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The Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) consists of 22 effigies created by Burning Man Regional groups around the world. They will be placed in a ring 600 feet around the base of the Man. These effigies are a celebration of the Burning Man Regionals and their efforts to support the Burning Man ethos as a global cultural movement. Please read about the pieces, so you can understand them better, and enjoy them that much more on playa.

All of the CORE projects will burn simultaneously at 9:00 pm on Thursday of the event.

The circle will also include Charlie Smith's "Fire Birds of the Fifth Direction", four steel sculptures marking the four corners of the compass around the great circle of the Man. These fire cauldrons will be alight each night of the event, offering warm spaces for the community to gather.

Alchemist Tower (Atlanta CORE)
by Atlanta Area Burners
Alchemist Tower is composed of a series of four tetrahedrons representing the four major elements in alchemy. It is a structure that participants will climb to the top of, write their dreams on and probably even spend an afternoon in its shade. The project is a 20ft tall piece, brightly painted in red, yellow, green and blue seems to change its shape depending on what angles you look a it.

The Bamboozler (Transformus/NC CORE)
by Transformus CORE Team
The Bamboozler is a 20 foot tall by twenty foot diameter octagonal structure comprised primarily of raw lumber (2x6's and plywood). The structure supports an effigy at its apex, a viewing platform for up to eight occupants, and a shaded interior in its core.

Contact: dtr (at) transformus (dot) com

Burning Sheaf (Saskatchewan CORE)
by Adrian Stimson
For Burning Man 2011, Saskatchewan Burners present "Burning Sheaf", a burning effigy of wheat stalks to signal the regional rite of passage of harvest season and Burning Man’s annual festival.

Wheat is a symbol of Saskatchewan and in both hands of the Saskatchewan Burners regional logo. For the Circle of Regional Effigies, the slender 20 foot wheat stalks bundled together as a sheaf will mimic the Saskatchewan prairie icon, complete with individual spikelets: stems, sheaths (seed pods) and awns (terminal bristles). Burners will be able to circle the stalks, interact photographically, and are encouraged to write a personal message of prairie pride on one of its nine stalks. At night Burning Sheaf will light up with the Saskatchewan colours of yellow, green and white. For Burn night, extra wood will be added to the base, brightly signaling the beginning of harvest season and Saskatchewan Burner pride.

Contact: saskatchewan (at) burningman (dot) com

Carnegeia Gigantea (AZ CORE)
by Paul Swek and Craig Cooper
The Carnegeia Gigantea is the iconic Saguaro Cactus, found only in the Southwestern deserts of the United States. The flames from its flowers serve as a beacon to all who call the desert "home".

Contact: AZCORE (at) yahoogroups (dot) com

Dobharchu Dóiteáine (Ireland CORE)
by Irish Burning Man CORE Group
Dobharchu Dóiteáine is Ireland's offering to the Circle of Regional Effigies.

In Irish mythology, the chief amongst our ancient race of dragons, or bruckee, is the dreaded Dobharchu, who morphs half giant otter, half dog. A large dragon-like creature, the Dobharchu lives and hunts in water, but is much feared for his agile predatory skills when chasing his prey on land.

Dobharchu will appear on the playa as a celtic styled 20 foot high wooden structure. The head will be sitting on a wooden base carved with zoomorphic celtic knotwork, the base will also contain a plaque with a description and history of the beast in both Gaelic and English. Dobharchu will be internally light with LED spotlights to accentuate the intricate detail and two glowing red eyes that will peer out on to the open playa.

Contact: dreamer (at) runbox (dot) com

EffiTree (Victoria, B.C. CORE)
by Edd Macdonald
Victoria British Columbia's contribution to the Circle of Regional Effigies project is the EffiTree: a 20-foot tall sculpture that is half human, half tree. Imagine two figures standing back-to-back with their arms raised; their bodies melded together into the trunk: a tree. Their raised arms are branches, their feet are roots. These figures represent the spirit of the rainforest: one masculine, one feminine. In the spaces between the figures are text shapes and random carvings, such as you might see carved in the side of a tree. This design is inspired by faces carved into the sides of the cedar trees at the site of Victoria's annual regional event, Otherworld.

F-N Bourbon Barrel (KY CORE)
by Kristal Light and Bubba John
The F-N Bourbon Barrel is work of love brought to you from the hills of KY. We are a collaborative group from four states working to show you the beauty of KY. The barrel is 16' tall and 16' wide and has a bung hole to look inside. We are a proud member of CORE and look forward to showing our art to you.

Contact: kentuckycore (at) gmail (dot) com

H.A.T.U. (Utah CORE)
by Kallisti Dawn and Bobby Gittins
A Hive seated on a lotus flower gazebo with a phoenix rising out of a pineapple oblongata in the center - what are we creating?

The Element 11 Regional Fire Arts Community of Utah presents the HATU CORE - filled with the art and creativity of more than 20 artists. An immersive art experience with forms drawn of multiple dimensions - painting, light, sculptures of wood, glass and metal, writings, faux art, performance art and more.

What is HATU? The Hive Alembic of Transformative Universalities! Enter the Hive Alembic, an open and limitless space where possible, imagined, envisioned worlds becomes manifest through synergy, community and open heart intentions!

Conscious Creativity!! HATU CORE is comprised of re-claimable materials - all except for wood will be removed and re-purposed within our community prior to the effigy burn.

Contact: hatucore (at) gmail (dot) com

The Ka Pilina Phoenix (Hawaii CORE)
by Mike Maung
The Phoenix is the same design used for the effigy at three Rebirth festivals in Hawaii. Its outline looks similar to the design on a classic Firebird’s hood. It is magnificently painted and glows at night from hundreds of feet of EL wire that trace its outlines.

The Phoenix is on the playa to be part of the CORE project. CORE is a kind of "coming of age ritual" for the Regionals, in keeping with the 2011 theme. Ka Pilina is bringing their effigy from Hawaii to join in a circle of 22 other effigies from around the world.

It is hoped that the Phoenix will also serve as a meeting point for burners with Hawaii connections. A gathering of Hawaii burners at the Phoenix is planned for the afternoon of the day it burns.

Contact: hawaii (at) burningman (dot) com

The Lighthouse (Great Lakes CORE)
by Scott "Spotter" Potter and Steve "The Ghost" Casper and a team from across the many regionals around the Great Lakes area.
Lighthouses have guided sailors through unknown and dangerous waters for thousands of years. They mark dangerous coastlines and shoals; and safe passages and harbor entrances. They indicate when one phase of a voyage ends, and a new phase begins.

Lighthouses are an excellent physical metaphor for the art theme "Rites of Passage". They are also a perfect symbol for the Great Lakes region of Canada and the US, as there have been literally hundreds of lighthouses along the shores of the Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes CORE Lighthouse upholds the traditions of lighthouses in wetter locales. It provides a structure that participants can use as they navigate the vast otherness of the playa. It provides a waypoint, a house of refuge from storms and crowds, a place for exploration, and a view of the sea of dust that once was an inland sea.

Contact: greatlakescore (at) gmail (dot) com

Lobster Bisque-O! (Maine CORE)
by Maine Region
Two wide eyed and wondering wanderers of the playa immersed in the dreamy surreal splendor of it all happen upon a strange inversion – or submersion as it were – of reality as they stumble into the kelp forest surrounding our underwater lounge. The two startled participants suddenly transported 3000 miles to a brutally cold and current swept Atlantic ocean floor setting exchange slightly bewildered, slightly bemused glances as the oddly familiar arched ceiling structure resembling a cage made of wood slats and coarsely knotted rope nets lightly jingles a bell in the back of our collective consciousness. It's a lobster trap, called the Lobster Bisco and it's the swankiest, most pimped out lobstah trap you'll ever see this side of Davy Jones’ locker. It's a trap you will enjoy getting caught in without the fear of suffering the same fate as the creatures we know and love (to eat).

Contact: maine (at) burningman (dot) com

Lucky Lady Lucy (Vegas CORE)
by Las Vegas CORE Group
How does one become the hottest showgirl in the World? Go to Black Rock City and set yourself a flame! She is the alien girl who inspired Larry Harvey to build the Man back in 1986. She was drawn from Area 51 to Las Vegas by the Lights of the Luxor. Discovering her true calling, she has been a showgirl dancing ever since...looking out into the inebriated crowds who pine for her, looking slowly from face to face, searching, for the tell tale hat...with no luck...until now. Time traveling to Burning Man to see Larry, her one true love, she will ignite in fiery passion on Thursday when their eyes will meet again. Lucky Lady Lucy is known around town as 777.

Contact: lvburningman (at) gmail (dot) com

Mama Nola (NOLA CORE)
by NOLA CORE Group
Mama Nola is a 20' tall Voodoo doll with an intimate room in her skirts housing a temple, an art gallery and an interpretive museum of New Orleans culture. Built from scraps of historic homes and Mississippi River driftwood, she beckons all to taste the mysteries, delights and terrors of the bayou.

Mama Nola is a fetish doll for the entire playa, a primal power object that focuses human thoughts and intentions to mediate with reality and the unknown. Whether they worship at her shrine, marvel at her art, dance to her rhythm or craft their own power doll, every visitor will leave with strength and allies for their own 'rites of passage'.

Contact: nolacoreproject (at) gmail (dot) com

Ouroboros (Flipside/Pyropolis CORE)
by Beth Engelland, Lead Designer, Burning Flipside DaFT lead 2000-2003
Ouroboros is the Burning Flipside contribution to the Circle of Regional Effigies project for 2011. Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail and often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end. This symbol is apropos of Burning Flipside and the entire Burning Man Regional Network, which constantly re-imagines Burning Man and itself.

Playa Time (Vancouver CORE)
by Vancouver Regional
"Time is the school in which we learn, Time is the fire in which we burn."

Playa Time is designed as an interactive experience within time. As participants make the clock work, in essence making time shift, they are invited to reflect upon on the experience of being in the Now. As the clock goes up in flames on it's final night, the only thing left will be the present. A 'Rite of Passage' in time.

A 20ft tall grandfather clock with a large drum in the base, big enough for a Burner to run in as if in a giant hamster wheel. As you run in the wheel, your efforts will cause gears to engage and the hands of the clock will move. A handmade orca cuckoo clock feature will occasionally appear and surprise. The rest of the structure will feature Vancouver inspired imagery, such as wood burned or stained trees, waves, flames and decorative poles, most of which will be created by anyone attending our local build days as well as our Regional event, Burn in the Forest.

The design is simple in nature to encourage as many non-builder burners to learn building skills, power tools and design elements while participating in the build days. It will be interactive throughout the week at Burning Man, and it is also designed to present viewers with a very impressive BURN!

Contact: core (at) burningvan (dot) org

Port of Fire (East Bay CORE)
by the East Bay Burners
Port of Fire represents the East Bay Burners in the Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) project, symbolizing the all to ubiquitous giant cranes all along the Port of Oakland. Port of Fire stands as a passage way to the Man, inviting people to stop and sit, and warm themselves by the burning cargo container.

Contact: eastbay (at) burningman (dot) com

Quemaduras del Sol (San Diego CORE)
by Demian Dorrance with David Timms, Brandie Maddalena, and Paul Williamson.
Quemaduras del Sol means "sunburn" and is a golden sun effigy representing San Diego (the driest and sunniest climate on the U.S. West Coast), the historic connections with nearby Mexico, and the Sundburn LLC regional org which hosts the San Diego Decompression event Youtopia each year in October.

Quemaduras del Sol brings part of San Diego to the citizens of BRC, shimmering day and night over a soft audio background of ocean surf recorded at the many beaches in San Diego. The effigy base is inscribed with messages from the local burner community for the larger community in Black Rock City.

San Diego is bringing Quemaduras del Sol to the playa to join many Regionals in the very special CORE project, the Circle of Regional Effigies. This sun will burn on playa in the great circle. A new Quemaduras del Sol will rise for the San Diego Decom.

Contact: sandiego (at) burningman (dot) com

Rite of Mountain Passage (Alberta CORE)
by Michael "Half Hour" Hermann
Rite of Mountain Passage is a huge Lotus flower, nestled in a panorama of majestic Rocky Mountains and rolling prairie foothills. The representational landscape is the physical environment of Alberta, and the Lotus symbolizes purity, growth and renewal. In combination, the two metaphorically represent the community of Burners as it exists embedded in the larger culture and landscape of Alberta.

The structure is an interactive, kinetic sculpture featuring Lotus petals which move, symbolizing cycles of growth and bloom, travels and returns, beginnings and endings. Within the Lotus, a fire rises from fields of snow, representing the power of community to inspire and energize us.

As participants cooperate to open and close the Lotus, they may reflect on how each cycle of growth and change in life is a rite of passage. And that it is the connections between us that make our passages possible and meaningful.

Contact: core (at) albertaregionalburn (dot) org

SCARAB Truck (Los Angeles CORE)
by Los Angeles Community
Los Angeles presents the iconic Food Truck. And yes, the truck will have a fully functioning kitchen. The truck will be highly interactive, providing space for plays, bar, clothing swaps, freeway activities, snow cones, etc. More than 35 team members are working to bring the truck to life.

Contact: la (at) burningman (dot) com

ThunderBridge (Portland CORE)
ThunderBridge stands for Portland in the Circle of Regional Effigies.

The design of the ThunderBridge is both rooted in Portland and symbolic of the Pacific Northwest. It is an arched climbable structure reminiscent of the St. John’s suspension bridge spanning the gap between the chaos of Black Rock City and the majesty of the Man. It is flanked by two majestic thunderbirds facing opposite directions, each powerful as a storm, yet guarding the journey. As participants cross ThunderBridge their steps generate tremendous crashes analogous to the rumble of thunder and flashes of lightning.

Contact: core (at) burningmanportland (dot) com

Tree of Heaven (NY CORE)
by NY Burning Man Community
The NY CORE Effigy is a piece that is representative of the NY Burning Man community, New York as a whole, and the unexpected juxtaposition of elements that combine to make both the city and the burner community something that is more than the sum of its parts. A tree clad in faux industrial materials, and covered in foliage decorated by the different factions of the community, erupts from the asphalt in the heart of a glowing subway map. On the edges of the map, benches inspired by the great bridges surrounding the city provide a place to sit in the shade, with different city soundscapes at each bench.

Valley of Heart's Delight (South Bay CORE)
by South Bay CORE Team
What was once the "Valley of Heart’s Delight" is now Silicon Valley. What was home to fruit trees as far as the eye could see, covering the valley in blooms, became the birthplace of the “” boom and a totally new kind of Apple.

In today’s world, we use the laptop as the repository of our lives … photos, stories, music, friends, work and play and chat all reside inside this object. So, we’ve built an effigy made of wooden "laptops", and invited the community to embellish each one with a "screensaver" signifying their own Rite of Passage, meaningful life moment, whimsy or memory.

These "laptops" are assembled in the shape of The Man, surrounded by the fruit trees that once blanketed the Valley.

On the same night as the other 22 CORE effigies, The Valley of Heart's Delight will be set aflame, leaving behind only memories.

Contact: southbay (at) burningman (dot) com