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Burning Man, for most people, has become not so much the way they spend their lives for one week out of the year, but rather a way of thinking and acting all year round. The process of leaving no trace should be started before one even leaves their home for the desert, and should in fact carry over into onešs daily life, because the entire planet on which we live deserves to be treated with the same sense of reverence as the playa. Landfills across the world are quickly filling up and more and more of our precious land is being taken to house the millions of tons of trash that our race accumulates every year. Studies have shown that 25-50% of this refuse is material that need not be filling up these landfills, as it is recyclable. Recycling is cheap, and it is easy, and the benefits of recycling are immeasurable. By taking the time to minimize the amount of material that is brought onto the playa (please see "how to reduce trash"), one can minimize the possibility of accidentally having something hit the ground. Additionally, citizens of Black Rock City are encouraged to separate and recycle their garbage as much as possible, and to dispose of the trash and recyclable material appropriately. There are several convenient 24-hour centers in nearby communities to responsibly dispose of your recyclables and trash to be found here in the Survival Guide.

Recycle Camp, in addition, wants your aluminum! You can either bring your cans to their humble perch at Center Camp, or look out for one of their funky collection mobiles (shopping carts towed by bikes) that will be wending their way throughout the city.

To learn more about recycling etiquette on the playa, check out what Recycle Camp has got to say. Why not follow their example and find a way to turn your disposables into something of beauty to give back to Black Rock City? Take some time before the event to plan what kind of materials you might take that are recyclable. For instance, instead of taking juice in those little juice boxes, take aluminum cans of juice. Talk with your campmates and challenge each other to find ways to have a positive impact not only on the playa, but on the Earth, too. And donšt let your efforts to not let it hit the ground and to leave no trace end with the Burning Man event, keep the recycling flame burning all year round!