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Building Black Rock City 2003

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09/29/2003: Line Sweep Commences

4 weeks after the event, and DPW is still working hard. Line sweeps continue daily. Mooping everything from earplugs (thanks raver camps), and rebar to cigarette butts (y'all need to quit smoking). Event Site Manager Coyote oversees cleanup with Miles and help from Jirish Mike leading the line sweep.

Photos By: Evrim D. Cakir (AKA Madonna)

linesweep (17k image)

The sun is shining, there are no birds to be chirping, but DPW is working hard in the desert heat.

hea2dhunter (31k image)

Headhunter pulling out rebar left by participants.

girlsineswe2eo (28k image)

DPW ladies waiting to line up.

tony2 (37k image)

Coyote grrrrrr....

tatoo (56k image)

Now thats dedication!

3jewels (21k image)

Look, listen I'm here! Jewels taking a break to strike a pose.

3jirish (34k image)

Jirish Mike leading the line sweep.

3linesweep (23k image)

Mooping mooping mooping..... okay so after weeks of line sweeping, the line kind of loses formation.. oh well.