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Monday, September 29, 2003

Okay so i slipped up, after not having any camera tragides on the playa, I left my camera in the Miners Club in Gerlach (hmmmm I wonder why). Thankfully, my fellow DPW peeps, found my camera and gave it back to me in once piece. Oh i forgot to mention, they took the liberty of documenting their night out at Bev's Miners Club.

Photos By: Unknown inspired DPW photographers [more]

Posted by Madonna @ 01:54 PM PST [Link]

4 weeks after the event, and DPW is still working hard. Line sweeps continue daily. Mooping everything from earplugs (thanks raver camps), and rebar to cigarette butts (y'all need to quit smoking). Event Site Manager Coyote oversees cleanup with Miles and help from Jirish Mike leading the line sweep.

Photos By: Evrim D. Cakir [more]

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Friday, September 5, 2003

I remember how it all began
I drove my chevy to the playa but the playa was dry
As the ticking on the time clocks continued
them good old Minni-Reno boys (and all others)
help build our city.
But then the Man burned and the music wouldn't play anymore
and in the streets the children screamed, the lovers cried,
and the poets dreamed but not a word was spoken
as all the pretty people drove away.

Photos By: Evrim D. Cakir [more]

Posted by Madonna @ 10:03 PM PST [Link]

Wednesday, September 1, 2003

Even though Burning Man people are all considered family,
having your own family around during the event is sacred.
This photographer first came to Burning Man just wanting to spend time with my brother.
Three years later is a family affair, And I can't thank my brother enough.
Many families join once a year to celebrate their family.

Photos By: Evrim D. Cakir [more]

Posted by Madonna @ 09:02 PM PST [Link]

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