inflection Points
by Jim Cavera
All rites of passage have an inflection point: a point in which the old life has been torn away and before the new life begins. This piece is the corner of a room, the rest of it having been torn away. A chair looks out into the deep playa, inviting the participant to contemplate their old life and the endless possibilities of the new. A sketch book is provided such that they can leave a story of their own points of inflection.

Contact: j_cavera (at) yahoo (dot) com

In Search of Truth
by Elisa Worland
The loss of one's virginity is one of the major rites of passage into adulthood in our culture. The outside of the piece takes you from the throes of society's notions of what loss of virginity means for an individual and furthermore how virginity is defined to the inside of the piece where you can learn about people's personal experiences losing it as well as share your own truth surrounding this rite.

Inverse Pyramid Scheme
by Monty
Inverse Pyramid Scheme is a light sculpture that appears unpredictably in the deep dark corners of the playa night. The apex of this 160 foot tall, lighter-than-air structure floats just a few feet above the dust, inviting participants to gather beneath and contemplate the emptiness of the vast 3.33 million cubic-foot space etched above them.

Contact: inversepyramid (at) gmail (dot) com

Joyism Tree
by Rupert Hart
A large novel form of wind-powered "mobile" art installation. Elements twist and turn in the wind, making sounds and an acrobatic display of moving elements.

Contact: rupert (at) joyism (dot) org

JUNK Across the Pacific
by Marcus Eriksen
As a rite of passage to float away from the models of society that engulf us, I drifted 2600 miles across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii on a homemade raft made of the fuselage of a Cessna aircraft and 15,000 plastic bottles to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans.

The exploitation of natural resources in light of a growing global populace presents unprecedented challenges to the future. Until now, we have had seemingly limitless land and neighbors to conquer, and endless sea and sky to absorb our pollution...all of this will change in our lifetimes.

After 88 days at sea, and witnessing a steady flow of waste drift by, I have brought JUNK Raft to the playa. Participants are invited to step aboard and imagine themselves cast away and returning to land with a new vision of how we will build a better world.

Contact: marcus (at) 5gyres (dot) org

Junkshot Rickshaw
by James Cole
Kinetic mobile photo gallery.

Contact: james (at) jamescolephoto (dot) com

Kaleidoscope Obscura
by Morgan and Rebecca
We propose a room-sized camera obscura in the middle of the playa, which will flip all of the wonderful sights of the playa upside down. We will construct a wooden frame covered in billboard fabric. On one side of the box, a hole will be drilled in a wooden cross beam and a lens will be placed inside of the hole. On the outside of the lens, we will build a kaleidoscope out of three rectangular mirrors placed in a triangle formation, with a removable tube of colorful beads, etc. that can be twisted and turned upside down to change the kaleidoscopic image, or taken off so the kaleidoscope uses the natural colors of the playa. The world inside the cube will be even more mixed-up and rainbow-filled than the outside!

Contact: mpetrovich (at) berkeley (dot) edu

The Knot
by Ryan Brown and Rhonda Effron
Witness our wedding ceremony, or have your own ceremony. Perfect location for any perfect moment.

Contact: funkpocket (at) hotmail (dot) com

Lake Lahontan Point
by Moonrock Collective
Independence. Escape from the parents. First kisses.

Visiting a makeout spot has been as American as apple pie ever since the rise of car culture in the 1950s. It’s truly an iconic coming-of-age thrill: your body is your own and, with the aid of four wheels, you can go anywhere-- no one can stop you. For many, Burning Man is a similar escape: a place where you can exercise your freedom on your own terms, in an environment where society's restrictions are relaxed.

Welcome to Lake Lahontan Point, an American rite of passage set out in the solitude of deep playa on the edge of a quaint Black Rock City suburb. Hop into one of our cars for a trip down memory lane to those bygone days of your first car, your first kiss, your first glimpse of independence.

Land Sharks Final Encore
by Todd Williams
The Land Sharks are remote control, animated, El Wire interactive sculptures. There are four sharks from two feet to four feet long. Two Hammerheads and two Classic sharks. They will be playing, chasing and swimming around the playa at night. They have sequenced tails, jaws and gills on them creating living and breathing cartoon sharks.

Contact: ktwtodd (at) gmail (dot) com

Larry Harvey Welcomes You!
by Rupert Hart
Lifesize photo cutout of Larry Harvey. Everybody wants their picture taken with Larry, don't they?

Contact: rupert (at) joyism (dot) org

Laser Clock Numbers
by Space Virgin Arts Collective
In collaboration with the 2011 Laser Clock Project, the Space Virgin Arts Collective brings you giant numbers on the face of the clock, large enough to be seen from planes in the sky!

Contact: shellyhivemind (at) gmail (dot) com

Laser Spirograph
by John DeGroof and Rik Morgan
A 445 nm blue laser, triple bidirectional motor design, projects spiral patterns on a white (or soon to be playa-colored) tarp. Burners control the speed and direction of the motors, thereby creating a seemingly infinite number of patterns.

Last Step
by Philip Bartley
The installation is based on a thumb puppet: a child's figurine toy that collapses when the tension is released from the cables holding it together.

Last Summer of Childhoods
by Audrey Boguchwal, Chris Chitty and Max Gasner
The Last Summer of Childhood is an interactive light installation. Its multiple mason jars contain interactive lights that flicker like fireflies as the participant moves their hand around.

Contact: lowconcept (at) gmail (dot) com

Let's Go Fly a Bike
by Douglas Ruuska
Talk about a Rite of Passage. Remember the first time that you rode a bike, all scared shitless but REALLY wanting to get the hang of it? Do you remember the exhilaration when you first realized that Dad was no longer behind you holding on to the sissy bar and that you were really on your own? After that mastery, the only limitation was that you were relegated, for the most part, to contact with the earth. Want to rekindle that same scared shitless feeling, AND release yourself from the confines of rubber on the ground? This project let's you take off and view the world from above, granting you mastery of two-wheels and the air! Let's Go Fly a Bike!

Contact: d_ruuska (at) hotmail (dot) com

Letting Go
by Anne Henderson & John Walmsley
While not a formal rite of passage, everyone has to let go; of things, of attitudes, of habits. Letting Go is a reminder that growing is also a process of giving things away and leaving things behind.

Contact: gypsymaia (at) aol (dot) com

by skeeter
The Life Cube is a hexahedron with six equal squares measuring 10' x 10'x10'. Each side has an interactive posting of word components for public messages. There is a ladder, colored strobe lights, & wind chimes.

The top of the Life Cube has mail slots for BM citizens to deposit notes communicating their innermost thoughts, fears & ambitions.

Outside The Cube will be interactive boards displayed on each side with words and phrases ready for participants to assemble into messages of inspiration (much like the smaller “refrigerator poetry” magnets).

Personal Right of Passage: The Cube offers a place to reflect on where you have come from, what makes you special, where you are now, and what you want to accomplish or change in their lives. Citizens can write and deposit wish-sticks, focusing on what you want to do in your lives, making a memorable and mindful affirmation.

Contact: TheLifeCube (at) gmail (dot) com

Life-Sized Origami T-Rex
by Trevor Mead
A 24-foot tall, 38-foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, folded from 21 9'x9' sheets of paper. Half paper tiger, half terrible lizard, the T-Rex is an exploration in monumental origami, and possibly the largest iteration of this particular model in the world.

Contact: trevor (at) thetrexproject (dot) com

Life Uprooted
by Eric Knapp
A tree begins life as a single small root. Over time, roots grow and diverge into unexplored patches of earth, hitting barriers, making adjustments, connecting and forming bonds with other roots, diverging again. We can view our own journeys in a similar way. Roots are like the tentacles of life. The older we get and more varied our experience, the longer the tentacles. When a tree is alive, we have no idea where the roots all go. It is only when the tree dies and we dig it up that the story is revealed. With roots emerging from the playa, “life uprooted” is a glimpse into the mysteries that lie below ground and encourages contemplation of our roots - the ties that bind us to community and environment.

Contact: eeknapp2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

by dragondebris
LIGHTS OF PASSAGE is a series of streetlights that illuminate both physically and psychologically. Like willow trees lining a grand boulevard, our trees' foliage consists of cascading LED lights to brighten the night, while each trunk features information in a different language, in a sequence from man's earliest inklings to tomorrow's most sophisticated forms of binary communication. The overall effect from a distance will be Matrix-like, a sort of information Aurora Borealis.

Little Man
by Kristy Conrad
A Burning Man wannabe who understands that he is not now and never will be the Man, but who can aspire to be like the Man and his ideals.

Living Man or Chia Man
by Kip Andersen
A 15 foot Living Man thriving with Chia growing out of all his pores. A very close lover of Burning Man that likes to shine life on things. Animals love him.

Contact: kipandersen (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Laura Kimpton
"LOVE" by Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg. "LOVE" is their third, and last, playa word installation. Once again the "O" from the "MOM" and "OINK" is returning to the playa. This year the word is "LOVE". Each letter is 12 foot by 10 foot and made of rusted steel. The letters are skinned with bird cutouts. This year in being with the theme, Rites of Passage, they hope for people to use the "O" as a platform to celebrate love, commitment, union and or marriage.

by Myself and Stacie Mishcon
Love is a large scale representation of the "peace, love & Burning Man" pendants that have been given out to hundreds of burners throughout the past decade.

The Mathematician's Garden
by Adam Oliner
The Mathematician's Garden is an interactive, community garden made of metal and glass and light.

Contact: tmg-2011 (at) googlegroups (dot) com

by Rebeka Bieber
"Metamorphosis" transforms a portion of the trash fence. Hundreds of cut pieces of orange ribbon five feet in length are hand knotted to the top of the fence evenly spaced for 300 linear feet. The ribbons fall vertically creating a new visual pattern on the trash fence horizon. Yet, when caught by the wind the ribbons create a wonderful movement horizontally. The eye is caught in their dance. People may share a personal message of their metamorphosis by writing on a ribbon. This installation brings awareness to one's life long process of becoming oneself, individuation. It is the most rewarding and challenging rite of passage of all. And yet it has no symbols nor ritual

Metamorph-Us: Butterfly Garden
by Deanna Gabiga
Metamorph-Us is a colorful Butterfly Garden with a human-sized Chrysalis as the centerpiece.
This protective chrysalis encourages the participant to relax. It provides a safe environment in which the participant's ideas may grow wings.

Using colorful yarns, permanently colored copper and anodized aluminum wire to create the garden and an embellished fabric chrysalis around a sturdy hanging chair design, the participant can also enjoy the simple whimsy of a butterfly garden on the Playa.

Contact: studiodeanna (at) me (dot) com

by Howard Redding, Alison Laytham, John Zingapan and Josie Zingapan
A playful space for exploring perceptions, passing through Mindsgate offers an interactive rite of passage for the denizens of Black Rock City.
When we bring new thoughts into our minds, they often change shape as we move them around the framework of our accumulated notions and experiences, while at the same time our core viewpoints can also be shifted by the influence of new perspectives. As we contemplate ideas, we relate them to the people and concepts we hold most dear: family, friends, passion, integrity, nature, expression, dreams... etc. Iridescent beads along the wires of the mandala will each be crafted to represent some of these precious values. The mandala itself can be tugged and pushed and pulled apart, expanding and contracting into a myriad of shapes three to eight feet in diameter, a visceral display of the mind’s elasticity, its intricately tangled webs and resiliently integrative networks.

Contact: mindsgate (dot) 2011 (at) gmail (dot) com

Multiplanar Passage
by Jason Parry
Multiplanar Passage promotes a discourse on our own rite of passage. The surface is spherical with a humanoid form inside. Bells ring out from the humanoid figure in the wind. He has created the sphere with his own arms and has removed his eye from its socket to look at himself with his own optical nerve, not just a reflection.

Contact: pppppp60 (at) gmail (dot) com

The Musical Universe of Sound Reactive Flowers
by John English and Edwin Penniman
The Musical Universe of Sound Reactive Flowers is an interactive art installation that transforms sound into displays of color and light. Giant flowers are planted in the playa, and they will light up as they listen to your every word, whistle, shout, song and giggle. Drums, harmonicas, or anything else that makes an interesting sound can be used to explore the kaleidoscope of color that music can make.

Contact: johnisenglish (at) gmail (dot) com

by Gary Stadler
Nexicon is a system of three curved, tapered trusses in a tripod configuration terminating at the top (25' high) with a shiny 30" diameter sphere that is constantly rotating in all directions within a three axis gimbal mount. On the surface of the sphere are mounted forty one watt blue lasers that each have individual horizon sensors. When they are pointing at or above the horizon (in the sky) they produce full power and when they are below the horizon they are reduced in power to a level that is eye-safe for people on the playa.

Northern Border Rite Of Passage
by The Outer Ring Collective
A parody recreation of the US/Canada border crossing. An interactive installation depicting the ludicrous rite of passage that is our border to the north/Canadian border to the South.

Contact: Discuss (at) lists (dot) outerringcollective (dot) org

by Alicia Marie
For most of Burning Man this project functions as a flightline for people to experience the Playa at high velocity. This project is about the journey of souls and the many archetypes that manifest to guide us toward wholeness. It is combination of mediums marrying high tech imagery with state of the art rigging and world class aerialists and dancers to bring the audience on a spiritual and visual journey we call ONE.

Contact: as (dot) one (dot) earth (at) gmail (dot) com

Oneness Am-a-Maze
by Philip Nash
Oneness Am-a-Maze beckons from the desert floor with the labyrinth lines of a henna hand crop formation. Those seeking rites of passage enter at the fingertip of their choice, and then swirl through the azure whorls of thirteen galactic spirals, before reaching the meditative heart space at the center of the palm.

Along the way, participants are immersed in a sign-posted blend of reconstructed spiritual sayings and original graphics that help to usher in 2012 and the dawning Age of Oneness.

Oneness is the essence of all, and can be intimately experienced by each.

Contact: info (at) samehand (dot) org

The Otic Oasis
by Gregg Fleishman and Melissa Barron
As the Burning Man population grows, the 24/7 cacophony of sound and music fills the remote spaces of BRC. This year, in a zone free of motorized vehicles and loud amplified music, lights, and energy -- the walk-in camping area of BRC – the OTIC OASIS appears, a wilderness outpost, comprised of a 35-foot geometric crystalline structure that provides shade, shelter, comfort with individualized and group spaces, and a quiet space to escape sound blasts and commune and recharge with internal and external environments. Constructed completely of interlocking wood, with no nails, glue or metal, the design complements the desert backdrop. The OTIC OASIS can be reached only by foot or bike, enhancing the desert calm. In keeping with the walk-in regulations of this area, all materials are hand-carted into the Oasis' wilderness location, and it is erected without use of any motorized vehicles.

Contact: gregg (at) greggfleishman (dot) com

Passage Of Time And Friends
by AJ Styles and Vash Harkonnen
A tribute to friends, memories, and the passage of time, this sun dial is covered in photos submitted by fellow burners representing some of their favorite moments and memories. it is fully functioning, and can give an estimate of the current time.

by Toomas Altnurme
PEACE is sculptures and very large paintings installation. The metal sculptures are made of waste metal and recycled materials.

Contact: altnurme (at) gmail (dot) com

Pee Funnel Dispenser
by Paul McLaughlin
Pee Funnel Camp presents our second, self-lit, self-standing Pee Funnel Dispenser. It is a yellow rectangular box with the Pee Funnel Camp logo that holds pee funnels inside.

Contact: diablolita (at) gmail (dot) com

Pendulum Waves
by Gene London
The Pendulum Waves consists of 15 pendulums of gradually diminishing lengths. When they are set in motion their movement creates changing visual patterns. Occasionally the spheres are fueled and is set in motion with flaming pendulums.

by Michael Taluc
Five is a mystical number: prime, mirrored in our bodies, symbolically significant in religions. Michael has focused on other numbers in previous work, but five is much more challenging geometrically. In fact, historically, the geometric construction of pentagrams has been coveted as a secret since the golden ratio is contained within it, yet the construction ratios are irrational. This sculpture provides a contemplative space for people to sit back and be subtly affected by the many golden ratios that abound in its pentangles.

Contact: trey (at) onemandown (dot) com

by Trey Watkins, Cameron Brown, Amy Lee, Martin Reinfried, Dennise Lite, Jennie O'Keefe, Barbara Demman, Samantha Koehn, Arshad Tayyeb and Erica Gagliardi
Perspectives is an evolution of a project named Perspective that we brought to the playa in 2007. It is a large collection of giant sized children’s blocks distributed across the playa. There will be thirty-five blocks in total this time (last time there were 11). The blocks will be of varying sizes from 6 inches to 12 feet tall. They will be arranged on the playa in such a way that if viewed from the proper perspectives (i.e. four specific spots) they will line up, appear the same size and reveal a message.

Photon Puddle
by Ilya Polyakov
Photon Puddle is a sheet of green light projected ankle-high over the playa surface, illuminating the dust and turning it into an interactive medium. The area bounded by the "shore" of the light plane provides space to frolic in the dust much as children do in puddles. Kicking, diving or riding a bike though the area produces planar, glowing swirls. The installation is automatically activated from dusk till dawn.

Contact: carnivore (dot) robotics (at) gmail (dot) com

Pillars of the Saints
by Phil Wyman
Pillars of the Saints is an interactive meditation art project. Participants are asked to climb pillars and sit upon them until they hear a voice from the spirit. The walls are modeled after 18th century California missions, and are the blank canvas of the project. When those meditating come down off the pillar they will write their words upon the walls, and this will create the voice of the spirit to the playa.

Contact: pastorphil (at) salemgathering (dot) com

Plastic Planet
by Richard Sundance Owen
The art piece, The Plastic Planet, is created to bring awareness to the increasing plastic pollution issue facing our oceans. The accumulation of plastic and toxins are making their way up the food chain to our dinner plate. This art piece has traveled to many schools, events and festivals. It describes the Problem, Solutions and what each person "Can Do" to make a difference.

Contact: Rich (at) GyreCleanup (dot) org

by phenceart
Welcome home! No matter what state you call your own, there will be a license plate decorated just for you! Out on the fence directly past the Man, you will discover license PLATES decorated by many artists around the USA. Some will have interactive elements. This is the sixth in a series of PhenceArt projects as part of Blinkingman Camp, since '97. Take your time and get in the right state of mind as you enjoy the pride of each artist's vision. It's whimsical, wacky and a bit weird, but it will put you in the right playa frame of mind. PLATES

Contact: phenceart (at) yahoo (dot) com

by dArrell bRann
Platonia is an interactive life size art/healing set of five Platonic Solids which generate the frequencies of the five elements for health and well-being.

Contact: DBrann1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Re-Growth Project
by Michael Eydman
Imagine being transported from the dab playa surface into a garden of fluorescent grass sprouting directly from the ground. At night, each individual follicle is glowing a different color representing the diverse and multifaceted spirit of Burning Man. As you stroll through the field, the night is filled with relaxing sounds of crickets and other nighttime creatures transporting your mind into a surreal environment where you can lose yourself for a long time.

by Adam Baer
A dinosaur skeleton made of recycled materials.

Contact: DBrann1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Powl Table
by Steve Lamb
Big Big Billiards, Burning Man Style.

Pressure Under Grace
by Alex McLean
Natarajasana, or the "Lord of Dance" pose to those fluent in Yoga, represents a graceful and stable bit of serenity. This figure, created in 2011, is centered amid and above the angry and relentless rusty teeth of "Firepod" which was created by Seattle artists Buphalo and Morgan Hammer and is in itself a piece of art with a long and evolving history of visiting the Playa. The artist hopes that this juxtaposition of forms will evoke the possibilities of rising above, like a Phoenix from the flames, the many major and minor perils and pressures that life throws at us. The artist also hopes it looks cool.

by Alexander Prokop
PRON senses the human presence and responds to tempo and exuberance with light.

by Dan Lockwood & Hedley Davis
Pulsar is an interactive persistence of vision installation akin to horizontally spinning electronic poi balls. Two fiberglass balls with RGB LEDs spin in a 10 foot diameter circle 10 feet above the ground. Twenty-five feet away resides a control panel with buttons and sliders. Participants can alter the patterns, colors, and light effects of the Pulsar to the delight of onlookers. A comfy bed of pillows and cushions directly underneath Pulsar welcomes those in need of physical rest but ready to engage their meditative mind.

Contact: subgenius (at) dezela (dot) com

The Pyrosphere
by Erin Banwell
The PyroSphere is a 22 ft diameter geodesic sphere, elevated on five 15 ft legs for a total height of 37 ft. The sphere itself has 92 flame effect valves, each located at one of the sphere’s 92 vertices. Each flame effect valve is an 1/8 inch solenoid (electronic) valve, which emits a small, 3 to 4 ft fire ball. Each of the 92 valves is controlled individually by a microcontroller, creating a “persistence of vision” illusion similar to the Burninator installation of 2009, only spread out over the surface of a sphere, creating three dimensional fire animations. Directly below the sphere, sits a 6 ft diameter clear bowl full of water. LEDs light up the water from below, as it bubbles fire where people like to splash about in the sudsy fire.

Contact: erinbanwell (at) yahoo (dot) com

Radial Mantra
by Haven Walker
Radial Mantra is a temple of spiritual devotion, Sheltered in its midst is a prayer wheel which upon being turned evokes the intention of it's participant. The wheel is adorned with universal pattern's of art and celebration which do not represent any organized religion but includes all living things and things beyond.

Return to Tribal
by Kaya Winn
Experience how fire was crafted before the dawn of industry and machines. Come dance and celebrate around a ritual fire on Thursday night propelled by tribal beats. Working nonstop from dusk till dawn around a white hot fire, leather clad women will build intricate burning structures which are continually destroyed and recreated.

Contact: ReturntoTribal (at) Psyreal (dot) net

The Rite of Inspiration
by Curtis Killorn
Nature is already so beautiful and full of such depth and grace, it is NOT my intention to mask or enhance it in any way. Much in the way that we paint each other's skin out in the desert, the intention is bring out the beauty which is already there. • It is this rebirth which I wish to impart to the participants. We has humans all have dreams, visions and ideas which for most of us are what make us uniquely who we are. It is those dreams, visions and ideas that we are to see in each other and breath back to life, no longer dead and blending in with the other dead dreams we have stored in our lives.

Contact: curtiskillorn (at) bresnan (dot) net

Rite of Passage Labyrinth... The 3 stages of initiation
by Sharon Strong (Armstrong)
RITE OF PASSAGE takes the participant through the three stages of initiation: Separation, Ordeal, Homecoming.

A tripartite labyrinth, spreads 84' across the playa, 54' deep. At the center of each labyrinth is a massive sculpture. The center figure dominates. A flaming red, orange and gold phoenix, 20' high. Flanking the phoenix, are two 16' tall sculptures: a shimmering blue, green and silver dolphin on the left, and a column of "dust dancers" on the right in earth shades of ochre, umber and sienna.

The dolphin symbolizes SEPARATION, a mammal that made an evolutionary "choice" to return to the sea – an air breather who cannot return to land. The mythical phoenix, represents the ORDEALS of life, rising miraculously in flames from the ashes of fear, failure, death and destruction. Four "dust dancers", a male and three females express HOMECOMING – a celebration of the completion of the initiation experience.

Contact: sharon (at) gadurkee (dot) com

Roadside Temple
by Dennis Alumbaugh and Kimo Cables
Roadside Temple is an interactive community sanctuary for the spiritually inclined, a place to rest on your way to where ever your going. The altar within is a place to leave an offering that means something to you and the community at Burning Man.

Contact: drumbwanaa (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Jan DeLano and Wendell DeLano
Sacred, is a wooden structure that is covered in mosaic/paint materials. It contains Sacred Symbols in the art work. It is meant to represent Spiritual Rites of Passage. Visitors interact with the piece by viewing all sides along with opening a door on the piece to see what is inside while discovering that they too, are Sacred.

Contact: jan (at) delanoconsulting (dot) com

Samurai Sunrise
by Thomas Haan
The Samurai Sunrise is an outpost for fearless warriors located on the far eastern reaches of the playa in the land of the rising sun. Come for the sunrise, stay for the Kamikazes.

Contact: samurai (at) bojon (dot) com

Scrotum Pole
by Tony Lanni (Flame) and Michael Lanni
Like a totem pole, the Scrotum Pole is a monumental sculpture. It is created by the participants. The pole begins blank, with an instant camera and staple gun provided. Participants will go balls out, photographing whatever it is they consider their most unattractive of areas, and nail it to the pole as a monument for all to see, enjoy, and celebrate.

Contact: iamindisguise (at) gmail (dot) com

by Self
An interactive metal sculpture with light and sound. Participants are encouraged to explore what the sculpture means to them personally. Participants will be able to "play" the sculpture as if it were a musical instrument. The sounds that are created will trigger colored lights to create a synergy of lights, sound and human interaction. There will be the opportunity to have multiple participants "play" at the same time, creating a more dynamic experience. The collaborative effort provides the ability to engage the sculpture with maximum effect.

The Shame Project
by The Shame Bearers: Alissa Mortenson, Angela McKay, Anna Black, Antonio Knoy, Aron Stern, Barry Brumitt, Brad Gilbert, Brady Forrest, Ellery Baines, Eric (Hess) Bitte, Eric Schurman, Grace Booth, Jason Linson, Katie Lake, Kevin MacDonald, Kristen Morgan-May, Laura & Geoff Silverton, Mark Harper, Mars Saxman, Mike Tyka, Miller Sherling, Nathan Herring, Pat Egan, Ramez Naam, Rita Martello, Robert Fisher, Rose Hesse, Sarah Egan, Shayleen Bowling, Sierra Kennedy, Spark, Stefan Schaefer, Suzanne Picard, and Vega.
The Shame Project structure consists of a spiral-shaped ramp. Rising from the playa, it circles in on itself to provide a view from 16 feet above the earth, then descends to deposit a traveler on the ground in the center. Collected there are the garments of shame collectors, who have asked participants to write something they are ashamed of on the cloth, for exposure to the sun. A large porch swing inhabits the center, from which it is possible to contemplate the collected shame of BRC citizens, and have a conversation with the shame collector who is onsite. The shame-collection conversation is at the heart of our project; by airing the things we usually are afraid to speak, we hope that collectees will find acceptance for their darkness and kinship with the oceans of shame shared by their fellow citizens. This project is for empathy and vulnerability.

Contact: theatre (at) nebunele (dot) com

The Sleeping Beauty's Bed
by Sebastien Sirkorski, Guillaume Reech and Othman Chaouachi
Once upon a time there were a king and queen who said every day, "Ah, if only we had a child," but they never had one.

But it happened that once when the queen was bathing, a frog crept out of the water on to the land, and said to her, "Your wish shall be fulfilled, before a year has gone by, you shall have a daughter."

Contact: thebedofsleepingbeauty (at) gmail (dot) com

The Solarium
by Garth Webb
The Solarium is a small domed structure that operates at night as a planetarium for the sun. Inside the space a continuous show of sunrise, to day, to sunset, to night, plays out across the ceiling every nine minutes.

Contact: garth (dot) webb (at) gmail (dot) com

Solar System
by me and US friends
The installation is a 1: scale model of the solar system, installed on roadsign posts along an approximately 2100 feet line. Sun, planets and distances are all accurate to scale, with some physical information, on each pole, about the celestial objects.

The Soul of the Temple
by Gamelatron
The Gamelatron is an orchestra of antique traditional gongs used in Balinese temple ceremonies outfitted with robotic counterparts. 57 gongs and cymbals are installed in clusters along the walls of center of the Temple of Transition. The gongs play day and night ambient compositions on loop. Their sounds act as protectors and guides for the eulogies that written on the walls of the temple.

Contact: human (at) gamelatron (dot) com

Sound Frond
by David Montie, Michael Gove, Marcus Takizawa, Michael Ewert plus others.
Sound Frond is an interactive light and sound installation that looks like a palm tree with solar paneled leaves. It provides space for meeting, resting, and playing: shade and sounds by day and ambient lighting and music by night. Participants interact with the piece to create an ever-changing light and soundscape.

The sculpture is an exploration of autonomous interactive art. Sound Frond is solar powered and interactions are controlled by a number of sensors, electronic processors, and FM receivers pulling sounds from other locations as well as internally generated music.

Contact: contact (at) soundfrond (dot) com

Spirit House
by Jeff Nelson
The Spirit House is the residence of the Playa spirits, Earth, Wind, Sky, and Fire. A sacred place, it contains many secrets. It will not be unusual to encounter spirits here, and perhaps learn something from them. Listen carefully and you may hear their whispered incantations.

Surround Sparkles
by Ulrich Klumpp, Michi Catanese, Verena Meyer and Stefan Werner
A visual and musical experience that reinvents itself continuously, based on participants motions.

Contact: surroundsparkles (at) keindesign (dot) de

The Swing Set that Generates Electricity
by Cleveland Motley and Ryan Alpers
The Swing Set that generates electricity is an interactive art piece that allows the user and a friend to power lights and sound with their own motion!

Contact: cleveland (dot) a (dot) motley (at) gmail (dot) com

Symphonic Portal
by Ian Arun
The Symphonic Portal is a bright reflective gateway made of two piano harps with the strings still attached. Wind chimes hang by the strings and play the harps as the wind blows through them. As the wind fluctuates so do the sounds from the gates. With more wind the gates will be humming with sound and with very little wind the notes will be plucked in a slow succession. The wind provides a symphony of sounds to transform the participant. If the participants feel the need to ask the portal for help with healing or needs for the transformation they have in mind, then they can do so and walk through. Then allow the sounds do the rest. Or people can sit on the raised platform and allow the soothing sounds to wash over them. It's all up to each persons desires from the portal.

by Robin Arnott
Synapse is a sensual and euphoric meeting of movement, mind, and rhythm. It extracts a hallucinogenic blend of sacred geometry and cyclic music from the motions of any dancing participant that fully envelops other observers, relaxed in a shared cushioned space, in a sea of controlled synthetic stimulation designed to quiet the mind and heighten sensation.

Contact: synapse (at) wraughk (dot) com

Telepathic Transcendence Manifold
by Michael Biswas and Camp Synaesthesia
The Telepathic Transcendence Manifold facilitates communal achievement of enlightenment by way of cooperative mental engagement. Participants encounter a series of illuminated pyramids with four interfaces designed to harness brainwaves and channel them to a single vertex. If all four telepaths are harmonious in their concentration, transcendence will be achieved.

Contact: jennifer (at) netcaffeine (dot) com

Testosterone Powered
by Jay Losofsky
At first view this piece appears to be a cross between a rifle and scrotum. That was the artist objective to create visually what guns have become besides the obvious. Guns have long been a political tool, a sign of lack of weakness, nationalism, freedom or even a substitute for male inadequacy. It seems fitting in the artist view that since a gun is held by some in the same ranks as the religion, the bible or a won war, that the true driving force behind guns is joined. This piece was created in rural Nevada, with equipment powered from solar energy.

by John ( Sandy ) McReynolds and Teri Jo Tinus
During the day, a set of six 16' 2x4 struts held together in tension, form chords of a hyperboloid of revolution. Tips of the struts form a hexagon.

At night, a six-pointed Star of David floating 11' above the playa.

Contact: sandy (dot) mcreynolds (at) gmail (dot) com

Thru the Cleu
by Gian Anello LeCleu
"Thru the Cleu" is a 60-ft diameter labyrinth that gives participants a chance to walk the circles of the Cleu, a symbol representing the great miracles of existence. The journey through the labyrinth begins with the Universe, the largest circle, encompassing all within and inspiring our imagination to the stars and beyond. Out of the Universe circle, participants can create their own individual rite of passage by walking the Earth circle and reflecting on our planetary home, celebrating the smaller circle of Life by going round and round, and finally following the circle of Consciousness which connects back to the Universe, Life, and Earth whichever one chooses. The labyrinth is a walking meditation through the Cleu that may lead to the experience of At-Onement, the feeling that everything is connected and that our existence depends on the great miracles of the Universe, Earth, Life, and Consciousness.

Contact: gian (at) cleu (dot) org

Tidal Wave of Trash
by Hannah Cosner and Tierney Moses
"Tidal Wave of Trash" was commissioned by the Surfrider Foundation for their 30/30 experiment where trash was collected for one hour a day for 30 days. Surfrider accumulating 580 pounds of trash from our beaches in only a month, and asked artists Hannah Cosner and Tierney Moses to turn it into something. The wave is made from the pollution found and can be walked through to experience "getting barreled" by a wave of trash. The materials that were found are all non-biodegradable, human litter. This sculpture is a powerful example of the waste that humans produce and the carelessness that people often exhibit with littering. We have been very delicate with the construction, sewing most of the trash by hand to the structure to show that we must be delicate with this problem, and pay attention to the pollution that is engulfing our planet earth.

Contact: refurbishedrubbish (at) gmail (dot) com

Time is Art Temple
by Lisa Star and Vince Chafin
Celebrating the Dreamspell of Jose Arguelles, the Mayan Tzolkin and Natural Time. The temple is a tent sewn from thrift-store t-shirts in the pattern of the Mayan Tzolkin (soul count) - a 260-day cycle honoring our time in the womb. The much ballyhooed Mayan countdown to 2012 is a grand gesture of the heavens. The Tzolkin is a daily teaching for all of alive on planet earth, pushing past apocalyptic hysteria into the enduring new dawn. Simple seating in an open space allows dreamers to watch the loom of the Maya patch-worked into a ceiling panel, the light streaming through each day's sacred numerology. The Time is Art Temple will function for daily services honoring the cycles of the Tzolkin (soul count) of the ancient Maya in a modernized, multi-cultural mysticism. Led by Lisa Star, voice of Resonant Truth and high priestess of the Dreamspell.

Contact: lisastar (at) resonanttruth (dot) com

by Jeff Howe and Ruby Bettencourt
The Totem is a plasma cut totem pole made of recycled materials that shows animal totems associated with the rites of passage in life, from being born into innocence and progressing through becoming a fully connected, leading, member of the community.

Contact: pharsyght (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tower 13
by Mike Hann
A participatory multi-story art project constructed of a re-claimed ski lift tower (tower 13) and re-claimed, tower supported, redwood stair case winding around the outside of the tower.

Contact: mike (at) AE-arch (dot) com

Tower of Laguz
by Lachlan Grey
A geometric tower based around the platonic solid the Icosahedron, the Alchemical form for water. A full participation installation looking at inner and outer human processes, inititation, and the scope of geometry in the every day.

To your centre and back
by Keith Beaney
The ancient and simplistic beauty of the labyrinth has been given a 21st century upgrade, in this beautiful interactive installation, "To your centre, and back".

Installed on a black deck, the labyrinth, painted with Strontium Aluminate, "glow-in-the-dark" paint, works in the daytime, but has to be visited at night for the full effect of the paint discharging all the desert sun it's received in the day, as an other worldly green glow. The labyrinth represents a map of the self and its place in the cosmos. With only one way in, and one way out, you are never in the wrong place, you are always exactly where you are meant to be!
"The Path through the labyrinth is as varied and unique as the beauty of the feet that walk its ways"
Walk in the beauty that is your life!

Contact: keithsunhorse (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

by Kimmy Dudek
Toyzilla rises from the playa in its rampage across Black Rock City. With the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki still fresh in the Japanese conscious, Godzilla was conceived as a monster created by nuclear explosions and a metaphor for nuclear weapons in general. Toyzilla will be conceived from broken toys and broken dreams and is a metaphor for the destructive nature present in our warmongering citizens raising young on military intervention and warfare. Toyzilla bares its teeth and searches for the next victim. Will you escape its clutches?

Contact: wingedkillersmile (at) gmail (dot) com

by Hi-May Rivera
The first seven years of a child's life, the chakras are developing. One per year, to only continue and recycle through this process for the rest of life. Our cellular structure composes a body that composts itself to be completely reborn every seven years.

Life generates in cycles of seven years. By the end of that duration, every cell in your body has died and been replaced. As each of these chapters are rewritten, it is only natural that transition and transformation into a new person happens.

Every seven years, a rites of passage is celebrated to honor the new person we arrive at. I had the vision for this project in January 2010 while holding my two week old Lucas, seven years after losing a child.

This project celebrates my rite to fatherhood.

Contact: lakerstar (at) yahoo (dot) com

Triapse Quadrant
by Seamus Malone
An array of minimalist interactive light sculptures.

Contact: seamus (at) seamus (dot) net

Tree of Life
by Amanda Thomas and James Bahr
The 11:11 Monument is a tribute for the time 11:11.
Tree of Life is a sculpture of a pregnant woman who is part tree. In her belly, you can see the placenta with its "tree of life." The woman represents the archetypal mother, giver of life. Looking at an actual preserved placenta reminds the observer of their own biological origins, of their time in utero and their birth, one of the two fundamental and universal rites of passage for all human beings, and the third rite in the life of a woman.

Contact: waofl (at) yahoo (dot) com

Trial By Fire
by Peat Ibarra
A large wooden match striking the playa surface.

The match is frozen the moment before ignition.

Trials of the Goddess
by Ginny Decker and Karen Christensen
Three life-size figures of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. Each piece is covered in pictures and ads from glossy magazines depicting the struggles of women at each stage of life to find and appreciate their own "Rites of Passage".

Trojan Horse
by Douglas Bevans
A giant, 25-ton horse stands, dark and menacing, its head nearly 50? above the playa. During the day, it casts an ominous shadow and is the scene of much imaginative interactivity as costumed members of Troy Camp play Greek gods and goddesses and characters from the Trojan War. At night, the horse glows malevolently from its core and a surrealistic room opens in its belly that will stimulate and challenge the five senses. Created by artists, architects, engineers, and others from around the world, this magnificent structure is designed to reflect the 2011 theme, Rites of Passage.

The Trojan Horse will undergo its own rites (and rights) of passage Friday night. Accompanied by an immense brass and drum corps, the masses will pull the beast from the Esplanade through the Gates of Troy and into the Temple of Dionysius. There it will be consumed by a spectacular conflagration.

Contact: db (at) trojanhorse2011 (dot) com

The Tunnel of Questionable Enlightenment
by Justin Eastman
This project consists of one hundred 7.25 foot tall steel arches placed approximately one foot apart and arranged in a question mark shaped pattern on the playa floor. Each arch will be lined with an LED strip which holds 160 individually programmable LED lights (16,000 LEDs total) and are controlled via four independent wheels in the middle of the question mark’s arch. Participants will initially begin at the dot of the question mark and be presented with directions and the philosophy of the project by a podium illuminated by black lights. Participants will walk through the path of the tunnel, surrounded by the stimulation of ever changing colors and patterns of electro-luminescence. The tunnel will be an open beacon on the playa which will draw curious participants to inquire what the lights could possibly be.

Contact: justineastman (at) msn (dot) com

by Tony Geluch
Since its humble beginnings, television has come to dominate the North American household. Living rooms are built around it. Schedules revolve around it. With an ever-increasing number of channels, the viewer's choices have expanded, but are always bounded by the television medium.

T.V. is a large sculpture made of old T.V. sets, spelling out the word "T.V." It is a mass of mass media designed to draw the participant in from a distance and assault them with the informational cacophony of several dozen televisions simultaneously playing different programs.

What T.V. means is up to the viewer. It is designed to be impressive on a basic aesthetic level but also leave open to the participants the option of delving deeper into the project's underlying themes of form and content, reference and referent, subject and object, and mass media generally.

Contact: tgeluch (at) hotmail (dot) com

Two Souls, One Body
by Seth Aylmer
Based on a 2,000 year old Native American petroglyph, this bamboo sculpture represents the two souls so in love that they have become intertwined and inseparable.

Contact: seth (at) trustart (dot) org

by Samantha Porta and Brian Gans
A large wine bottle made of corks. And for the cork? A wine bottle! This is a tribute to the rite of passage to drink!

The Universal Vagina of Light
by Meredith Brown
The Universal Vagina of Light is a vortex into ONENESS. Vesica Pisces (Vagina) shaped light rings create a tunnel or portal to all that is, Everything/Nothing at the end a platform of Oneness, lit from below shines with the Flower of Life Pattern. It is the opposite of a re-birthing chamber, it allows participants to go inward/outward to find the space of oneness within them. The Universal Vagina of Light can be experienced visually as the light shifts and swirls. Participants can physically walk through the vagina creating their own experience to the center of the Multiverse.

Vehicle of Ascension
by Kevin Fraser
In short, It's an interactive, vibrational, meditation chamber and art installation. Essentially, a single person can enter the chamber via step ladder, sit down and choose a program from a list of 100 which will then emit a progression of physical vibration, sound and light.

The Wake
by Om Rupani & Martin Murphy
This is a memorial and homage to 9/11. The intention of this installation is to offer viewers, on this 10 year anniversary of the event, to visit and acknowledge the grief and loss around this tragedy and to hopefully generate release and forgiveness.

Contact: mail (at) OmRupani (dot) com

Walkabout Woods
by Jonah Haas, Dominique Reboul and Jonathan Smith
Walkabout woods is a large, collaborative, interactive art installation in three parts: 1) The Forest, which represents the natural world and our collective past, is a magical place to get lost and found. 2)The Boiler Room which is our reflection of the present, invokes human technology and industry, and turns a reflective eye back on ourselves. And 3) The Pyramid, which represents our collective momentum onward and upward into the future, is an elevated place from which we can observe the madness of our world without being "in it". Taken together, the forest, the boiler room, and the pyramid represent the rite of passage of the human species.

Contact: jonahhaas (at) yahoo (dot) com

Wander Window
by Dan Slomski
ONLY ACTIVE AFTER DARK Glowing particles drift slowly through a liquid medium held between two clear panels. Inside this four foot high window is a swirling plane of particles in motion, which the wanderer can interact with using magnetically coupled handles on the outside surface. Inside the sealed chamber is an assortment of objects that can be arranged in any pattern to shape the path of the sinking crystals, while fluid jets create beautiful turbulent eddy patterns in the glowing ooze.

Contact: djs333 (at) gmail (dot) com

The Way Inside Out
by Ellen Henrici and The Unintelligent Design Society
The Way Inside Out is a pause on the rites of passage journey, a transitional place where the external can be left behind and the focus taken inward.
The pyramid is a shelter from the glaring sun and winds by day and a glowing refuge at night. Shadows painted on the tent walls seem to dance to the beat of the drums and rattles found within, the percussive rhythms giving direction to the ritual journey.

What I Still Need to Say
by sgmontage
A mailbox to collect letters that will never be delivered, but still need to be written.
To that person who broke our heart, or to the one who got away.
To the boss from hell, or to the parent who died too soon.
To tell someone what we really think or how we really feel.
To write what we still need to say.

(All letters will remain unopened, and burned at Burning Man)

Contact: sgmontage (at) yahoo (dot) com

by It's me :)
The WhirLingham is a mechanical sculpture that celebrates the masculine creative energy by adorning this twirling phallus with whirring lights and the sounds of the carnival midway.

Wind Sock
by Richard Minner
Free-standing 25-foot wind sock, eel theme, near where Burning Sky skydivers tend to land during the day.

Wind Watchers
by Tom Woodall
This piece creates a place to experience the Playa, its light, and the sounds created by its winds. Three panels of glass with paintings captured inside catch the light and paints it onto the viewer while wires and weirs catch the wind and bring its song to the listener. Together they create a moment in time that invites the viewer/listener to find the joy, gratitude, awe, serenity, interest, inspiration, amusement, pride, hope... and Love that is available to them on the Playa.

Contact: tom_woodall (at) msn (dot) com

Winged Killer Smile (Smilodon Fatailis Aerialis)
by Kimmy Dudek
The sculpture is an artistic interpretation of a skeletal representation of a saddled, winged sabre toothed tiger. Exterior material includes leather saddle and finishing hardware. The majority of the pictured sculpture is hand carved composite wood, commercially made from recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic bags.

Contact: wingedkillersmile (at) gmail (dot) com

Wow, look at this beautiful home, I certainly hope nothing terrible happens to it
by Ben Page
Here you will find the aftermath of what was a gorgeous Victorian mansion, complete with the new electric light. Why was her beautiful home destroyed? I'll tell you why...

Contact: pagebenpage (at) gmail (dot) com

Writing Desk
by Nicolas Dayton
A writer's desk, suitable for sitting at and rummaging through.

Contact: leafdot (at) yahoo (dot) com

by ME
XyloVan is a 15-passenger van in olive drab, equipped with large, hand-built, amplified xylophones, chimes and gongs that anyone can play, at any hour. By day, muslin sun-shades offer respite from the heat, and at night, white floods and strobes light up the aluminum keyboards for around-the-clock percussion, syncopation or synchronized by-play: The digital-delay sound system passes audio from one side of the van to the other so that people on opposite sides can play.

Contact: factoid (at) well (dot) com

Your Choice
by Douglas Kaufman
The project is a relatively small hexagonal crystal shaped structure with a main body and some projections attached to it, all hexagonal. Colored plexiglass appears on some of the projections and the installation is accessible through a small opening. Inside are paintings relating to this year's theme of "Rites of Passage".

Your Own Little Golgotha
by MB Hanrahan and sTeVe Knauff
This is your own little Golgotha, (Aramaic for "place of the skull"). This giant skull appears to be lying on its side, an entrance beckoning through the gaping jaw. With its wooden framing and delicately interlaced PVC veneer, it bears an eerie resemblance to an overturned boat. Indeed, it is a memorial vessel of sorts, symbolizing the ultimate passage from life to the beyond. Whether viewed from afar, or experienced within its shaded interior, its sepulchral presence is a sculptural reminder of the the rite of passage no one can escape.

by Michelle "Smallfry" Lessans
Zenith is the vision of creating a safe and sacred space in the BRC community. It will exist as a Zen garden housed inside of a 25' bamboo dome covered in white fabric. Inside will be 5 elevated meditation platforms, representing earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. They will be staggered in height, with earth being the closest and spirit farthest from the ground. To assist visitors in attaining a meditative state, each platform will have headphones attached. Headphones will play binaural beats, with sounds associated with the given element overlaid on top. Earth will have bird sounds, air will have wind, fire will be crackling sounds of a fire, water will be streams and rivers, and spirit will be the sound of a heartbeat. Each platform is also hand painted by local artists. Zenith will be offered as a haven for those seeking to reconnect with the spiritual side.

Zonotopia : The Once and Future Utopia of Zomes
by Rob Bell
The Zomes of Zonotopia are revealed; a magical, fantasy like architecture combining art, engineering and love into a series of pavilion-like structures. Like enormous radiolaria the Zomes seem to be enigmatic artifacts from a mythic age long ago. Each year more secrets from this bygone epoch are revealed and each year Zonotopia grows to further enchant people with its solemn, transcendent, spiritual quality.

In addition to the return the previous Zomes and some new charming zome siblings the craft of the ancient Zonotopians comes forth from the playa in the form of a 40' tall twisting Zome tower creating a true zonohedral wonderland; a magical place for experiences to happen.

Contact: rob (at) zomadic (dot) com