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All The News That's Fit To Burn : 2005 Summer Newsletter

The Other 51 Weeks

By Stephanie Selig aka Zoë Serious

So, you attended Burning Man, created or interacted with art, met amazing people, and watched the Man burn. What do you do during the other 51 weeks of the year? Maybe you are planning to attend for the first time and want advice from folks familiar with the event. Fortunately, Burning Man participants are a very social bunch. They like to keep the flame alive, and the fire keeps spreading. In many major U.S. and Canadian cities, as well as a few in Europe and Asia, you can find like-minded individuals who want to share their experience. Whether you're a fan of the Death Guild, a rebel artist, a disgruntled BRC postal worker, or a furry creature with Black Rock Animal Control, others in your area may already be coming together.

Throughout the year, participants fuel activity going on in someone's backyard or a public park, on private land or city streets, or even at a table in a pub. Currently there are 92 regional contacts serving 70 different locations as members of the Burning Man Regional Network. These regional contacts are veteran participants who have an interest in building community and sharing information. They are willing to answer your questions or direct you to others who can. They share information via email lists and often help to organize local events. Acting autonomously, these regional contacts remain committed to the ten basic principles that embody the Burning Man ethos, featured in this newsletter.

As regional communities extend the culture of Black Rock City outward to the default world of daily life, they demonstrate that Burning Man is much more than a party in the desert. Participants all over the world are discovering the joy of working together to create that same sense of connection and wonder they've experienced in Black Rock City. The Seattle community gathers each year for a newbie picnic and organizes local clean up days. Some Portland participants have organized to create public gathering areas at neighborhood intersections, installing coffee machines and book swap areas. New York burners collaborated during the 2004 Republican convention to engage with attendees through creative and artistic protest actions. Art, civics, community, ritual, and public celebration: Burning Man is all of these things.

In July 2004, San Francisco hosted the first annual Fire Arts Festival in conjunction with burners from Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Last year the London regional community invited anyone and everyone to attend their first Burning Man film festival, and an Irish documentary, Dust Devils ('Meitheal sa bhFásach), debuted at a Temple Bar courtyard in the heart of Dublin. With roughly 20 percent of Burning Man's media coverage occurring outside the United States, more and more people are hearing, seeing, and feeling what Burning Man is all about.

How do you plan to apply and share what you've experienced in Black Rock City during the other 51 weeks of the year? You can find out about the regional community in your area by visiting the regional section of Burning Man's website If no one has stepped forward to be a regional contact in your area, maybe you're the person who should fill this role! We'd love to have more enthusiastic participants join this team. If you are interested in becoming a regional contact, please get in touch with the regional coordinator at regionals (at) burningman (dot) com and fill out the volunteer questionnaire at .

Test your regional IQ

  1. Participants from Austin hosted their first regional burn called Flipside in what year?
  2. What region used to hold their burn on a beach with wild horses?
  3. Ka Pilina is the regional group in_____.
  4. ____ has the second largest Decompression street fair.
  5. Go to the burner based Temporary Autonomous Zone Apogaea in this state ____.
  6. Idaho burns in what ski town? ____.
  7. This region hosted their second Santarchy Christmas 2004.
  8. Interfuse has many participants from these two cities, ____.
  9. ___ Canadian cities have regional contacts.
  10. Go to ____ to get a regional Sunburn.
  11. New York participants held their 2004 decompression at this famous boardwalk ___.
  12. Which European country hosted a small burn in 2004?
  13. In 2003 a Coconut Head & Burning Katoey burnt in this country ___.
  14. The celebrate ___ in New Zealand on New Year's Eve.
  15. Where can you go to get some regional Toast?
  16. ___ regional groups gather within 2 hours travel time from San Francisco.
  17. New Mexico hosts the ____ burn.


(1.1998 2.Baltimore/Washington 3.Hawaii 4.Los Angeles 5.Colorado 6.SunValley 7.Tokyo 8.Kansas City/St. Louis 9.8;Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal 10.Florida 11.Coney Island 12.Spain 13. Thailand 14: Kiwiburn 15.Arizona 16.5; North Bay, South Bay, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz 17.Three Sided Whole)