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Building Black Rock City 2003

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08/28/2003: Night Life in Our City

With Mars in full bloom, and with the absences of the moon, night life at Burning Man has been
Beyond Belief.

Photos By: Evrim D. Cakir (AKA Madonna)

nlviewman (51k image)

View from the top of the man of our gorgeous city

nlgroup (71k image)

Stop! Wait! Group shot!

nldb (72k image)

David Best's masterpiece

nllfire (50k image)

Eyecatching flames are embedded all over our city

nllfirespinner (59k image)

Sexy lady spins fire for our city

nllcc (55k image)

The entrance gate of Center Camp

tony (70k image)

The Coyote knows when its time to call it a night