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With more than 300 art installations at Black Rock City this year, we invite you to learn more about these fantastic creations by taking advantage of one of the many tour options offered by the ARTery.

Art Tours were started as a way for Black Rock City citizens who have mobility challenges to experience highlights of the art on playa. They are a gift from the ARTerians, who want to share as much information about the art on playa as possible.

Guided tours for the mobility-challenged are given Tuesday through Friday the week of the event at 11am, one per day. There is a special Kids' Tour on Friday, highlighting pieces for the children to enjoy, and a Meet the Artist tour on Thursday, where the creators of certain pieces are interviewed and the tour is broadcast on BMIR for the whole city to enjoy.

We also offer guided bike tours at 10am Tuesday through Friday. And we encourage citizens to bike along with the mutant vehicles on the 11am art tours.

Before You Leave Home: We've created three tours that you can download from home, so you can prepare for your awesome art-filled playa experience before you arrive. We'll have a Self-Guided Tour, an extensive PDF Compendium of this year's funded artwork, and our very popular downloadable Audio Tour.
Details on all of these tour options are listed below.

The ARTery is open from 9am to 6pm every day (closed for lunch from 1-2pm). We're located in BRC at 6:30 and Esplanade, next to Everywhere - come on by!

Art Tours
ARTery Art Tours will be a bit different this year!
Art Tours are held on mutant vehicles, and leave at 11am Tuesday through Friday. Tickets will be available at 9am at the Everywhere Pavilion, same day only, and will only be given to mobility challenged folks. Art tours can last anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours, weather permitting. Mutant vehicles have generously donated their time for the tours, and each tour has a guide who uses prepared notes with information about the various art pieces. There are anywhere from 9-20 installations that are mentioned or visited.

This year tickets will only be given to mobility-challenged folks, who were our original audience at the inception of the art tours. With the popularity of the tours, we blossomed to share the tours with hundreds (if not thousands) more than originally conceived. We need to make sure we can accommodate participants who aren't able to get out and see the art on their own. What does mobility challenged mean? It includes: seniors, people with health issues which affect their ability to get around, pregnant women, and parents with small children. Companions to help are invited along too. Mobility challenged does not mean: folks in wheelchairs, as unfortunately the art cars are not ADA-accessible.

There are so many other options for folks who are not mobility challenged - keep reading for more info.

Bike Tours
Our popular bike tours will be offered once a day, leaving from the ARTery at 10am on Tuesday through Friday. No tickets required. We also encourage citizens to bike along with the mutant vehicles on the 11am art tours.

Self-Guided Tour
The 2014 Self-Guided Tour is now available for download! Check it out here. It will also be available to pick up on-playa at the ARTery (while supplies last). The Self-Guided Tour includes a map as well as short descriptions of almost 100 art installations, including the Souk. It's a great companion to the Audio Tour; download them both & you will be well equipped! Brought to you by the lovely LoopyLou.

Audio Tour
The 2014 Audio Tour is ready! Check it out here.
Download it at home to listen to while you pack or drive to BRC. The Self-Guided Tour is a useful companion, as it shows all the audio tour art installations on a map of BRC.

Art Tour Compendium
The Compendium is an extensive and detailed guide to the funded art at BRC - download it before you leave home to be in the know. It gives great insight into the art in its 100+ pages, arguably more so than any other means. Many thanks to the fabulous ARTery volunteers who created it: KitKat, Kyle Kosup, Mary Misfit, Terry Moxie Penn, and LoopyLou.

Download it here!

Docent Tours
From Tuesday through Friday, docents will be standing by particular art installations offering talks and in-depth information about the art, the artist, and the process of bringing art to the playa. Check in at the ARTery for times and places. Tickets not required.

The only tour that requires a ticket is the 11am ARTery Art Tour for mobility-challenged folks. Tickets will be available at 9am on the same day as the tour at the Everywhere Pavilion which is next to the ARTery. Tickets are free and are given away on a first-come, first-served basis. We will no longer be giving out "Stand By" tickets.

Tickets are NOT needed for bike tours or docent tours. Just show up and join in!

Mutant Vehicles: We Need You!
Do you have a pre-registered mutant vehicle? Are you interested in partnering with the ARTery to take mobility-challenged BRC citizens on an art tour? Art tours go Tuesday through Friday at 11am, and we are always in need of more mutant vehicles to transport folks around so we can get as many people out seeing the art as possible. If you'd like to get involved, please email maria (at)