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Given the 2007 GREEN MAN theme, you might be tempted to bring plants to our event in the Black Rock Desert. Don’t.

Remember: Burning Man is probably the largest “Leave No Trace” event in the world.

Live plants die on the playa. Ask anyone that has brought them. They always make a mess. In our history. participants who have brought in plants, sod, trees, or cut palm fronds, have created a MOOP (Matter Out of Place) disaster. Every site that has used them in any quantity has cost the Burning Man Project days and days of work post event.

The Gate, Earth Guardians and DPW Playa Restoration Crew are highly sensitized to the issue and keep a close eye out for anything that enters our city. They will stop you at the gate or come and find you. They have been known to incinerate projects before they were even begun.

For this reason we have long banned live plants on the playa. No change to our policy here, we just want to restate things clearly given our 2007 Green Man theme.

Please support us in this effort. Help us keep the Restoration Crew sane! Artificial plants work just as well and look better with a quick watering. Better yet, construct your own plants and trees from recycled materials that won’t cause MOOP in desert high winds.

Leave your live plants behind. Leave behind ANYTHING that will break up and/or blow away in the wind, living or dead (trees, twigs, loose paper, palm fronds, etc.)

Any comments about Burning Man’s live plant ban can be addressed to questions (at) burningman (dot) com

*Due to the fact we typically get a strong response to this request for feedback, it is not practical to reply directly to everyone. Depending on the nature of the feedback, some participants may receive a direct response. If many feedback emails touch upon similar issues, then we will draft a general response that will be sent on the JRS and posted in the Q&A AfterBurn Report. We DO promise that your email will be read.

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