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Participants at Burning Man must bring all necessities to the desert: food, shelter, water, fuel, and basic first aid supplies. As you read these guidelines for responsible behavior, please keep in mind that you are responsible for yourself at all times, in every regard, as you approach, once you enter, and as you leave Black Rock City. Above and beyond the provision for individual survival, everyone is requested to help ensure our collective survival by following very basic rules relating to public safety and community well being. Everyone is expected to abide by these standards. Community membership is a privilege. Violation of these requirements could result in ejection from the community.


  1. CARS: No cruising!
    Black Rock City is designed for pedestrians and bicycles. Except for public agencies, specially marked Black Rock City department service vehicles, and vehicles licensed by the Department of Mutant Vehicles, NO cars, motorcycles, motor-scooters, ATVs golf carts or go-carts are allowed to drive in our city or on the open playa around it. When entering and leaving Black Rock City, please observe posted speeds limits (5 mph; no dust) within city limits. Pedestrians and bicycles have the right of way over motor vehicles. Remember: the event ends Monday, and there is still no driving allowed on Sunday night. These simple rules will be strictly enforced. For more information, See Department of Mutant Vehicles.

  2. LEAVE NO TRACE: No trash receptacles are provided.
    Leave no trace.Please Please take everything you bring to the event back home with you. Burning Man will provide only portable toilets that will be emptied on a regular basis. Do not empty trash or put anything other than human waste in the portable toilets. If you brought your own toilet, do not deposit your personal potty bags in the portable toilets. DO NOT use anything but 1-ply toilet paper in the potties—NO BABY WIPES!! Contribute to our long term survival: Pack it in. Pack it out. You are responsible for the condition of your campsite and nearby public areas of Black Rock City. Clean up as you go and pick up every tiny scrap before you leave! If you would like to donate usable lumber, see the guidelines at Protecting the Enviroment. Do not deposit garbage in neighboring towns. See the Garbage Disposal section for information on nearby public landfills. Practice the 6 'R's: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect & Restore.

  3. COMMERCE: You cannot buy or sell anything.
    Black Rock City is a place of sharing and free exchange within a gift economy. An exception is our Café, which sells espresso and a few other beverages as a public service. Ice is also sold at "Arctica" in Center Camp and our 3 and 9 o'clock plazas. To gift food to the public, you will need a Nevada State Health Division permit. For more infomation see Commerce & Concessions.

  4. PUBLIC BOUNDARIES: The BLM will establish a buffer zone on the playa around Black Rock City.
    No camping is allowed in this area. The marked area immediately fronting our city is reserved for works of art. Do not drive or camp here. A specially marked area is reserved for Walk-in Camping. No automobile traffic or motorized vehicles are permitted inside this area.

  5. FIRE GUIDELINES: Safety is essential.
    All structures must be 20 feet from any burning thing or burn barrel. Do not burn anything but wood and cardboard in these barrels; burning plastic and trash releases toxic fumes. Do not overfill the large “Burn Pyres” on the Esplanade. You must monitor what you burn so it does not fall out. You must bag and haul ash from anything burned. Aerial flares, rockets, explosives and fireworks are prohibited in Black Rock City and could result in a fine. Straw or hay bales are not allowed. Respect artwork. If artwork is to be burned, ONLY the artist who created it may ignite it. No fires of any kind are allowed on the unprotected playa surface. See Burn Scar Prevention.
  6. DOGS: Burning Man is a no dog event.
    Do not show up with your dog at the gate of Burning Man and expect to be admitted to the event. This restriction is for the wellbeing and safety of participants and their four-legged friends. dogs (at) burningman (dot) com. For questions during the event, contact Playa Info in Center Camp.

  7. SOUND: Large-scale Sound Art Zones are located along the streets of 2 and 10 o'clock at the far ends of our settlements.
    Within the city the maximum power amplification is 300 watts, producing no more than 90 decibels at 20 feet. Be thoughtful of your neighbors. If a problem with sound levels continues after sufficient warning, the device or system will be disabled. Mutant Vehicles with sound systems must follow the same sound guidelines when driving in the city, approaching camps or art installations. See Noise Control for more information.

  8. TICKETS: Violation of these rules, or violent anti-social behavior, can result in revocation of your ticket and ejection from the event without refund. No one under 18 will be admitted without a parent or guardian. Participants MUST purchase tickets ahead of time, prior to arriving at the event site. Tickets will not be sold at the Box Office of the event! Will Call closes on Saturday of the event at 12:00pm noon.

  9. LAWS: Burning Man does not promote or condone the use of illegal drugs.
    The use of such drugs in a physically challenging and hazardous environment can create a serious health risk. Underage drinking is forbidden by law. Sex acts are prohibited in the civic space of Black Rock City and in unrestricted public environments. Burning Man also supports your right to privacy as a resident of our community. See Law Enforcement for more information

  10. FIREARMS: The possession of firearms
    including BB guns, air rifles, or paint ball guns, within Black Rock City is prohibited. Neither our event nor the greater playa is suitable for recreational shooting.



  • Everyone in your vehicle must have a ticket in hand when you reach the Gate or your entire car will be turned around.

  • Picking up a Will Call ticket? Stay in the far right lane for the entrance to the Will Call lot. Park, go to the Box Office, get your tickets and then get in line. Do not get out of your vehicle until you are INSIDE the Will Call lot. We will not let anyone walk to Will Call from Gate Road (this means you cannot run up to Will Call and then meet your friends in line at the Gate.)

  • Your car will be searched at the Gate. Keep this in mind when packing and the search will be faster and easier.

  • Thousands of people arrive in the first 18 hours of opening. There will be a very long line during these peak hours. Prepare to be extra patient. If you want a faster entry, plan to arrive after the initial rush.

NO Early Arrivals

Do not come to the event site before our Gate opens. We are not ready to receive participants until we have finished building the city and have our full public safety and sanitation infrastructure in place. Early arrival passes will be issued at our discretion to a limited number of artists and theme camp construction crews. Early entry pass holders must also have an admission ticket. Do not arrive early without both a ticket and pass.


Portable toilets will be provided, and will be emptied regularly. Use these facilities only for their intended purpose - not for dumping garbage or your personal potty bags. Putting anything but human waste and one-ply toilet paper (2-ply is a BIG no-no) into the portable toilets makes pumping nearly impossible and threatens the survival of the Burning Man event. This includes tampons, trash, and handy wipes. Read it again: NO TAMPONS, TRASH OR HANDY WIPES in the portable toilets. THIS MEANS YOU!! Put the lid down when you're done - it helps keep odors under control. Do not dump grey water or bags from your personal "potty" in the portables rented for participant use: doing so will fill them up much faster than normal and result in nasty toilets for all. For tips on dealing conscientiously with your grey water, see grey water disposal in the Preparation section.

Our toilet vendor works very hard to keep us all happy. Clean toilets are mandatory from a public health standpoint. Follow the guidelines above and you'll find the toilets cleaned frequently and efficiently.

Please do not defecate on the playa; it is an illegal act and unpleasant mess for everyone, especially for those who restore the playa after the event.

Finally, if there is a truck servicing a bank of potties make sure you aren't interfering with their job by using one of the potties, or just wait until they are finished. Our vendors work really hard so we can all enjoy Burning Man!

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