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Now that you know a bit about what Greeters do, do you want to get more involved? Here are some volunteer opportunities that we need you for:


To provide Crews of Greeters with at least a minimum of experienced guidance and support during the regular 4-hour greeters shifts.


Wrangling: As a Lead Greeter you will be in charge of wrangling a delightfully exuberant and unmanageable crew of 6-10 fun-loving Greeters for 4 hours along with another Lead Greeter.

Radio: You will be responsible for your very own 2-way radio and may be expected to know how to use it. You will need have a working familiarity with basic radio protocol (we will show you how!) and be able to clearly communicate and relay information.

Training: Lead Greeters need to familiarize themselves with the main points of the Greeters' message as well as the hand-out materials we dispense and feel comfortable enough with the greeting process to provide a quick orientation and some helpful greeting tips to both first-time Greeters and savvy veterans so they can start greeting as soon as possible once they've arrived for their shift .


To facilitate a smooth transition from one shift to the next and ensure that Greeters are provided with additional support if needed.


Check in to make sure things are running smoothly and be on hand during the shift change to make sure that information is clearly and accurately passed between Lead Greeters and Greeters crews.

Make sure that Greeters are welcomed, oriented and trained before they start greeting.

Investigate Greeters' operations and functions. Organize, supervise, troubleshoot, delegate, use a radio, train greeters and drive the PimpMobile to pick up supplies when needed.

In the event that things get a little hectic (and in our experience they most certainly will), you may find yourself in the midst of unimaginable chaos and it will up to you and your Tranny partner to start pulling things back together so Greeters can remain focused on greeting with a minimum disruption to their rhythm and the traffic flow.

This is a job designed for people who like to get things done and know how to motivate others and delegate responsibility.


A Rousting Round-up Rooster is a Greeter who makes the final "curtain call" to roust group greeters from their lazy slumber in time to get ready to "get their ass to work."


Remind Greeters who have signed up to work a shift as a group (primarily members of Theme Camps and other large cooperative alliances), that it's time to get ready to start greeting.

Help motivate the group so they start rounding up their team, getting their gear together, doing whatever they need to do so they can get a move on.

Make early inquiry into the status of the group that has signed up. Are they prepared to greet? Do they know what day it is? What shift they've signed on for? Do they still have the commitment of their members? Will we need to look for additional greeters to help fill out the shift?


Take on a shift of 4 hours of meeting and greeting and welcoming home a lot of weary travelers. Our welcome packages include the lovely garbage bag. (a symbol of our plea to keep the playa clean). We search for registered theme camps and hook them up with a Lead Greeter who then connects them with their placer or their campmates who may have already arrived. We pass out the infamous and funfilled package of collated materials. This includes our map, the What,When and Where, the BR Gazette and our commerative sticker. In the last few years we have given out the Census forms. If our denizens have a video capable camera we happily provide that necessary camera tag...All of this while we are smiling and laughing and offering the Virgins the opportunity to ring in the beginning of an experience that will forever change their lives. We rock and are here for the community and have a ball.


Hey you managers out there. How about helping 10-20 Greeters get the job done. You will be the ears and voice of the station as you are equipped with el radio. Lead Greeters keep the pulse of the shift and let everyone know that you are there for the them. Guidence, emergencies, theme camp placement are your roles.. Experienced Greeters a plus. This shift is also a 4 hour shift.


OK-- lets talk physical needs of the station.. You are responsible for the Golf Cart, Vital fluids, lights, radios, filling the booths with collated materials. You will be at the shift change and make sure that our new shift has arrived. If we are short on volunteers you will go out into the world, with the golf cart, to Greeters Camp and designated theme camps and get help. You also will have el radio to stay in contact with the Lead. This shift is a 4 hour shift as well and Greeter experience is a plus...


You have been a Greeter and a Lead Greeter and a Trany. You probably have helped build and tear down Greeter station. For all of this you have been asked to be "On Call" for 8 hours in the event the Station needs help. Your Leads and Trany's know your ears are on and if there is need for addtional help you will be there.

Contact us at greeters(at)burningman(dot)com and tell us where you fit in!