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Building Black Rock City 2003

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08/31/2003: Two Nights of Fire

two nights of recalling memories lost
two nights of friends hugging each other
toasting the moments of present and past.
Let the fire burn
and the celebration come to an end
let each ember represent people lost but not forgotten
let each flame wake you up inside
as the ashes make you never forget to live.

Photos By: Evrim D. Cakir (AKA Madonna)

Bye Bye Mr Man, Bye Bye

man1 (52k image)

fireworks2 (63k image)

fireman (52k image)

David Best's Farewell

temple (53k image)

temple2 (44k image)

temple3 (53k image)

House of Cards on Fire

hoc1 (46k image)

houseofcard2 (50k image)

bbbbbbbbbbbb (16k image)