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You could be the world's most intrepid traveler, but nothing you have done before will prepare you for Burning Man. Spending a week in the Black Rock Desert will stretch your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual boundaries. While you may be coming to the event for this very reason, it can also put a tremendous strain on you and your relationships. Many a hardy Burner has melted down when "it all gets to be too much."

Do yourself a favor, and read through this section carefully. Print it out, and once you have it memorized, chew it up and swallow it so that this information truly becomes part of your being.

You should have already visited Survival Guide, so if you haven't, go there right now! Learn a bit more about the weather; it's always the wild card, and knowing what to expect may not ensure smooth sailing, but at least you won't be caught unaware. Since your camp will be your home for a week, you will need the information in Securing your Structure, and if considering bringing Generators and/or RVs you must understand the impact they will cause on others. Rebar 101 is a must-read as it outlines sensible ways to protect yourself and your neighbors from accidental flesh wounds caused by rebar tent stakes. After dehydration, rebar injuries were the second biggest medical problem for participants at Burning Man 1999. For tips on how to make your home on the playa comfortable and stylish, read Heloise of the Playa. We've got information for those in wheelchairs, or people contemplating bringing their kids or pets to the event. We have also added information on what is environmentally safe to burn, and how to burn without leaving burn scars.

While you are reading this section, drink a big ol' glass of water. It's never to early to begin practicing your survival skills.

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