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Building Black Rock City 2003

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09/29/2003: DPW's Nite Out

Okay so I slipped up, after not having any camera tragedies on the playa, I left my camera in the Miner's Club in Gerlach (hmmmm I wonder why). Thankfully, my fellow DPW peeps, found my camera and gave it back to me in once piece. Oh I forgot to mention, they took the liberty of documenting their night out at Bev's Miners Club.

Submitted By: Evrim D. Cakir (AKA Madonna)
Photos By: Unknown inspired DPW photographers

2bevanddove (47k image)

Bev owner of Miners Club has a drink with Dove aka Mad Bunny our Receving Manager.

2ada (28k image)

Miss Ada looks like she has something on her mind.

2jamie (30k image)

Look into my eyez, you will see.... nothing but red drunk eyez.

2lizzie (33k image)

Lizzie looks pretty sweet with her hair flowing, but BEWARE don't be fooled, I've heard that some people call her Evil Lizzie.... no one could ever be that sweet!!!!

2pleaseletmein (45k image)

Last call already???

2railro (29k image)

Okay time to head, pile in guyz.