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Building Black Rock City 2003

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08/29/2003: When The Night Falls Down In Our City

And Mars rises in the east
People walk by with smiles
Memories of past days are embroidered in our souls
As the laughter become a part of us
We embrace our last moments of home.

Photos By: Evrim D. Cakir (AKA Madonna)

3eman1 (53k image)

The Man through 3D glasses

arch1 (55k image)

Chandaler` (48k image)

Cleavage in Space

eye (41k image)

Eyes of Gawd on Black Rock City

kittyedding (65k image)

Kitty Cat wedding on the playa. Meow

stylin (71k image)

Fashion at Center Camp

ww1111 (47k image)

Church of Wow

yant111hra (48k image)

Yantra glowing at night