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Burning Man Tickets

Click here for information about tickets to Burning Man!

There are two ways to hear about tickets, Snail mail and Jack Rabbit Speaks Announcement List.

  1. Participants who prefer their news via US Mail may wish sign up for our Snail Mail list. You'll get notification of ticket sales, upcoming events, and our newsletters as they are published. Fill out the simple online form.
  2. Jack Rabbit Speaks - Announce List
    This is the the official list of the Burning Man Project and it is highly recommended that you subscribe if you plan to attend Burning Man

    The Jack Rabbit Speaks Announcement List is an update distributed by our Mistress of Communication, Maid Marian. Before Burning Man 2001 there were over 13,000 individuals on the list with numbers growing each day. This is the MOST up-to-date communication, and is a one-way distribution list with posts no more than twice a week. The Jack Rabbit Speaks is not archived.

    To join, send an email to: bman-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com. Your initial request will require a confirmation response in order to protect you from unwanted email.

For any questions concerning ticket please contact partiserv(at)burningman(dot)com