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It seems that the Burning Man community moves at light speed, and the evolution of our culture moves right along with it. Burning Man believes in keeping our far-flung community up-to-date with the latest happenings, and the most effective way we can do that is through technology. To that end, we offer you the Burning Blog, the Black Rock Arts Foundation blog, and the Burners Without Borders blog.

Why Do We Blog?
We hear all the time that Burning Man participants want to feel in touch with their Black Rock City "home" year round. A blog provides an ideal medium to offer a timely touchstone, while keeping our community informed about the latest goings-on, tips, hints, and ideas from our staff, as well as associated groups and organizations.


Read or subscribe to the RSS feed of the Burning Blog to keep up to date on the latest Burning Man information, news, events, happenings, and more, like the Metropol blog series.


Keep up to speed with the latest from the Black Rock Arts Foundation, who provide grants to foster the creation of community-based, interactive art and civic participation around the world.


Follow the activities of the amazing Burners Without Borders volunteer crew ... wherever they find themselves gifting their time, skills and services to help those in need. Learn how you can participate!

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