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All The News That's Fit To Burn : 2006 Summer Newsletter

Baby Wipes

This year we're trying to get the word out early about baby wipes. With advertisements for the new "adult" baby wipes on television and the lure of freshness beyond what simple single-ply can provide, baby wipes were all the rage last year. While they may seem like the perfect solution, every baby wipe that someone tossed into one our city's portable toilets in 2005 had to be HAND PICKED out of the effluent stream before it clogged the processing equipment!

If baby wipes are not removed, the cloth-like material wraps around the inner workings of the equipment at the Services camp, and processing of Black Rock City's waste comes to a halt until the equipment can be repaired. This will not shut down the event, but potties could end up being VERY unpleasant in 2006, and that is something that affects us all.

So, as citizens of Black Rock City, it is your duty to mercilessly berate anyone you see going into a porta-potty carrying baby-wipes (unless they are also carrying a zip-lock bag to pack out their dirty wipes, in which case they are to be commended on their clever thinking and stylish demeanor). Let's keep the crappers clean; no one wants to perch above a pyramid of dung again, as happened in 2000 when servicing was backed up by similar problems.