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The Black Rock Gazette was founded in 1992 as Burning Man's official daily newspaper — an astounding feat of publishing in the middle of the desert. It was dedicated to informing and educating the citizens of Black Rock City, all in an 11 by 17-inch, double-sided sheet of recyclable paper. Its hard-working editors worked hard to make sure it was informative, entertaining, interesting, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and most of all, reflective of our diverse community.

The Black Rock Gazette was temporarily shelved in 2005, due to increasing editorial pressures, challenges in on-playa publishing, a plethora of alternative playa press outlets, and other factors. In 2006, it was replaced by the Black Rock Gazette-ette, a one-page issue published once per event, and distributed at the Greeters Station. Currently, the Black Rock Gazette is on hold until the stars align such that it can be published again.

Our community owes a great debt to the intrepid publishers, editors, writers, delivery folks and supporters who churned out the Gazette for 12 years running. Check out issues of the Black Rock Gazette from past years: